I Got My First Youtube Strike

That means I can’t livestream on that channel until September 30. My new livestream channel is here.

Friend A: “I [watched] a black mgtow livestream last night and I realized the magic key theory is real. These guys see black women like the AR sees Jews.”

Friend B:

I gained a lot of perspective last night watching that black stream. Helped me see what you’ve been trying to show about how the magic key is a pathetic thought… it’s like yeah maybe some Jews push garbage, but we have agency to do say no. Those black men were just whining about black women being hoes and it was so obvious to me that they a) had half a point and b) should have also considered their own shortcomings. To the extent that we/I have been latched onto blaming Jews only and not introspecting, that’s sad & pathetic! #CleanYourRoom

I can’t believe you get 3 months for one strike! I thought you got three strikes before a timeout. Wow. So draconian. Brutal.

I apologize for taking so long to come over the hump on the JQ. Part of it was the cloistered nature of things, and I think that’s why it clicked for me watching the blacks hash it out last night. I watched one of your old vids of you talking about KMac in 2008–you’ve been woke for so long, possibly from adolescence. It really is a turbulent ride getting woke from liberal white Methodism. I did my best.

Tbh, this shutting you down doesn’t make me less frustrated about the speech crackdown happening in our country… sigh. Can you appeal?

YouTube is now reminding me of certain fraternities that I didn’t join in college because I heard they made pledges get drunk and humiliate themselves, and although I wanted in to the club, I didn’t want to have to endure their dehumanizing rituals. So yeah, we have agency, but, it is annoying that that which is elite is so stupid.

Balder comments:

Ways to get around YouTube Censorship and avoid Strikes, especially for Live Streams

Do the Live Stream and finish it.

If you find the chat important, I think there are ways to integrate the chat into the video, while streaming as can be seen on may channels. You can also download the chat as a text file, there are various ways of doing this, there is a plug in for Chrome that will do this for you; you can save as a .srt file or a .txt file. I think YouTube even provides the owner of the channel with this possibility.

Then Download the video to your PC. Set risky streams immediately to private on YouTube, or delete them all together.

Upload the video file to a website you are hosting yourself, embed the video in a new post, you can use the free World Press or other free blog software on your website to use the blog format, but you can also produce static pages if you have a little knowledge of html etc. if you prefer.

If using the blog format you can use plug-ins to embed the video, but you could also offer the video as a direct download, which is even easier, but perhaps not as appealing to non techy users. In stead of using your self hosted website, you could also use some of the many free file repositories to serve the video.

If the visual aspect of the captured live stream is not important, or has no need for detail, you can compress the video before uploading to your website to save bandwidth and secure seamless display on the computers of the audience.

If using the blog format people can easily comment on the video, without interference from YouTube censors.

Take as small portion of the video or sanitize the whole video if you prefer, and re-upload to YouTube, to serve as a starting point for YouTube users, and use the YouTube listings and promotion that comes with it, while providing a link to your blog page where people can watch the original unedited video without fear of strikes and censorship.

Blog software also provides possibilities to notify subscribers via RSS.

While making things a bit more complicated this could be an important way of beginning to create more independent privately owned platforms, while keeping the advantages of super chats and monetization.

You could also have advertisements on your own blog to provide income.

The ideas presented above could be expanded, changed and improved in many ways to suit your purpose.

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