Do Non-Jews Have Agency?

If so, the Jewish Question is of moderate importance at most. If the JQ is primary to you, then you’re saying non-Jews lack agency. Pick a path, white man. Blame or step up?

Larry says: So let’s stop “blaming” all other non white minorities too shall we? I mean, Why give just the Jews a pass?

Why should we “blame” Black crime or Muslim terrorism for anything for example? I’m sure the Jews don’t. Do they?

I find it hilarious to see people who make a career of pointing to uncomfortable patterns in certain groups suddenly getting nervous and and testy when it comes to (((certain uncomfortable patterns))).

If white societies should be predicated on the interests of whites then Jews are just as desirable as gypsies and blacks because the JQ is just a subset of the broader Biological Realism Thought Complex. We should start making this point because it cuts down to the core of ethnonalism itself.

And this tweet is pure passive aggressive kosher bitching.

“You insecure, goy? You goin’ to grow up and man up or blame the jooo, goy?”

This is so old and tired.

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