Richard Spencer Interview

* What is the current direction of the alt right?
* You mentioned the alt right is at each other’s throats. What’s going on? W Identity Europa? TRS?
* In your interview with Israeli TV, you mentioned, “I made mistakes recently.”
* What strikes me when you are interviewed or just on a podcast or giving a speech, is that you rarely take the easy way out… Many people are glib but few people are deep.
* what is William Regnery’s role with the Alt Right?
* Is alt right fundraising going up?
* If whites have agency, then the JQ is not that big. White problems are primarily the problems of whites.
* Did Greg Conte do anything wrong at MSU?
* How did the TWP come to be your muscle at MSU?
* I suspect a lot of people on the AR desperately want your approval and if they don’t get enough of it, they resent you.
* Do you think Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy?
* In your discussion with KMAC for, i saw a fascinating difference between your romantic philosophy and KMAC’s scientific method. You kept asking him if Jews were fundamentally in their essence a threat to white interests and he kept saying no, it is cultural choices after WWII by Jewish elites.
* Have you read the Nathan Cofnas critique of COC? What do you think?
* My chat, particularly the boots crowd rather than the suits crowd, is obsessed with holocaust revisionism. Is this a productive use of one’s time given that no leading Alt Right thinker is obsessed with WWII body counts. These same people like to say, “Richard Spencer is controlled opposition.” What are these people thinking? Why is that approach so appealing to them?
* Weakness for conspiracy theories…
* What do you think Mein Kampf? When the AR is called nazis, it is wrong denotatively but correct connotatively…because there is no meaningful difference in the Nazi Mein Kampf worldview and the AR. “The outrage against the AR is warranted” you said to Israeli TV. “the system should fear people like me.”
* Matt Heimbach?
* Eli Mosley?
* Kyle Bristow?

* What have you learned from being interviewed hundreds of times? Any patterns, cues or clues you pick up as the interview goes along?

* Vegas Tenold and his new book Everything you love will burn: “Spencer’s nationalism felt much more like an intellectual exercise performed for his own amusement than any form of deep-seated conviction.”

* Do you sorely miss the academic world or is the world you are in now sufficiently intellectually stimulating? With KMAC, I feel keenly his sense of loss of being part of the academy. His emotions are raw.

* Christians think Jews are waiting for the messiah to come…and the MSM always wants to know how you will create the white ethno-state. It’s like asking Jews how will you bring the messiah.

* You put effort into putting forward a positive vision for the AR, perhaps more than any other Anglo AR thinker.

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