Colin Liddell writes:

Due to the obsessive grip that antisemitism exerts on weak and immature minds, most of the lies that exist in the Alt-Right seem to focus on matters relating to the Jews.

This is pretty odd, especially if you consider the fact that nothing reinforces disappearing Jewish identity better than the kind of ineffectual antisemitism that the present-day Alt-Right specialises in.

In a previous article, I pointed out how limited Jewish control of the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union, and thus the Holodomor really was. In a supplementary article I then drew attention to the awkward fact—at least for the Alt-Right—that prominent Jews in the Communist Party actually opposed staging the Revolution, regarding it as too violent and risky. It was essentially the headstrong and impetuous “goy brigade” who were all for storming the Winter Palace and putting their fellow goys in the Tsarist regime to the sword.

In this article I want to look at another popular Alt-Right “meme” that is completely fake, namely the quite common idea that WWII was started by the Jews, and that Hitler was therefore just “defending” himself against aggression, and that any Jewish deaths that resulted can be laid at their own feet.

A Jewish friend says:

I realize that Liddell Is trying to make a specific point: to refute the headline in the English paper from 1933 showing Jewish response to German anti semitic policies…. It is impossible for anyone to opine on Jewish German relations under the Nazis without understanding the makeup of pre world war I Europe, how that changed as a result of the Communist revolution in the Soviet Union, the short lived Marxist regime in Hungary, and the breakup of the Austria-Hungarian empire. You really can’t understand it without knowing the history of the various Polish paritions and the various battles between Catholics and Protestants. How can one talk about Jews declaring war on Nazi Germany, without understanding the Jewish role in exploiting post WWI German weakness and obligations to make reparations payments to the Allies which was at least partly responsible for the hyperinflation in interwar Germany? How can one speak of Jews declaring war on Nazi Germany without understanding how currency manipulation was utilized to impoverish the German worker, often times at the expense of Jewish financial speculators? What does it mean that Hitler very rarely singled Jews out, but instead usually referred to Judeo Bolshevism as the enemy of Germany? What does it mean that Germany gave support to the Jewish community Palestine in order to encourage emigration from Germany? What does it mean that many of the nations of central and eastern Europe had huge populations of ethnic Germans who were discriminated against and whom any German leader, not just Hitler was under pressure to protect.

As I never cease telling persons, as Norman Finkelstein wrote, it was better to be a Jew in pre WWII Nazi Germany than it was to be a black in the American South. When the Germans and Soviets together dismembered Poland when they invaded in 1939, many Jews in Poland welcomed the Germans because they had fond memories of German governance before WWI when much of Poland was East Prussia and much of the rest of Poland after Tannenburg (or Masurian Lakes) was German occupied? They did not suspect at least at first that these new Germans were virulent anti semites. What of the sympathy that at least some Soviet Jews had for communism? What does it matter that the Polish government before it was attacked was both authoritarian and mildly anti semitic?

These are complex issues and I haven’t scratched the surface.

In fact Jews were the main (and unsuccessful) opponents of the America First movement. Jews made up the backbone of the American Communist Party which caused a tremendous convulsion after the Ribbentrop Molotov Pact. If anything this is the model for George Orwell’s 1984 where one day after having always been at war with Oceania that became an ally and they were and always had been at war with Eastasia. Communists hated Nazis with a passion until the pact and that position was enforced until June 22, 1941 (Barbarossa)

Jews were constantly trying to get the U.S. to ally with England and to intervene in WWII before the attack at Pearl Harbor

I don’t doubt that some Jews did their best to harm Nazi Germany, even declaring war on them, and those actions may have had no or small effect, but nevertheless they were attacks on the Nazis.

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