Theater Thursday: Star 80 (1983)

* Wikipedia: “Star 80 is a 1983 American film based on, though fictionalized somewhat, Playboy model Dorothy Stratten, who was murdered by her husband Paul Snider in 1980. The film was directed by Bob Fosse, and stars Mariel Hemingway and Eric Roberts. Hugh Hefner sued the producers of the picture, stemming from his disapproval of how he was depicted in the film. In accordance with the family’s wishes, Dorothy’s mother is never mentioned by name in the movie, and the names of her sister and brother were altered. Other names were also changed due to legal concerns.

The film was shot on location in Vancouver, British Columbia and Los Angeles, California; the death scene was filmed in the same house in which the murder-suicide actually took place. The story is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Village Voice article “Death of a Playmate” by Teresa Carpenter; the film’s title was taken from Snider’s vanity license plates.”

* NYT: “When Hispanics who identify themselves as white are added in, the white share of the population actually grew modestly between 2000 and 2017 from 75.1 percent to 76.6 percent.”

* NYT: A Broken Relationship and Accusations of Emotional Abuse: The Case of Keith Ellison

* Ben Shapiro whines: “Why doesn’t the Left laud us from crushing dissent on the Right?”

* John Stuart Mill: “It is in general a necessary condition of free institutions that the boundaries of government should coincide in the main with those of nationalities.”

* Kindness from the Trumps.

* Jews love to give charity and to be recognized for it. “As she announces the newest gift, the men and women in the back of the crowd smile and applaud and try not to show their faces to the publicity crew she has brought with her to film the event.” Northern Europeans are more reticent.

* Circular firing squad claims Wil Wheaton.

* Join the Navy and see the poz.

* Driven to suicide by bullies, or his mother?

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