Operation Infektion

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The New York Times goes in hard on the right wing fever dream of cultural marxism.

But then on the very same day offers up some videos about Fake News called Operation Infektion. The videos have a strange conversational, breezy tone that seems completely out of place in The New York Times. The word Bullshit is used liberally as if it is a term of art.

The first video explains that former KGB agents who defected to the United States revealed that the Soviet Union engaged in disinformation campaigns to subvert the United States. The entire exercise is rather flat and fails to contemplate that many other governments, corporations and institutions may also be engaging in disinformation campaigns, including, of course, the United States and The New York Times itself.

One of the KGB agents featured in the first documentary is Yuri Bezmenov who not only defected to the United States, but he also aligned himself with the John Birch Society and certain other fringe right wing elements. Yuri Bezmenov is quite popular on Youtube promoting somewhat convincingly the very same theory that Cultural Marxism is undermining the West that The New York Times is simultaneously condemning as historically farcical and hateful.

* National Geographic as a TV content producer went off the diversity deep end in recent years with Morgan Freeman narrating everything that Neil DeGrasse Tyson didn’t host. Of course those Freeman, Tyson productions got horrible ratings so it was not surprising to see Nat Geo snag the Canadian reality TV show ‘Highway to Hell’ from the Weather Channel that features toxically masculine heavy lift tow truck drivers recovering wrecked big rigs on snow covered highways. This fits in quite nicely with their other popular reality shows Life Below Zero, Wicked Tuna and Alaska State Troopers.

The other reality show channel, Discovery, has the same problem. Women and minorities just don’t do the kind of interesting, challenging and dangerous work that viewers enjoy seeing white men engaged in.

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