Dow Crashes: Correction Or Something Worse?

The Dow Jones was up 287 points today.

* Steve Sailer: Cato Institute Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year – Shahed Hussain! Carnage Limo Entrepreneur Shahed Hussain Is a Refugee/Asylee Pakistan is not sending their best

* BOOK CLUB in 2nd Hour: The Templars by Piers Paul Read

* Stephen Miller’s third-grade teacher suspended after saying he ate glue as child Nikki Fiske told the Hollywood Reporter that when the Trump aide was a student in her classroom, he was a loner with a messy desk who played with glue.

* Lindsey Graham responds to Chelsea Handler’s ‘homophobic’ tweet targeting the Republican Senator on National Coming Out Day

* News: Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Donald Cardinal Wuerl as archbishop of Washington, nearly three years after Wuerl submitted it upon turning 75.

* James Kunstler: The meet-up between Kanye West and President D.J. Trump was an even richer metaphor for the situation: two self-styled “geniuses” preening for the cameras in the Oval Office, like kids in a sandbox, without a single intelligible idea emerging from the play-date, and embarrassed grownups all standing ‘round pretending it was a Great Moment in History.

* Arnold Schwarzenegger Apologizes for Using the Phrase ‘Girlie Men’

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