WP: ‘We’re white men. We did everything’: Columbia condemns student’s tirade targeting minorities

In the epic rant, there’s not one negative word about minorities, but that doesn’t stop the Washington Post from lying. Why does the Post lie so often? Because it can.

The Left’s basic instincts are totalitarian.

From the Washington Post:

Thrusting his arms into the frigid December air and waving them wildly, the bespectacled white Columbia University student bellowed, “White people are the best thing that happened to the world.”

Unfazed by the chorus of protests that erupted from his peers around him, including many students of color, the student became even more animated. Jumping around erratically, he screamed shrilly,“We are so amazing. I love myself. I love my people,” before using profanity to praise “white people” and “white men.”

A 54-second video shared to Twitter captured the chaotic scene that unfolded outside an on-campus library early Sunday morning. The now-viral video has sparked widespread outrage, reigniting concerns about the treatment of minorities at prominent colleges and universities. In a statement on Sunday, Columbia University administrators “unequivocally denounced” the student’s rant, describing it as a “deeply disturbing racially charged incident” and announced that an investigation is underway.

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