Jewish Conspiracy Theories

A kindly goy tells me: You’re right that nobody who isn’t Orthodox can understand Orthodox Judaism—but that isn’t saying much from the pragmatic view, right? And I’ve thought about it some, and concluded that the Jewish religion is false now, even if it was true at some point in the past. I could be wrong, though! But I’m basing my judgment on a bit of experience with five or six Jewish friends and also on a preference for a world in which the imago dei principle is assumed, because I think without that assumption, various tribes will never even be able to agree on the basic nature of reality, let alone on values and theological stuff.

I need help in the world. Life has been justifiable, but not always easy. And I’ll take help from wherever I can get it. People who are tribal are less likely to help me, and so I suppose I’ll land on something like universalism and liberalism because I have no tribe. But I get why you’re doing differently, sort of—even if it doesn’t seem like ur ever been invited to that party myself.

Take it this way: the Cofnas paper really blew out my faith in academic argument. It changed my view, seems to have made me much darker. After that, MacDonald also seems like a sophist. This is, of course, a tactic. Obscurantism and obfuscation. And I note that the result is basically me going silent… so if this was all a Jewish plot to silence any would-be Hitlers, rest assured, it worked on me. Congrats. I can live with that.

Great getting Cofnas on. FWIW, he seems very smart to me. I don’t think it was fair the way he said the entire alt-right basically accepted KMac as gospel. But in the end it may be that we admit we were fooled, and would have been wiser simply admitting we were out of our expertise. I guess our in-group interest clouded our judgment and motivated our biased replies. So I’m comfortable bowing out now. Letting the rabbis rule & accepting their judgment in place of my own — or at least, not publicly arguing. Long live Israel.

Is this a fair takeaway from Cofnas’s refutation of MacDonald?: the Jews do play a disproportionate role in all intellectual endeavors, including, importantly, media, politics & policy. The Jews therefore played a disproportionate (but not necessarily unified) role in eviscerating WASP and white-American culture, traditions, and demographics in the second half of the 20th century… BUT… they didn’t do it as a group evolutionary strategy or out of a concern for Jewish interests. We should assume, therefore, that their motivations were the same as any other Americans’ on average. Yes?

I’m asking you because I trust your judgment more than my own on this, and because, while I’m moving on, I’d be happy to move on with as much a handle on reality as I can get. Would you say that Cofnas would accept my little summary there, more or less? Or am I still hearing incorrectly?

There is still the reality of Jewish overrepresentation. When it comes to Nobel prizes, I get it. But I don’t see how the default hypothesis fully explains the almost total control of media, for instance. Must I assume that everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Jake Tapper has an IQ of 180? Because if it’s not that, they argument has to overcome Unz’s take, even leaving aside the extraordinarily gifted. There are way more people in the Western world with IQs between 115-150 who are gentiles than there are who are Jewish. So they should own some of the major media corporations.

…but now, having conceded that I have no expertise in the science and deferring to NC, I just doubt my own thinking. And I’m happy to do that. Eventually those thoughts will stop if I ignore them, and then I can happily accept my station as a relatively successful person in a meritocratic globalist world order that was pretty-much pre-determined by genetics. Mind you, I’m still listening to you. I’m just tired of listening to me.

If reasonably smart IQ 120-130 people like us can’t effectively read a book like KMac’s,… what does that mean? Must we all simply await the ruling from the few IQ-160 ruling class types like Pinker? No use me reading Cofnas. What does Pinker day I should think about it?

I meant “what does Pinker say I should think about it?” — like, if you and I can read KMac and be persuaded, but ultimately we find out we were totally deluded when an IQ-160 comes along and reads KMac better than we did… then what’s the point of reading anything? Shouldn’t I just wait to receive my opinions from Cofnas from now on? This is the rabbinic model. It’s foreign to me, and uncomfortable — I always thought I was as competent as anyone. But it turns out I’m not. So, there’s no use having an opinion on anything I read because someone more qualified and smarter can blast all my thinking. So why waste my time like that? Even reading. Cofnas feels futile once I see his superiority. I’m just not an expert. But this model does imply a kind of hierarchy that leads to me falling silent and receiving my opinions from the authorities unless for some reason I happen to be the best educated smartest guy in the room at a given time.

Mu point is that I spent a bit of time reading MacDonald & Cofnas. And talking to you. And I came away feeling way more concerned about Jewish in-group, uh, dynamics… than I was in 2016. But Cofnas says I shouldn’t be, and everybody smarter than me tells me his paper is airtight. So I either trust myself and blow off the world’s greatest minds—and probably attribute to them some sort of in-group conniving—or I trust them (and you) and assume my own thinking is a mess somehow… even if I don’t see how or “feel” how.

My antisemitic feeling and my effort at a reasonably informed opinion must just be wrong. So, shrug. Whatever questions I still have must just be bigotry and a sort of mental virus… so I should let it go as quickly as possible, which is what I’m gonna do. Just change my focus.

Who are some gentiles that were persuaded by Cofnas? Maybe gentiles can’t think about truth, but they can only judge according to their in-group interests, and so they haven’t been able to see the light of reason even when they read Cofnas.

In a society of 1000 people, where 20 are Jewish, and Jews have a one-standard deviation advantage over whites, who are 650 of the thousand… I would be interested in seeing how a statistician would map that. Assume the average Ashkenazi IQ is 115, so 10 of the 20 have IQs below 115.

It’s not really exciting to me. It actually feels depressing to me. And it does beg Dennis’s repeated question: what is so sacred about globalist meritocracy that we should tolerate letting the Jewish ubermensch class rule over every aspect of our civilization? Would you expect me to be excited about that? Not only am I not excited, but I think it’s fake… but I also saw War Games, and I’m sick of reaching draws with the golem.

The GRE max is 800 in each section.

Cofnas: “Jews are going to dominate all the endeavors cuz they’re smarter.”

Me: “I doubt they’re smarter.”

You: “Based on what science mate?”

Me: “Jonathan Michael Kaplan and others who show that isolating x-factors is impossible.”

You: “That’s been refuted.”

Me: “Well, I disagree.”

You: “Scientists say you’re wrong.”

Me: “Are they all Jews?”

You: “75% are.”

Me: “well, whatever. Fine.”

I mean what’s the point? I do not have the credentials to argue with Pinker. I don’t actually agree with him or you, but it obvious that I’m not going to convince you or even justify my own view to you. It’s like arguing theology. I find it tedious.

I do actually feel pretty happy. I’m convinced Jews think differently than I do. I’m fine with that. And I’m fine with my way. Postmodernism. No use continuing the dialog though. Nobody Jewish is hearing me, and I’m not hearing them.

But it’s not actually socially respectable. Didn’t you see the article today about the Jewish editor of NatGeo and her example of a photo from 1918 of some aboriginals with a caption “they’re less intelligent.” And Goldberg’s comment: we don’t do that kind of thing anymore. The default hypothesis doesn’t have legs in mainstream American discourse. If it justifies Jewish dominance, then it justifies black poverty. Not happening… you’ll have some autistic Jews and some Dylann Roofs all agreeing with Cofnas. But I’m out…

Now imagine that those 10 of 1000 with IQs over 115 own ALL of the major media corporations. Never mind that at least 50 of the 650 whites also have IQs over 115. When pressed, the Jews spin it this way: “well, 4 of our 10 have IQs over 160.” And the white says, “5 of our 50 have IQs over 150.”

Change my view.

Also nepotism. I mean obviously. Which btw fine call it networking, but Jewish lawyers (no doubt) argues successfully before the Supreme Court that “discriminatory” hiring should be illegal. Back when whites networked.

Your interview with Cofnas was good. And good luck with Spencer. Maybe you can have Steven Pinker on eventually.

I can’t tell if you’re just shilling or if you’re serious when you criticize the chat for conspiracy thinking, but can I suggest an earnest answer? It is because for normie gentile Americans, even the idea that Jews have disproportionate power and influence in all intellectual endeavors sounds like a shocking conspiracy theory. To go beyond that, and read a book (KMac’s) about *why* they might have such power—to even get that far, one has to have been willing to take up highly taboo conspiratorial thinking with an open mind. You seem to have lost track of just how solid this psychological firewall protecting Jews is in the mind of the average white American. If I said to my sister that Jews have disproportionate power… that would shock and appall him. So for the few who have the (whatever it is?—courage? gall?) to break through and think about Jewish influence, try to understand how disorienting that is. Our entire civilization is a conspiracy designed to keep us from noticing. And so once you notice, of course you question the Holocaust narrative.

But like I said I can’t tell when you’re being honest anymore—if that’s just a shit-talking point to keep viewership up or expose antisemites, okay, keep at it.

What part is it that most baffles you?—the part about being shocked by the mere mention of the possibility of Jewish overrepresentation? I never met a Jewish person until I was 23, and even then they were converts. I had one pretty good friend at my school here in NC who was reform/atheist, and he seemed autistic to me, and married a gentile woman. That was in about 2009. I was 31 then. It wasn’t really until I was about 35 and only because I was reading your blog—which, btw, I was reading alongside Graham Hancock’s book “Fingerprints of the Gods” (look it up, for comparison, to understand what kind of gentile reads )… only then that I became convinced Jews were a real power in the world.

This also explains why almost all of the alt-right is atheist. Any American Christian hasn’t shown enough willingness to refuse the narrative to go over to the alt-right. If you can’t tell your mommy you don’t believe in god, then surely you won’t investigate “the Jewish question.” All your stay in your lane talk won’t be persuasive to these people because they’ve been out of their lane since they first noticed Jewish power & influence.

Just trying to help. I bet almost none of your gentile readers believe in the god/church they were raised to believe in.

No school mentions Jewish power. No television show. No church since Vatican 2. We are raised in an entire system that makes Jewish overrepresentation invisible. Does this surprise you, really? And then, when we notice — which, for me, was only when you basically insisted that I notice — there is no explanation for how blind(ed) we have been. Was it all an accident? Everyone knew, but just *forgot* to mention to two consecutive generations that Jews are basically running your entire civilization…? When we were required to watch Schindler’s List in 8th grade, do you think it came with a precís on Jewish overrepresentation? And if all of this not noticing was accidental, then I really am a wacky “conspiracy theorist.” But the other hypothesis is that the whole structure of my civilization was a conspiracy designed to hide in plain daylight this otherwise uncomfortable fact.

I had no suspicion of the lie and no consent to being lied to before I was 35.

I wish I could see a poll of gentile Americans under age 35 on the question, “Are Jews overrepresented in every intellectual endeavor in America?” Guessing 70% would say no. And if you sorted by “college educated,” the number might be 80% saying no.

You seem to think that all gentile Americans have thought carefully about Jewish overrepresentation, and that most have landed on some benign explanation, while only the freaks in your chat have spun out into this antisemitic view of things. But it’s my hypothesis that the gentiles who are not antisemitic have not thoroughly considered even the basic premise that Jews are overrepresented. This is why I think the race realism strategy is going to backfire for Jews. As you teach undergrads more and more that Ashkenazi have high IQs and therefore win all the prizes… that’s not going to help Jews.

Okay I guess that’s my take. What’s your understanding? I have a hunch that you also feel “gaslit” and surprised and disoriented… why do you think you attract all the daily stormer schizophrenic conspiracy theorist IQ-115 crowd?

It is a very weird feeling I have — I’ve experienced it before, but only a couple times, where a person I agree with has different reasons than I do for our shared assumptions or positions on stuff… and then all the sudden the difference in starting point comes into contrast. And you’re a charismatic guy and a good talker and I like you, so I have been listening carefully—but there is this whole mysterious half of your life too, and I don’t understand it very well. I have said this about my dad also, btw. Not saying you’re lying on purpose or deceptive, but I just feel like there is a sizable chunk of the pie graph of Luke that I can’t see, and so it’s hard to understand some of your argument.

In general I do think that Judaism seems to give rise to a different sort of thinking — more collectivist, more political — than my native Methodism with some latent SDA stuff in my blood. I think about morality a lot, even if I do it in unorthodox terms. I don’t like talking about “Christianity,” but as an operating system, I just acknowledge that it’s in me and dominant. So, some of the politicking of the alt-right seems debased to me. It seems unjustified metaphysically. I pray a lot, mostly just chanting, and I have never prayed about my group interest or any of that.

The difference I guess is that you have hope that science can settle this for us (or “us”), but I’m more skeptical about that… I like that really wacky almost new age stuff where people like Schopenhauer start asking whether we can even know what’s real, let alone trust our perceptions or test stuff reliably in a lab. So whereas you seem confident and motivated about all this stuff now, I feel like many truths can all be simultaneously true… and I can’t pick one. Sorry if this is annoying—my hasty retreat. It just felt disorienting, discombobulating. I feel like I tried to take in in a year what it took you 25 years to take in… it is overwhelming.

I also don’t feel like I can learn any more right now, because I can’t freely ask the questions I want to (publicly) ask in order to gain more understanding. I can learn from reading, but I’ve always learned best from talking. And the ADL (and the normies) have really disincentivized learning any more on this topic, at least in the way that I like to learn… I can tell that even you, who really are pretty impossible to offend, still have felt like “wow did he just say that?” about some of my trolls or tweets or chat posts. But that is how I learn. How do people react to what I say. What if I say a crazy thing, etc.? But the penalty is too high now.

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