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* Maybe we should talk about the patriarchal state instead of the ethnostate? I think the woman question deserves more air time. I watch this gossiping news babes on CNN and… it’s bad. They all seek social approval.

* You’re correct that how one treats others will have a profound affect on how they respond to/treat you. On the other hand, for people in a movement where “OpSec” is a key thing, there really is no excuse for doxing.

That is, anyone who would be provoked so far as to Dox someone is a security risk, period. No matter the provocation. And anyone who would excuse it (who is inside the movement) is a security risk.

You are an observer so I get that you are making a correct observational point. This is not an excuse for whatever RV said or did (I am not on Gab, or in any of the forums where evidently the InFight Club spergs its sperg) to provoke hotheads. Your observational point is correct, but on the other hand hot-heads who can be provoked into doxing, which can be life-ruining for the doxed, and is one reason why leaders who direct people to engage in IRL activities that open them to being doxed and thus bounced from jobs or universities or lose friends, are bad leaders. Well, people who are on the inside who can be provoked into violating basic OpSec principles are not people who should be on the inside of anything.

* On Warski right now — pretty sure it’s a TRAP debating race realism. Chat going crazy.

* Kevin Williamson fired from the Atlantic? Owen Benjamin banned from YouTube & Twitter. I guess we should keep cucking, but even harder now, right? Our lane is narrowing.

* Another reason bloodsports is dying is that we haven’t managed to engage actual progressive liberals. That’s a mistake. Of course, they probably would say we don’t meet the onerous threshold for serious consideration… but if you could get someone who likes Obergefell and everything since, that would be awesome.

* Future of bloodsports – there isn’t one – because it becomes dishonest and unsustainable when it seeks frills primarily.

Future of the dissident/alternative right and its concretised manifestation the alt-right. Mistakes have been made but i’m not sure even the best management would have kept them from the train-wreck that they had to become. The subject is verboten after-all. I understand that audiences are still growing for AR resources so the question for the AR and the alternative right more broadly has to be positive. Certain matters are not going away.

This guy @hradzka (PHD I think and stock righty) does the best analysis of political movements. Get him on. He’ll have a smashing take on where the AR have fucked up practically and where it goes from here. There is an ethnocultural civilisation and people to save after-all.

You’re building something quite important I think. Something away from the combative nonsense (and fun at times) of debate. Halsey was far more interesting on your programme. Picking at the truth is far more interesting. Think all of your regular guests are very good also.

* New York City in 1900 was 98% White. New York City in 1950 was 90% White.

* The South aka Dixie was very friendly toward Jews despite the narrative the SPLC and ADL pushes.They were a lot of the major slave owners and a Jews were even elevated to high positions in the Confederacy. That being said, the jews were a small minority in the South and went out of their way to blend in.
The ADL,SPLC, and Leftist jews hold up the Leo Frank case and the Civil Rights era as proof the South hated jews. This is misleading like most narratives they craft. Leo Frank was convicted by his peers for the murder of a child. He was sentenced to death. North Jewish groups managed to get him pardoned to life in prison during a time when people absolutly would engage in frontier justice with their own people much less “others”. Whether it was right or wrong the locals Leo Frank lived amongst broke into the jail and hanged him for his crime. That seems to be the one case they mostly hold up as a reason the South hated the Jews.
Newsflash people in the South engaged in a lot self-policing of their own people and lyncehed a whole lot of people when it came to crimes invovling murder, rape ,and hurting children.
Leo Frank was convicted by his peers of raping and murdering a child.
The Klan was an organization that existed then and they protected their people of their community in the best way they knew how. It’s kind of like Jews who also have organizations meant to protect their people and their people’s interests from people who mean them harm.
As for the civil rights era, again the jews that got messed with during that time period were Leftist Jews trying to force their world views onto the Southern people through activism. The South didn’t want or like Carpetbaggers or people trying to destroy their culture.

Again though, Jews were treated as white and were literally serving in the Confederacy during the Civil War and amongst it’s Leadership , “Judah P.Benjamin” . It’s only when Northern Leftist Secular Jewish Activists started flooding into the South trying to change things did Southern Pro-White groups even start to perceive Jews as being at odds with them.

* Doooovid: I agree, the Rabbis always said America is a ‘Medina Shel Chesed’ – A Country Founded on Kindness. Maybe too kind. I agree the SPLC and ADL are largely subversive movements. As Orthodox Jews should be able to function in America without getting beaten up for no good reason, but the organizations today are largely subversive, and serve subversive political needs, rather than actual needs.
Although America needs immigrants, just not subversive movements. From a policy perspective America would probably be best to switch to merit based migration, that will bring over more high IQ hard working Asians.
Personally I think the two party representative democracy system is broken beyond repair and support some sort of direct democracy. But the block minority vote has created big problems in immigration, as who comes in, and the types that come in will determine elections.
I support Whites organizing, but just like the Jews, need to avoid subversive movements, as the clan today is largely considered subversive. And likely for political reasons mostly due to corruption for politics, liberal organizations try to prevent whites from organizing to win elections and maintain power and corruption. But the truth and righteousness should prevail!

* Hey Luke aren’t these videos just a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing exercise called Darchei Shalom?

* When ‘TANSTAAFL’ mentioned at 1:04:27 that the Jews had asked the question “is Luke Ford good for the Jews” the humour soon drained from Ford and the look on his face as he bent forward to pick something up was the look of a man who’d just realised he’d lost a shilling but found a penny!

* My first girlfriend from high school became a big porn star. Turns out she was a lot of guys’ “first girlfriend,” but I was the cuck who actually had a pathetic “relationship” with her.

Now it’s super fucking awkward when she visits her home town. Every guy in town has watched hundreds of videos of her. I mean, she was probably one of the hottest girls in my high school. So as soon as you hear that one of the hottest cheerleaders from your class is a porn star, you look it up immediately. I just automatically assume that everyone I know has watched a bunch of videos of my first love getting fucked. It kinda ruins a lot of my high-school sweetheart memories.

She made a few black gangbang videos that really stand out as particularly tough to forget. Now when I hang out with her at the bar, all I can think about is her screaming, covered in spit and semen with four huge nigger dicks getting shoved in her. I wish I was making this story up. Imagine some girl that you love, who you have a box of mixtapes (yes tapes) sprayed in her perfume, and hundreds of love notes, and probably thousands of hours on the phone. And I know that if I go to a search engine and type her porn name, I can watch her fucking in a thousand ways. It’s surreal. It almost makes me feel like I’m living in a simulation and that my memories aren’t real.

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