Invasion Of The NPCs

* Non-Player Characters

* James Kuntsler writes: ” Speaking as a black woman… wait second! Can I do that? Well, why not. We’re now a nation consumed by make-believe, in which you can declare anything you want about yourself and insist that everyone else agree that it is so. If I identify this way, you must believe me! (Or else I will come after you with my cos-play mob and destroy you.)”

* Amanda Rosenberg: Portrait of a Survivor. KMG: “She fucked her way to the top, now Amanda Rosenberg is now proudly bipolar & demands the government attend to the scandalously ignored crisis of Asian-American mental illness. Insanity as a ploy to restore your reputation.”

Daily Mail in 2013: “Google executive, 27, accused of ‘sleeping her way to the top’ in irate online posts after affair with boss Sergey Brin, 40, was exposed”

Amanda Rosenberg on “mother material.”

* ANNE WOJCICKI: The Doyenne of DNA Says: Just Chillax With Your Ex

KMG: “When people marry in joke ceremonies, I expect the union to fail & swiftly.”

* NYT: G.O.P. Finds an Unexpectedly Potent Line of Attack: Immigration

* KMG: “Good news: Soylent Grin SJW fired from Marvel & Star Wars.”

* KMG writes: “Hollywood make-believe: Jill Soloway. Check out the before & after pictures of Mx Soloway. She was kinda attractive when she was a normal woman married to a man.”

* USA TODAY: Harvard admissions lawsuit is a threat to America’s diversity and strength

* Fauxcahantas vindicated? Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Purporting to Show 0.1 to 1.6% Native Ancestry

* The Bulwark: New neo-con publication Same Old Conservatism Inc.

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