Children: Liberalism’s Final Frontier

* In 20 years we’ll look back on the rush to change our children’s sex as one of the darkest chapters in medicine, says psychotherapist BOB WITHERS

* Tumblr Blacklisted from Apple App Store for ‘Child Sexual Exploitation’

* Netflix Battles Film Director Over Underage Frontal Nudity

* Election fraud scheme on L.A.’s skid row got homeless to sign fake names for cigarettes and cash, D.A. says

* Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts calls out Trump for his attack on a judge

* Marwencol: the incredible WWII art project created by a cross-dresser who was beaten up by bigots

* Is Thanksgiving racist?

* Tijuana Police Arrest 34 Caravan Migrants for Drugs, Drunkenness

* Fewer than two in 10 Americans looking forward to talking politics at Thanksgiving: poll

* Free Vacations, $100,000 Discounts: Homebuilders Get Desperate

* Angela Merkel defends UN migration pact, rejects ‘nationalism in its purest form’

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