What Is Going On With Ron Unz?

Unz.com has featured some particularly edgy content of late, including Ron’s latest column on Holocaust denial.

A Jewish friend tells me:

He is quite brave.

What has happened is that Unz has recognized that the conventional narrative of WWII, Germany horrible, Axis countries bad, USSR good enough, U.S. and Britain Saintly, doesn’t hold up to actual scrutiny. From that he began to question what anti Semitism before 1941 and 1942 actually meant to German Jews, to Jews in Palestine and Jews who made up a significant portion of the ruling class in the USSR.

Once you reach that point it becomes easy to question the official Holocaust narrative, which in many cases, unfortunately is built on lies. There are so many aspects that need to be explored and most of them are documented in the records of that most bureaucratic nation, Germany, but haven’t been looked at. What are the records on ghettoization of Jews, the economic exploitation of ghetto Jews, the number of Jews in labor or work camps, the number of Jews in concentration camps, the numbers of Jews who were intentionally killed and the number that died of natural causes (resulting at least in part from extreme deprivation) how do we explain how come some very young children who were economically useless survived and some old persons also economically useless were spared. What is the reason that Anne Frank died and her father lived? How much of our picture of what life was like for concentration camp prisoners was shaped by the post war documentary footage of the British liberation of Belsen, which was not an extermination camp, but where thousands died from typhus.

The biggest problem is that there is no actual official order from Hitler calling for extermination. There is every indication that extermination/genocide didn’t begin until the Germans had some reverses on the Eastern Front in the fall of 1941 when they found huge restive Jewish populations under their control and many of the people in the territory captured by the Germans considered the Germans to be liberators from the harsh yoke of Stalin’s communism often administered by Jewish Commissars.

The problem is it is more complex. I don’t think Unz is correct to seemingly dismiss it. Even David Irving concedes some Jews were intentionally killed by the Nazis. But the Holocaust has been misused in so many ways, that it is now the dominant narrative of WWII where in reality it was a sideshow.

…how do you explain why the Nazis let the Bulgarians get away with a refusal to deport their Jews? Doesn’t the fact that they were asked to deport their Jews strongly suggest the Germans were going to exterminate them? If no plan for genocide was adopted by the Germans until the Wannsee Conference in early 1942, how do we explain the ghettoization of the Jews after the 1939 conquest of Poland, and the mass killings that took place in the east, including at Babi Yar outside Kiev in the late summer, early fall of 1941.

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