Huffpo: A Prominent White Supremacist Is An EMT In Virginia. Now The State Is Investigating Him.

From the Huffington Post:

Alex McNabb, a white supremacist podcaster who works as an emergency medical technician in southern Virginia, is under investigation by the state’s Department of Health, a spokesperson for the department confirmed to HuffPost.

McNabb, 35, is a frequent co-host of “The Daily Shoah,” a popular neo-Nazi podcast. On the show he regularly tells stories about being an EMT, often referring to patients by racist slurs and comparing black patients to animals.

An anonymous complaint was made on Nov. 26 against McNabb, who works as an EMT in Patrick County, according to Marian Hunter, public relations coordinator for the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services. Because it’s an “open and active investigation,” Hunter did not describe the nature of the complaint.

His continued employment as an EMT, however, raises ethical and legal questions about whether an avowed racist and white nationalist can objectively make life-and-death decisions for patients of color, Jewish patients and other minorities, experts say.

“Anyone who is espousing this type of vitriolic racism on a regular basis — it casts serious doubts on their ability to provide emergency medical treatment for someone who does not fit their criteria for an ethnostate,” Keegan Hankes, senior researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told HuffPost.

McNabb has not been charged with a crime and will not be suspended from his job during the state’s investigation, which could last up to 60 days.

McNabb didn’t respond to a HuffPost request Friday for comment about the investigation.

In a recurring segment on “The Daily Shoah,” McNabb assumes a persona he calls Dr. Narcan. In these segments, he tells his co-hosts stories about being an EMT. He regularly refers to black patients as “dindus,” a deeply racist slur common among the alt-right.

During a Nov. 8, 2016, episode, McNabb compared black patients to animals. “The heat brings out the wild in the dindu,” he said, adding that, “as winter approaches, the animals go into hibernation and the ridiculousness of the [911] calls goes down.”

In an Oct. 4, 2016, episode, during a Dr. Narcan segment, McNabb referenced an apartment complex that houses people from “all over Africa and West Africa.” He said emergency workers called it “Ebola Alley.” He then called a black woman a “Dinduisha” and compared her to a shaved “Harambe,” referring to the famous gorilla.

“It’s hard to find a dindu vein anyway, because they’re black,” he said during the episode.

He then told another story of an “unruly young African-American male child running around” an emergency room.

“As it turned out, this young African-American male was there to get blood drawn, so guess who volunteered to take his blood?” he told his co-hosts, who laughed in response. “Dr. Narcan enjoyed great, immense satisfaction as he terrorized this youngster with a needle and stabbed him thusly in the arm with a large-gauge IV catheter.”

Vickie Gendraw, pediatric phlebotomy coordinator at Tufts Medical Center, told HuffPost she was “appalled” at McNabb’s story. Medical professionals, she said, should “never, ever” use large-gauge needles on a pediatric patient…

The website Angry White Men, which monitors white supremacist figures, first reported on McNabb’s position as an EMT earlier this year. McNabb — who, unlike many in the white nationalist community, does not use an alias — made posts on social media showing himself in an EMT uniform.

Colin Liddell writes:

The whole point of TRS and the Daily Stormer is to create a toxic form of White identitarianism that will effectively ghettoize the Alt-Right, and get anyone associated with it fired, made unemployable, or worse. This is why these operations are run by people like (((Mike “Edge Cases” Enoch))) and (((Weev))).

But these operations also include a fair number of expendable “useful idiots” and shabbos goys. One of the most prominent, because of his weird image, is Alex McNabb a slapheaded middle-aged man with a rubbery face and disgusting ear gauges that are probably breeding grounds of virulent disease and super bugs. Amazingly he works in the medical sector as an emergency medical technician (EMT), which is basically a nurse in an ambulance.

But rather than being fired for hygiene reasons, as he obviously should be, it looks like he is about to be fired from his job because of his association with the retard-racist podcast The Daily Shoah.

A recent article by the Left-wing Huffpo has now doxxed him to his employers…

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