Quantifying Anti-Semitism

Ben emails: I was reading through your recent long blog post “Quantfying Antisemitism” and have been watching your YouTube channel quite a bit lately.

The Jewish question is absolutely fascinating to me.

I consider myself an Antisemite, and I’ll tell you why in a second, but I also really want to be accurate in my assessment. The JQ is extremely complicated, if anything at all, and it seems like most people get it wrong. I used to be much more crude in my understanding of the Jews, even getting into Holocaust denial and other historical revisionism (which I’ve been forced to give up almost entirely on further research), but continue to modify my view over time.

Reading academic books on Jewish history, and listening to some of you and others’ counter-arguments, etc., lead me to believe a lot of antisemitic beliefs about the extent of Jewish power and Jewish beliefs and actions are myths, or at least extremely exaggerated.

Still, I can’t bring myself to not be opposed to the Jews, because enough of it is true. For example: the history of Jews using Hollywood to mold the world in their image and push degeneracy and porn, their constant pushing of anti-white, anti-racist propaganda in media and academia (long predating WWII), their role in opening our borders to replacement level third world immigration and then being on the frontline viciously preventing any of us from objecting to it, their ruthless suppression of anything even resembling criticism of them (I don’t want a foreign people ruling over me and telling what I can and can’t say, and who I can and can’t criticize – sorry), and their widespread hypocrisy and double standards and “dear fellow white people” tricks – just to name a few – are all unexcusable and unforgivable.

Also, I think you misrepresent MacDonald’s thesis. Well, I guess he has a few, but his main overarching thesis (put forth most explicitly in SAID), is that the history of Jewish/Gentile relationships is explained by constant and unavoidable ethnic conflict and resource competition.

You claim that Jews and gentiles have lived next to each other harmoniously at many times, and this might be true at some point somewhere – I guess – but I don’t really see it. I see a zero sum game. It seems that either whites are oppressing Jews, or they lift the restrictions and then Jews quickly rise due to their high IQ and begin taking over certain industries and professions at the expense of the native whites. And I get this from reading books on Jewish history written by Jewish academics, not just from reading MacDonald.

Therefore, my worldview is the same as Theodor Herzl, basically, who I think was a great man. He said that racial separation is the only way to end the eternal conflict and I truly believe that. I am unable to find any evidence to the contrary.

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