Am I Trying To Convert Nazis?

Jews ask me why I enjoy talking to Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Kevin MacDonald, Roger Devlin, Mike Enoch, Eric Striker and other Alt Right types. I’m not sure why I love it, but I do love it.

It seems like 90% of my video chatters come from the Daily Stormer and I enjoy them too (though not as much as I enjoy talking with the elite intellectuals named above). They’re smart, funny and they help me better understand myself, my God, my religion, my people, and the world around me.

Jews ask me if I’m trying to convert these Nazis into philosemites. No, I’m not. I’m just talking. If I started thinking I could convert people to my way of thinking, others would sense that right away and stop talking to me. Also, my ego would get involved and I would imagine that I was some kind of Nazi whisperer. Luckily, I have no delusions about my rhetorical powers. I’m just a bloke talking to blokes about blokey things.

Max* says: “You need to do much better on the video aspect. Looks count, and everything about the visual appearance of the interview at your end was in need of improvement. Location of camera, clothes you wore, background, all of it. You were like Nixon in the Kennedy-Nixon debates. You know it occurs to me that for want of a shave and better makeup, he doomed the white race.”

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