Steve Sailer: Why Are Liberal Women More Likely to Report They’ve Been Sexually Harassed?

Zach Goldberg writes: “…the more one finds rape sexually appealing, the more likely one is to report an experience of workplace sexual harassment. Alcohol consumption and having a job where one is often alone with others is also somewhat predictive, but number of sex partners + rape appeal.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I don’t think he has yet ruled out all other reasonable explanations. For example:

– Liberal women turned liberal because they were sexually harassed.

– Liberal men in liberal industries (e.g., Harvey Weinstein) are worse sexual harassers.

– Women in conservative industries (e.g., oil, aerospace) are rarer and thus have more sexual market bargaining power to get a ring put on it than in many liberal industries, such as media, where women are a dime a dozen.

– More conservative industries were subjected to federal sexual harassment regulations back in the 1990s, but liberal industries such as Hollywood assumed they were immune due to their superior morality and Washington connections. But when Obama got done cashing their 2012 campaign contribution checks, he let his minions turn their wrath on fat and happy liberal industries like media, tech, and universities.

* Some obvious possibilities:

1. Conservative women are less likely to report minor unwanted contact or harassment formally as “sexual harassment”?

2. Conservative women are less likely to put themselves in situations where harassment might occur more frequently (alone with a man)?

3. Conservative women are more likely to confront the harasser at the time of the harassment (and put an end to it) rather than putting up with it, stewing about it, and then reporting it formally later?

* Conservative women are less likely to be aggrieved, hysterical and looking for something to be outraged about.

* “To sum up: When it comes to ideological disparities in reporting, the data strongly points to sexual promiscuity/licentiousness (# of sex partners, “sexual kinkiness”) as important explanatory variables…”

I’m wondering what could explain this correlation. Is it that men either consciously or subconsciously treat good girls differently from promiscuous girls? Is it that promiscuous girls tend to be head cases make up/exaggerate instances of sexual harassment?

* I’ve always worked in relatively male dominated industries with relatively few females, and I can’t ever recall observing harassment; in fact I can only think of one workplace dalliance (which ended in marriage). The handful of women all dressed and acted conservatively. Looking at who they chose for husbands they seemed to go for ‘average’ levels of masculinity, although there were certainly plenty of highly masculine men available to them at work if that had been their preference.

Perhaps I was in a bubble? Is it possible that relatively effeminate fields like media tend to attract relatively effeminate men as well as liberal/progressive women, and that leads to the dynamic that his paper describes? Men feel more confident making advances because there are so few of them. Women don’t want these advances because the men are undesirable and effeminate. Women long for more masculine/dominant men as alluded to in the data.

Perhaps we read so much about sexual harassment because the media assumes that their workplace dynamic is typical of the whole country when in fact it is an outlier.

The other thing I’ve noted is that industries that tend to attract more men than women also tend to attract more introverts. Tech/engineering is much more of an introvert magnet than media and I would guess this might confound the data a bit.

* lefties are trained to see literally everything as an opportunity for government intervention.

* Loose women are going to attract more men making sexual advances. Isn’t that obvious?

Men do not usually waste effort on conservative women who appear to be sexually faithful to their husbands.

Also, conservative women are more likely to believe in individual responsibility, and deal with a problem herself, as opposed to liberals who like to portray women as victims.

* Of course you sexist misogenistic pig do not consider the possibility that liberal women are hotter and that men are unable to control themselves around women who are body positive and have more body piercing than those ugly conservative bitches.

* Prog women are more are more promiscuous, and also report more harassment? Shocking!

Did they ask about smoking cigarettes? I’m not joking. For women, cigarette smoking is a promiscuity ‘tell.’ And many prog women smoke, too, for some reason.

* Conservative women more likely to be married or in a serious long-term relationship, so aggressively hit on less.

Conservative have fewer mentally unstable harpies who get some kind of emotional reward claiming/exaggerating how they were victimized. This aspect is 2 part: the individual personality difference, but also a social peer-group/family difference where less sympathy/brownie points are given. Instead of offering sympathy, male relatives, for instance, would want to send a message to the man.

* Read the full Twitter thread, there’s a graph that shows that conservative and liberal women have similar definitions of what does and does not constitute sexual harassment. 2 and 3 are more in line with his thesis: women who get harassed more are turned on by coercion and thus may subconsciously try to put themselves in positions where they experience it.

* Former Playboy model takes home exciting fun black guy she met in town; he strangles her to death. “I just met this sexy-ass white bitch.”

* There are very few murders here unless you pick up Negro felons downtown and bring them home at 3 AM (to the apartment that your boyfriend is paying for). The woman in question was a hot mess and a belligerent drunk. All the local bars knew not to serve her. Some of the details are still unclear – my guess is that she was going on Tinder or some such and looking for rough trade. But first she would drink herself into an alcoholic stupor. She was approaching the age where she was going to “hit the wall” and had nothing but her looks going for her so her life was effectively over anyway – she was headed for a bad end one way or another, but this was particularly bad. The felon beat her severely before strangling her with some sort of cord.

* Yes, and it’s also obvious that women who are attracted to macho swagger are going to attract more sexual advances, possibily despite themselves. Those of us who are attracted to thoughtful, unassuming guys are not going to attract sexual advances from those guys. They know we don’t like them. The ones we do like aren’t clueless, but you have to make a conscious effort to let them know you’re interested.

There seems to be some sort of presumption that workplace sexual advances are ok, as long as the man has reason to believe the woman is interested. This may or may not be true, depending on the circumstances. I certainly don’t see any harm in asking a non-subordinate colleague for a date, so long as the man is willing to take no for an answer.

Now, men misunderstand women’s interest in being raped, such as it is. If you’re not hot, we don’t want you to ravish us. Is that clear? A non-hot guy can’t make himself hot by turning into a rapist. You’re likely to find yourself behind bars if you try it. On the other hand, if you’re these guys, you may do as you like.

* It’s true that a lot of outwardly “liberated” women love to play scenes where they are the captive and you are the big, bad man. Slave fantasies, mild bondage, spanking, you name it.

This is not true for all women, but it is for a surprisingly large number, whatever their political acts or masks may be.

The thing is, the lefty ones can go on over coffee the next day about “men” in the abstract, as if they weren’t just begging to play the wench the day before. Conservative women just enjoy being female — and are not weak or inferior because of it.

* 1) Conservative women are more likely to be married, and that attracts less “harrassment.” Never forget the marriage gap.

2) Younger women in general tend to be more liberal (and also more attractive). Older women just aren’t going to be harassed as much.

3) Conservative women tend to dress less scantily and are more aware of themselves (and their motives) when they’re doing it. “Of course I’m getting a lot of men staring at me. That’s why I wore these clothes!” – it’s the same lack of self-awareness leftists exhibit in so many other ways.

4) But mostly it’s just victim mentality plus the failure to consider the consequences of your actions (e.g., wearing scanty clothes, getting really drunk, and acting flirty with one or more guys might make them think you actually, you know, want to do something with them).

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