The Alt Right Death Cult

JTA: DC man arrested after saying Pittsburgh synagogue killings ‘were a dry run’

IDAVOX: Neo-Nazi Brothers, Richard Spencer Associates Fall to Suicide, Gun Charges

TPM: Neo-Nazi DC Bros Linked To Synagogue Shooter Had Extensive ‘Alt-Right’ Ties

Pence confronts Aung San Suu Kyi over Rohingya crisis

The $6 trillion price tag for the “War on Terror”

Video shows group climbing border fence

‘The Favourite’ Blows Up Gender Politics With the Year’s Most Outrageous Love Triangle

Identity Politics for Me

The New Brothels: How Shady Landlords Play a Key Role in the Sex Trade

How a Former Canadian Spy Helps Wall Street Mavens Think Smarter

First Rohingya Are to Be Returned to Myanmar Killing Grounds

Unlucky in love? It’s your mother’s fault: How your mum’s love life determines how many romantic partners you have

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