The Laws Of Lashon Hara (Evil Speech)

The 31 Commandments Relating Lashon Hara

Is Gossip Good?

The Great Controversies Of The Chofetz Chaim

From Principles to Rules and from Musar to Halakhah: The Hafetz Hayim’s Rulings on Libel and Gossip by Benjamin Brown

Reb Doooovid says:

I studied intensely the laws of Lashon Harah, not just the Chafetz Chaim, so big subject.

Think everyone agrees that Lashon Harah is a sin from the Torah, the Hafetz Haim says it is 31 sins at a time, and hence one who fears Hashem should be very careful.

And obviously the Talmud places a huge emphasis on speech, with at least two tractates (Sheviem & Nedarim) and parts of many more completely related to what comes out of our mouth.

But the notes in your blog are noted, and obviously Hasidim were less strict, as you mentioned the Meiri, where it is also a sin to hate your fellow Jew in your heart, hence better to say Lashon Harah (a one time sin) than harbor hate, a recurring sin every moment we have hate on our heart.

And relevant to your audience and concept of a ‘STREAMERS CODE OF ETHICS’ the concept of Lashon Harah should be useful, as well as the concept of authorized Lashon Harah, and Rabbis trading information, an exact parallel to streamers exchanging information, so if we frame the discussion well, I think this will be our best stream yet, and the most relevant thing we discussed. And if it goes well you can bring any of the crew to talk at length.

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