Post Game: The Warski Strike Stream. Halsey English v. Mark Collett. David Duke can’t make it.

Comments on Youtube:

Mark Collett is the best debater yet, as far as the Alt-Right goes. Seriously, Mark had a brilliant approach addressing these topics. Patrick Slattery was also impressive, he seems to hold a wealth of information (a real intellectual… not sure why he doesn’t have a larger audience). Anyway, sucks Striker wasn’t able to participate, I love that man.

Jack* says: I thought Collett did a fine job keeping the pressure on, and Halsey looked more unsettled than I have seen him before… some of it was predictable, but these critiques are really coming into focus: why have Jews been kicked out of so many different countries? Why all the influence in multicultural politics, media, news, porn, banking, and campaign finance, feminism, and homosexuality? And I like how Collett doesn’t blame them for in-group preference, but only for the way they work to undermine the in-group preferences of others.

It appears to me now that Jews are *essentially* anti-nationalists… which is odd, because Nationalism was a sort of solution to tribalism. The unification of France under Napolean, and Germany under Frederick II, and Italy under Victor Emmanuel… these all solved tribal conflict. To the extent that Jews generally work against those nationalisms, they are “anti-Western.”

Also, I hadn’t heard much of Patrick Slattery, and I thought he was exceedingly well-versed. I guess he’s buddies with Duke, which probably makes him a marginal figure… but honestly I’m so disgusted at this point with what passes for elite/upper-class insights into American politics, that a voice like Slattery’s sounds very solid to me.

For an example of what I’m talking about, check out Sam Harris’s latest podcast with Preet Bharata… so vapid.

Yet Harris has all kinds of “social status.” But I mean, it is probably not necessary for you to watch the whole thing… I should probably stop watching too.

I do think that it’s important to *try* to bring this conversation into the mainstream, because if it stays suppressed, it’s likely to explode into a disaster, one way or another — either whites seriously marginalized in their own countries, or Jews targeted in a reactionary/violent phase. So where they talk about the Jewish role in censoring certain ideas (around 1:03:00 for a few minutes)… that seems worth hearing.

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