Can The Church Regain Its Moral Authority?

Claire Khaw suggests these topics:

1) Could the Catholic Church regain its moral authority within the lifetimes of anyone born today?

2) If the world’s most powerful Church has failed, does this mean Christianity has failed?

3) Is the West suffering from a double whammy of a failed religion and a failed political system?

4) If Christianity and liberal democracy have failed, is the answer a one party theocracy?

5) How do we restore patriarchy in the West?

6) Should and must the patriarchy be restored for the continuation of Western civilisation in some form?

7) How many people know the West is now a matriarchy?

8) The perfect patriarchy – 100% married parents

The perfect matriarchy – 100% unmarried parents

Would you agree and what is America?

9) If anything should happen to Trump, white men would once again be without a leader, only left with the option of violence to keep the liberals from returning to power and the real possibility of another American civil war.

10) If there is no obvious successor to Trump, shouldn’t there at least a reasonable plan be prepared capable of being understood and followed by future generations?

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