Will Women Save America?

Michelle Goldberg writes for the New York Times:

It’s too soon to tell whether America will survive Trump in any recognizable form. But if it does, it will be because women like Gabriel have realized that no one is coming to save democracy for us, and they have set out to rescue it themselves. It’s no secret that American women dislike Trump; a recent poll showed that 57 percent of all female voters disapprove of him, 43 percent strongly. But polls can’t capture the way gut-churning revulsion toward Trump is changing some women’s whole way of being in the world. You see it in the large number of women running for political office and winning. But you also see it in the women, many of them suburban, middle-aged and not particularly radical, who are making political activism the center of their lives.

Eighteen years ago, the Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam published “Bowling Alone,” a seminal book about the fraying of America’s civic fabric. It’s cheering that his daughter, Lara Putnam, a historian at the University of Pittsburgh, is now studying how these new grass-roots movements are weaving civil society back together. “People have stepped in to rebuild the local infrastructure of face-to-face political life in ways that have been super striking to observe,” she said.

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