Emily Fired, Lauren Leaves, Call-Ins | TPS #68

Seven months ago, J.F. Gariepy did not express publicly strong opinions on the JQ. Then he noticed that almost all of his main critics were Jewish and perhaps he saw a wider Jewish tendency that was ruinous for white cohesion. JF read and apparently swallowed Sean Last’s shoddy paper on the JQ.

On his show today, JF said: “Lauren [Rose] has decided to leave the show. She felt bad about the whole Israel and Jewish coverage…and the fact that David Duke was here, Patrick Little was here… You probably guessed that already. Every time I made a show about [the JQ], she wasn’t there. This show was evolving in two parallel streams…”

“I’ve explored [the JQ] in a sensible rational fashion… Lauren Rose had a different view of the Right. She didn’t want to talk about this question. She didn’t want to know about this question… Maybe there is a Youtube niche for far-right speaking without speaking about the Jewish Question, but from an intellectual perspective, you cannot follow this path and be honest with yourself and your observations of the universe and avoid this question. The Jewish Question is unavoidable… Your intellectual path will be dishonest…if you refuse to study this question. You cannot have an opinion on the mainstream media and not understand that the mainstream media is highly controlled by various sets of ethnocentric interests. You cannot understand the push for immigration without understanding the various minorities in our world which are pushing for immigration.”

Big Jews in the mainstream media tend to be inter-married and not ethnocentric, so I’m not sure on what basis JF contends that the “mainstream media is highly controlled by various sets of ethnocentric interests.” He hasn’t presented or referenced such evidence. As for immigration, there’s no link between levels of immigration in a country and the number of Jews in that country. I’d love to see JF’s evidence to the contrary. Countries with few Jews such as Sweden and Germany have had ruinous levels of immigration.

JF: “I came to a point where answers became more powerful if I considered the Jewish Question.”

Elsewhere on the show, JF said how much he enjoys Patrick Little.

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