Build The Wall Or Lose America. It’s Time To Choose!

* 158 million migrants want to move to the US, world’s top pick

* James Kunstler: Not So Fast

* Start prepping! Electric grid ‘prime target’ of terrorists, ‘profound threat,’ says DHS

Youtube comments:

* I rarely watch Luke’s car streams.
I watch everything else, start to finish. I work a solitary desk job & I’ll listen to the long streams while I work. Luke is an excellent host. He’s always in control of the guests & injects a good amount of humor & controversy to keep things interesting.
KMG has a very STRONG personality, so I understand why he rubs some ppl the wrong way (i.e. Lukosphere 1.0 Cohosts/guests), but I actually started paying more attention to the streams after he came aboard. I started calling in mainly BECAUSE of KMG.
I like the ‘diversity’ of the content: the m-f ‘news hour’ w/ KMG as well as the weekend more free-form content (more Pilleater please.)
Luke’s streams are divided in two: Pre-Cofnas and Post-Cofnas.

* Spencer should do “Who Wore it Best” show after each Alt Right event.

* JF has fallen for the stormtard memes and become a full-blown hitlerite. it’s disappointing, i used to enjoy his content and considered him reasonably intelligent. it’s like he got ‘woke’ and ‘redpilled’ after seeing hellstorm or something and just went full sperg mode.

* Yes, this is what happens when you don’t keep listening to people whose positions you disagree with but whose intelligence and arguments you can respect.

When you’re out on the edge exposed to extremes you have to work to stay centered & keep a well balanced information diet.

* Wow, JF really took a nosedive on that one. I’m not that intelligent and even I can see the logic fail in that theory.

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