Post Game: The Andrew Anglin vs. Sargon of Akkad Debate

From the live Youtube chat and comments:

* German Army had the Jewish attitude in WWII. You would get a medal or promotion for violating orders if that’s what it took to get the job done. That diminshed somewhat when Hitler started micro-managing. But I think von Paulus could have organized a breakout from Stalingrad on his own initiative without incurring the wrath of Hitler. Of course depending on the timing.

* Luke, I believe there are around 2 thousand Orthodox converts each year worldwide. Mostly in Israel.

* I think “The Morality of Logistics” will be the meme of the Anglin-Sargon debate…

* Sargon position seems to be America & U.K. we’re diversified through deception and false pretenses but now we’re stuck with it?

So if social security refused to pay old people’s pensions after being promised the money they payed in would always be there for them would he say “tough luck, I guess you’re going to have to die in the gutter now haha.”

* I still find it hard to believe you are a jew. You do not only not behave like the stereotype,
but also have no fear of exposure to noconformism.
If more jujus were like you we would not have as much of a problem.
(Might get honorary visa in the HUwhite ethno-state)

* Great, another jewish man instructing white gentiles on what they should think/feel.

* He’s technically a white gentile himself. he converted to judaism when he was an adult.

* Anglin cucked because Sargon was hunting for a gotcha moment to confirm his horseshoe theory. I agree with Andrew that as long as we have military advantage we’re still capable of removing non-whites without the use of deadly force. If they start using deadly force then we start using deadly force. You have to keep international relations in mind when doing such big changes or you’ll be attacked from all directions.

* Anglin is a subpar debator. When Sargon said he wants to stop mass migration to stop the demographic shift in the West, Anglin should have really pushed the point that even if a complete stop of immigration was enacted today the West would still turn majority non-white due to the demographics.

I still think he did better than Sargon. Sargon couldn’t argue against the morality of wanting to exist directly and could not describe a better ‘liberalist’ alternative. He also relied heavily on interruptions, semantic arguments and minute specificities. Was Theodor Herzl as one the first Zionists really concerned with the exact specific policies of his theoretical state or did he just put forward the idea?

Anglin won, but only because Sargon has really clearly lost it ever since the Kraut and Tea scandal.

* I believe in a moral justification for violence by the state. If we can save one million of our own from violence one million of them may be subject to violence. People forget whites were forced to go to school with blacks literally at gun point. Violence works and people soon forget.

* I disagree that Anglin’s position on the use of force in removal is cucking. It can be strategic to use soft power initially and persuade a majority. If you start with full force, it will cause huge backlash and maybe become unmanageable.

* Anglin’s point regarding violence was a categorical one.
If you hold that state policy back by and enforced is equal to violence then deportation etc is violence as is every other state policy & only Anarchists can object with consistent integrity.
If you hold that state policy can be legitimately made and be backed with force without being violence and it is only forceful resistance to state policy that steps outside the realm of legitimate force to now be classified as violence then as he said whether violence occurs will be up to other people if they decide to resist.

It was Sargon’s avoidance of this whole topic that revealed both his intellectual weakness & cowardice, as well as the point made frequently in the chat regarding what the Liberalist State’s policy towards the current Islamification issues would be – either ineffectual or hypocritical.

* 10:00 you misunderstand Anglin’s position. He would be willing to use force if necessary. His argument is that in most cases it won’t be necessary. Sargon is presenting a false dichotomy: either you round people up and force them to move at gunpoint or you let the country become overrun by non-whites.

Greg Johnson wrote an article explaining how to achieve an ethnostate on countercurrents which involves making people collect their benefits in their home countries. People came for monetary incentives, they can leave for monetary incentives. Anglin said that the violence necessary will depend on how much people resist. This is the case for all laws.

You naively think Sargon is arguing in good faith. He is just baiting Anglin into advocating violence so he can look good to his naive liberalist followers.

* Hello Luke, I just stumbled across your cannel an I think you have a very interesting perspective. You seem to be very sympathethic to the alt-right, but you are also a convert to judaism. I don’t really understand how that goes together. Don’t you think that, in an alt-right system, you would be among the victims, as the alt-right istn’t known for their burning love for jews?

* 8:00 I think the point here is that White people have a NATURAL right to exist in our own homeland, however, other races also have the same natural right to take it from us. The problem with today’s cultural and political climate is that it’s generally believed that White people do NOT have any right to our own homeland, even though it’s generally accepted that every other race or racial ethnicity has the right to their own homelands.

MrIHave Tourettes​Anglin is really really low IQ not good optics for people in the Alt-Right. Wait for the debate between vee his buddy and Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer, that’ll be the real kicker.

Zed Dez​Post Game. LOL

Tail of Spence​Who is the woman in your live stream thumbnails? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.

Thomas Bergman​Sargon was kind of disingenuous, but Anglin didn’t meet some of his points

MrIHave Tourettes​People who are anti alt-right frame this as why the AR are intellectually weak but will completely forget the debate between Richard Spencer and Sargon!

Thomas Bergman​Yeah, Richard Spencer did better in that debate

brokennarcissist​For those that say Spencer wasn’t good in that debate, Spencer does great in every other conversation when he doesn’t have a sperg interrupting him second

Anonymous​Nobody won and the audience lost

brokennarcissist​Sargon got owned in a puff interview with Joe Rogan

Babylonian Hebrew​kevin macdonald is a good writer, but not very eloquent on air

MrIHave Tourettes​Yes, he has a very blunt way of saying things that made me chuckle a few times.

brokennarcissist​Damn I’m 114 and love Spencer, almost made the cut

Babylonian Hebrew​im 90 iq 🙂

Thomas Bergman​A Jew in the United States with that low of an IQ? No way, Babylonian Hebrew

Thomas Bergman​lol

MrIHave Tourettes​What is your opinion on the liberalist’s fear of authoritarianism? is it justified or do you think they are overreacting when they speak of ethnostates leading to a loss of people’s rights?

Babylonian Hebrew​angon vs sarglin

Thomas Bergman​It takes mastery to take academia to the street

gjjd​anglin is not going to have the IQ to debate well. Why would he even do it?

Gerard Perry​”Nobody has a right to exist.” You’re starting to sound like John Piper. Come back home. 5 point Calvinism, Luke.

Thomas Bergman​Rights were always dependent upon duties until liberals and leftists started to come up with natural rights

Jim Johnson​what should we whites do

Thomas Bergman​Or, universal rights

Zed Dez​Then you take issue with Sargon’s Moral Logistics. xD

Greg Girardin​[message retracted]

Jim Johnson​greg in that since there’s no such thing as anything

MrIHave Tourettes​Anglin said, “we’ll use as much force as they need to.”

Thomas Bergman​It does seem true that Anglin was cucking in word and spirt

Greg Girardin​There’s no such thing as right’s in any objective sense, they’re part of a societies social contract.

Jim Johnson​society is people

brokennarcissist​Yeah but Sargon treats all his opponents as if their a 2 dimensional fanatic

Gerard Perry​Can you show me my signature on the social contract, Greg?

Jim Johnson​you’re eat up with that brainwashed bs buddy

Greg Girardin​Any rights you have are only part of the rules of your society. You have no right to free speech in Antarctica.

Travis Hund​If Hitler would’ve won, there wouldn’t be any of these issues in the world today.

brokennarcissist​Again people aren’t abstract perfect moral agens


brokennarcissist​This is masturbatory

MrIHave Tourettes​Sargon is weird, he stated he’s completely against immigration, much more so than even some people in the Alt-Right, but he doesn’t want to tangle with the idea of deporting people who came in

MrIHave Tourettes​through the lax immigration system. It’s very strange.

Greg Girardin​My point being it seemed that Sargon felt like people should serve rights, not determine rights that are in their own interest.

Travis Hund​The Jew telling people to be violent, while proselytizing against Nazism. haha

Jim Johnson​Oh, I see, you’re trying to dismantle his shit.

Thomas Bergman​Tolerance browbeats people into not having standards

MrIHave Tourettes​LMAO

Based Deplorable​Luke’s point is really quite nuanced. If you want to play ‘gotcha’ we aren’t stupid enough to think you’re being clever.

Gerard Perry​Deportation is essential to any immigration system. Otherwise, it’s a system that amounts to open borders.

Jim Johnson​people should be able to exist amongst their own

Danny Rose​I watched the introduction of anglin vs. sargon on kronos’ channel. Don’t think I can do it. Watching Luke break it down is good enough.

brokennarcissist​Isn’t it autistic to not recognize that ‘the ethnostate’ is really a thought experiment to raise white race consciousness?

Travis Hund​Once whites are erased from the planet, the entire global community will fall because there will no longer be altruism to keep nihilism at bay; Altruism is a white trait

Greg Girardin​South Africa may be an example of the dangers of trying to implement an ethnostate. It’s probably also an example of why multiculturalism doesn’t work.

kitoharvey will​I thought it was a bad stream all round,bad enough i hate sargons points but Baked irritated me for being a terrible “moderator”

Jim Johnson​but it really was an ethnostate before so it’s more to me

Maceo Flux​The longer Whites wait to establish their ethnostate, the more violent the coming struggle will be

Jim Johnson​I agree

Greg Girardin​Fox News is boomer conservatism.

Ian Buchan​He’s already hemoraging subscribers

Redytoosnap​ya tv cable and even radio news is so shallow

Gerard Perry​I don’t think Apartheid South Africa could be called an ethno-state so much as a supremacist state. The Voortrekkers are closer to that ideal.

Jim Johnson​I can’t really speak were I live but It might make the news because of the demographic.

iippo​I blame Mussolini for wasting time in the Balkans.

kitoharvey will​Knowing the truth is a curse,can’t watch anything non alt right centric anymore 🙁

Thomas Bergman​Greg Johnson would make an excellent debate opponent for Sargon

Thomas Bergman​He doesn’t put up with shit

Jim Johnson​south Africa was heaven then compared to now for all parties.

VisionaryCompanion​Ran into some friends of Greg, just yesterday

gjjd​Sargon doesn’t have real criticisms of SJW’s. His beef with them is really that he doesn’t like their neuroticism. He then says that it’s bc they aren’t “individualists”

Jim Johnson​Hitler was a puppet for the bankers it seems

Danny Rose​Greg is unrivaled, I do think he is a victim of his massive brain though

Jim Johnson​like FDR

VisionaryCompanion​Peterson is making a fetish of individualism

Casey R. Pratt​Sabbath just ended! — how did you already watch Sargon v Anglin?!

Thomas Bergman​Eastern Europe listening to Wagner instead of Socialist Realism sounds nice

gjjd​DId you see the TMobile superbowl commercial? It’s also on youtube

VisionaryCompanion​Muh untethered atomized proxemic bubble

Jim Johnson​sargon wants to make money but loves his people so he won’t go against them that away plus they have hate speech laws.

Danny Rose​Finally watched Lauren Southern’s vids on South Africa..must watch!

Greg Girardin​What do you mean @Danny ? I generally think Greg is pretty brilliant.

iippo​@Jim Johnson Rothschild sent Hitler a letter asking him to return his banks that he nationalized. Hitler declined.

Redytoosnap​but but gna doesnt matter but but race doesnt matter only the idea of liberalism matters you see

kitoharvey will​It’s almost like a higher form of religion,or maybe spiritualality is a better word…

Privada Machina​Honestly I think it may take some of these friendlier Jews like Luke and Frame Game Radio, to break through some of these people like Sargon.

VisionaryCompanion​Greg is intellectually centered and sober-minded.

Greg Girardin​Agreed @Danny Southern has done some great ballsy work. Pisses me off that some in the AR attack her as some sort of thot.

Casey R. Pratt​I hope Luke can get FrameGame in Torah Talks soon.

Danny Rose​@Greg Girardin He is brilliant, but I don’t imagine him resonating with wider audiences

Privada Machina​I just came across FGR and he seems genuine. I was unsure at first of course.

bartikowski​Sargon completely lost me with his secret plan. He hasn’t even identified the root of the problem so how the hell can he have a plan?

Danny Rose​@Greg Girardin after watching sf vids I will white knight for her all day

Pepe Von Europa​Do you ever feel conflicted knowing your australian family is being surpressed and destroyed from within by mainly Jewish power structures?


Casey R. Pratt​I want to defend Sargon a bit

Gobler Goblet​The debate was a beautiful shitshow

Gobler Goblet​I’m surprised Anglin didn’t sperg out

Grogster​Sargonhas let his ego get the better of him.

D WOODS​Sargon is incredibly disingenuous.

Gobler Goblet​Civic nationalism cannot work in multiracial societies.

D WOODS​And america is a curtureless shuthole

Grogster​Sargon wanted to lead the discussion in the way he wanted. That is why he was bitchy at the start. But debate doesn’t work like that

D WOODS​Casey if you dont know what your talking about dont talk

Cory Burton​when sargon argues he is disingenuous at crucial points. when he’s backed against the wall he becomes coy and begins using dishonest tactics and it becomes difficult to believe his credulity.

Thomas Bergman​Both were kind of disingenuous in their own ways

abrunettegirl​freedom is a white concept. Sargon cannot accept these simple truths, he’ll never win on lies

Gobler Goblet​Mein Kampf is MANDATORY reading.

Thomas Bergman​David Irving says Mein Kampf was at least partially forged

Gobler Goblet​Somalis have an IQ of 70. How can a people with that IQ ever integrate?

Ralph Morrissey​The Moral of Logistics by Sargoy of Wakanda

Thomas Bergman​It makes sense that Anglin would go so radical after dealing with Somalis

Cory Burton​the point where anglin said “you should write a book called the morality of logistics,” was hilarious.

Rafael​Im in Sargon dicussion groups on faceberg and its full of white cucks, non whites and jews

Grogster​Sargon lost. You hit the nail on the head. He is a total sophist. Imitates the style of an intellectual without the depth

Cory Burton​i don’t get why this channel doesn’t have more viewers yet.

Gobler Goblet​@Rafael Most of the group is white, right?


Cory Burton​right

Rafael​They mostly obsess about abstract issues

Gobler Goblet​That just prooves that only whites care for freedom

Gobler Goblet​Non-whites don’t give a shit about freedom

Cory Burton​it’s been declared for the whole year so they’re hoping to push it as long as they can

Cory Burton​of course there is. as long as it’s honest. no bullshit and you’ll grow a great audience.

Grogster​Irving said it was written by multiple authors and not known which bits were Hitler

Cory Burton​Irving recommends hitler’s second book.

Thomas Bergman​Getting your news from CNN is like getting your news from radical French salons

Cory Burton​manifesto

Cory Burton​bursts of 6 million

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Getting your news from CNN is like getting your breakfast from your asshole.

Thomas Bergman​Most live communication is non-verbal

Cory Burton​lol

J D​yes

J D​yes you do

Gobler Goblet​Casey, the thing is EVERY SINGLE TIME it’s the Jews

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​They lied to us about the immigration act and yes it DOES matter that Jews pushed it. They were central.

Gobler Goblet​at some point you have to call it out

Cory Burton​if a variable is consistently present recreating patterns over time you need to address it

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​The Congressional Record doesn’t lie.

J D​they identify as white when they are speaking out against white interests

abrunettegirl​if that’s true why do Jews vote approx. 70% left

J D​shabbos goy

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Jews do NOT id as white.

Robertus Antoninus​Why do they vote Democrat if they don’t want more immigrants?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​The RULING elite is Jewish, and their money rules the shabbos goy front men like Paul Ryan.

Rob B​Not labor - average goods sales and societal enetrtainment

Cory Burton​the part where the red pill metaphor breaks down is that morpheus tells neo the real story. we are still blue-pilled on that part.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​No, their iS a program of anti-whiteness.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​C’mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J D​Then why does Soros, who has more money he can spend in a hundred lifetimes dedicate so much of his resources to the mongrelisation of Europe

Rafael​No, open borders are a race against time to prevent white countries voting an ethnocentric, pro-white party

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​The (((anti-white))) program rules academia, media, EVERYTHING.

Cory Burton​i just don’t think people can be totally motivated by money. there has to be a religious/mythological aspect to it.

Thomas Bergman​The elites did not mind wasting money to destroy the Middle East and destabilize the international system

Grogster​The diversity advertisements is due to women in the workforce and virtue signalling

Itamar Herman​is there anyway to hop in?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​They use money as a form of control.

Cory Burton​same

Cory Burton​and then destroyed it. exactly.

J D​If you guys believe in the bible then you already have your answer as to what behind this. Jews are edomites, “serpent seed”, descendents of Cain.

Thomas Bergman​(((Merchants)))

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​No Casey…’s NOT just about money.

Grogster​Its not just corporations it is deliberate government policy

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​The anti-white agenda is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond money and profit.

Cory Burton​when anyone says it’s just monetary it invariably feels like they’re cucking.


abrunettegirl​when every other article written is Jews wanting to end white people, it’s just business models goys

Rafael​”… I began to hate them”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Exactly…..the “business” is white genocide.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Liberalism is a cover for the naked self interest of the Jewish people.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Political correctness is the collective will of the Jewish people.

mister hyerz​(((PC)))

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Money is the form of control, and the money pays for the anti-white social engineering.

Trivium​Hello Chat 😀

mister hyerz​Thats why the (((money changers))) hate bitcoin

Cory Burton​Homeschool dude

Thomas Bergman​Know your white privileged!

Cory Burton​it means dick

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Paul Ryan is a CUCK because of Jewish money, globalist influence. Ryan is a great example of the shabbos goy sellout POS.

Thomas Bergman​Would they treat the whole world as a family as they encounter more and more of the world?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Women seek resources.

mister hyerz​Women cuck on everything lol

Grogster​The alit right needs less anti-semitism and more anti-feminitism

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Women don’t have agency? WTF?

Trivium​When Woman have kids they get more tribe like.

Gobler Goblet​Women shouldn’t have the vote

Cory Burton​absolutely

Cory Burton​fuckin’ eh

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Feminism has GIVEN women agency and they gain more agency daily.

mister hyerz​Women are amoral

Cory Burton​@mister hyerz seems that way

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​(((Feminism))) was designed to wreck the west.

Trivium​The vote should be head of household …like it was in the past.

Josephine Booth Coffin​Mary Tyler Moore

mister hyerz​Gas women, bring on the sexbots

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​Feminism has nothing to do with helping women. Feminism was designed to wreck our family structure, destroy the patriarchy, wreck our society.

Trivium​You should have to own property in order to have the vote.

Cory Burton​i agree with that

Cory Burton​yup

mister hyerz​The only democracy i would support is married men with kids voting

Gobler Goblet​Casey is redpilled af

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​The metoo movement started on feminist blogs and it’s designed to wreck men’s lives.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn​No police reports, no rape kits. It’s total bullshit.

Cory Burton​this point has been a huge hangup for me with women

gjjd​@High Energy maybe it’s true that the Fed has some issues, but I think Ron Paul’s supporters get too hung up on the Fed, as if it is a bigger deal than it is,so I was dealing with all those questions.

Bjorn O​I am open for environmental reasons RW… I just wan’t to know the truth

Ignacy Dobrzyński​Spencer said 2 days bago that “Good” reasons to go to war are to subjugate and enslave others…and take their women. It was a crazy thing to say.

RW​Charles Murray never said its mostly genetic , Jared can’t read one fucking book, so much for the intelligence talk

J. Smith​Ignacy: it is correct, though.

Danny Rose​Everytime I see Spencer pick up a whiskey glass I roll my eyes

Ignacy Dobrzyński​I think Spencer is losing it

Charles Thompson​you don’t need Charles murray to say its mostly genetic. It is.

High Energy​@gjjd Noted. It’s not nearly as big of a priority as other things.

Western Man​Wow, was Eli Mosley lying about his army experience?

Untethered Tube​Spencer is playing with fire

Charles Thompson​many studies confirm that iq is mostly genetic

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@J. Smith It puts a bad face on the movement. He needs to chill

Bjorn O​If you are right RW, it will all be so much better for all of us

Charles Thompson​and g itself is even more genetic

RW​which studies ?

J Pal​space nazi empire

Bill z​Eli Mosely, says he is going to prove himself correct

Bjorn O​I do hope you are right

Charles Thompson​hundreds rw

RW​name one peer reviewed work that states is mostly genetics

Noslen​”We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.”

Charles Thompson​seriously…over 600 studies confirm this

Ignacy Dobrzyński​Spencer said he wants to enslave Hatians, lol

Casey R. Pratt​Richard Lynn

Charles Thompson​and the correlation is about ,8

gjjd​Eli is fat. Just that fact is enough to assume that he is a fool who will eff things up.

helen greywood​His ex friend Greg Johnson is overtaking him

RW​it’s probably less than 50% for. what I ve heard Charles and sam Harris speaking

Casey R. Pratt​gjjd

Bill z​Faggotry in the Alt Right needs to be Tradthotted

RW​there is no study no peer reviewed paper that confirm is mostly genetic

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@helen greywood Greg Johnson is MUCH better than Spencer…but he won’t show his afce…and he might be gay

Ignacy Dobrzyński​#face

Bill z​Greg Johnson chugs dick nuff said

Charles Thompson​nonsense RW

RW​find me one and ill admit im wrong

Cory Burton​i don’t either

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@Bill z Yeah, that’s what I hear

Cory Burton​it’s ugly

Bill z​Spencer is sort of cancer

Ignacy Dobrzyński​Too bad, cuz Greg Johnson is brilliant

J. Smith​RW: there have been dna markers found, correlated with intelligence, that appears in europeans and asians but not africans.

J Pal​homos in the ovens

Cory Burton​yeah, it’s larping

Danny Rose​@Bill z does he?

Casey R. Pratt​Google “Race Differences in Intelligence” + Richard Lynn, RW

Western Man​Eli was a bit of a Spencer sycophant to be fair. It was a bit annoying when he was falling over himself to agree with Richards hot new take

RW​but you won’t have much luck finding peer reviewed papers stating genetics is mostly genetic, that’s jared Taylor delusion

Greg Girardin​Eli is pretty articulate.

helen greywood​@Ignacy Dobrzyński ..I think you’ll find he is definitely gay..but he doesn’t want it to be legal in the ethno would be buried like it used to be

Charles Thompson​RW, just google “heritability and IQ”…learn something. You have no clue what you are talking about

Danny Rose​We have one goal: survive

RW​that is not a peer reviewed scientific paper

Western Man​Spencer may be getting surrounded by ‘yes men’. Never be surrounded by ‘yes men’

RW​there are many shitty articles

Charles Thompson​there are literally hundreds of papars which confirm the thing you insist does not exist

Bill z​Actually, a lot of white gays are super racist. I think Greg Johnson, Ryan Faulk and even Millenial Woes have partaken in faggotry

Thomas Bergman​Johnson>Spencer>Anglin

RW​I need one peer reviewed paper

Charles Thompson​RW google “heritability of iq wscholarly studies”


Bill z​@RW bring in the academics

Bjorn O​Blacks in America isn’t mailnurished… Sorry English is not my native tounge

Charles Thompson​stop being so arrogant. you are just ignorant, have no idea

Danny Rose​Evan McLaren should take over. Greg Conte is unimpressive and Spencer is Reckless.

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@helen greywood – Yeah…kind of like Murray…Johnson does not flaunt his faggotry

Casey R. Pratt​Arthur Jensen has peer reviewed papers published, if peer-review is your god.

Comfy TV​LOL @ these kikes piggy backing off andrew anglin for views

Bill z​Spencer is a camera queen

RW​I will look into that, BUT it d be better if you just link me one peer reviewed paper

Charles Thompson​i was going to link you an academic study but you cannot paste links in this chat, just friggen use google, don’t be lazy. trust me, you are wrong

Danny Rose​@Dennis Exactly

Bill z​Greg Johnson can’t help but show his faggotry, the lisp knows

Ignacy Dobrzyński​Spencer’s podcasts are hilarious. Sounds like evryone in his podcast either has a girlfriend named Buffy or is gay

helen greywood​@Ignacy Dobrzyński Which has got be OK right? we need our philosiphers and poets

Greg Girardin​Listen to some Eli interviews. He doesn’t come across as a flake, even if he did BS about a few things.

Danny Rose​@Bill z dumb


Casey R. Pratt​By Rushton & Jensen

Casey R. Pratt​Psychology, Public Policy, and Law

RW​there is genetics and environment , nature and nurture but as far as I know from what I heard from Charles Murray himself it is not clear that is mostly genetic

Casey R. Pratt​2005 11:2

Comfy TV​You gaywads dont know shit about the eli situation

Thomas Bergman​Intellectual discourse associated with National Socialism needs to be rediscovered in order to understand history accurately, but resurrecting it definitely is untenable

Bill z​I don’t care to get behind faggots, sorry. No pun intended

Bjorn O​I would love an identitarian movement without the 14/88 stuff… Sort of like the conservaive revolutionaries in germany, who fought Hitlerism

helen greywood​haha

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@helen greywood as much as I like Johnson…of all people to lead us…it probably shouldn’t be a homo

Danny Rose​@Comfy TV enlighten

TB​[message retracted]

Bill z​Eli Mosely has claimed he will prove himself no a liar, until then we give him the benefit of the doubt

blogbalderorg​Am I blocked?

RW​take the challenge, if you find one peer reviewed paper confirming Taylors argument , you’d change the world


Comfy TV​Yeah lemme just drop some info in this jew stream


Danny Rose​@TB to a degree. can be overcome?

helen greywood​@Ignacy Dobrzyński No not a leader but an advocate for truth

blogbalderorg​You don’t even need any scientific studies to see that IQ is mostly genetic.

blogbalderorg​Just as with the intelligence of woman and racial differences. The studies just confirm most of what every body with some brains has known forever.

Danny Rose​@Comfy TV haha

High Energy​@RW a raw Bayesian analysis would put the two factors: environmental and genetic, at 50:50 each. The issue is that the following mechanism applies:

Andrew​SHUT IT DOWN :))

RW​ok I ll look into that thanks

Greg Girardin​Eli’s only been in this game for a year, knowing the PR game may take a while. The AR is on the MSM radar.

Ignacy Dobrzyński​Actually…wasn’;t Alexander the Great a fudgepacker? maybe it would work, lol

Sargon is Irrelevant​Oy vey! Don’t go on the tv, goy!

Cory Burton​I don’t think IQ is deep enough to explain the variance in phenotypes between races. I think we’re spiritually different. We’re shaded differently.

gjjd​@Dennis made a great point. Fuentes and Mosley are examples of alt-right people with no accomplishments. You have to be skeptical that these people get ahead of themselves.

Bjorn O​Did you guys here about the Swedish gay man who infiltrated the alt-right? The name was Hermansson.

Charles Thompson​” if you find one peer reviewed paper confirming Taylors argument , you’d change the world”….i could literally give you HUNDREDS…they didn’t change the world

Danny Rose​i don’t know about all that Luke

Western Man​Spencer is still the guy. Having said that I hope that Evan mclaren and Mike Enoch keep the blinders on him. We need cooler heads 2 prevail. Enoch is the only 1 with enough street cred to critique him

Bill z​The problem with Eli is he sounded like Roy Moore denying dating 16 yearolds

Comfy TV​Jewish media even sniffing their big parasitic noses into nazi movements nice great thanks you definitely shouldnt all fuck off to israel

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@Bjorn O Yeah…I think he is the only one to get Greg Johnson on film and show his face

RW​I don’t hate the alt right, you guys are crazy but not so violent like the islamofascists I just think the race thing is pure tribalism, very primitive stuff

High Energy​@RW 1. Environmental Factors (Ef) alone, and that can be disaggregated or controlled for, have an impact 2. Genetic Factors alone (Gf),and that can be disaggregated or controlled for, have an impact

Charles Thompson​there is more scientific evidence for racial IQ difference than for evolution

Bjorn O​Right Ignacy

Bill z​@RW race is the bound of all humans, it is what it is

Bill z​bond

aViableNinja​White nationalism or identity doesn’t have a ”leader”. People want to make this person the figurehead or that person, but it’s an ideology & isn’t one person propped up on a horse to be lead out.

Bjorn O​I have never seen Johnsons face before that film….

High Energy​@RW 3. Thirdly and most interesting, there exists the effects of centuries to millennia of inextricable feedback loop between Environmental Factors and Genetic Factors

Charles Thompson​i don’t care about IQ really, it just demonstrates that genetics matter. I am mainly tribalistic though…has nothing to do with IQ…and i am not ashamed of being tribalistic

Danny Rose​@RW Your mind is likely to change

Bill z​@RW how do anthropologists tell a race of person via their bones?

High Energy​@RW This looks something to the effect of {Ef

RW​High energy , is your paper peer reviewed?

Bill z​@RW is anthropology peer reviewed?

helen greywood​@aViableNinja True but a movement does need leaders

High Energy​@RW I’ll link you a book by a geneticist. I am simply explaining a concept now.

Cory Burton​i tend to agree with casey

Charles Thompson​the idea that tribalism is somehow wrong or evil is just foolish

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@Charles Thompson Yeah, the IQ talk is a littlle over the top for me. You alienate half your white base if you bitch at them about IQ. It needs to be about race and culture.

Charles Thompson​all of the greatest people in history were tribalistic. that’s what motivates you to act…the good of your tribe

Danny Rose​@Casey R. Pratt Should optics not be considered?

Bjorn O​This broadcast is so spot on! Talking about what matters.

Casey R. Pratt​yeah okay — yeah. But you can’t expect perfect optics as the movement grows

Cory Burton​right

RW​ok. I0m fine with you guys living in an ethno state, but an ethno state would be in disadvantage precisely because of lack of migration

Bill z​It’s good that Eli broke away from Identity Europa

Comfy TV​O P T I C S

Bjorn O​R

Charles Thompson​I want to be around my people even if it makes me poor RW

Charles Thompson​I don’t care about the disadvantages

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@RW You’ve said nothing. Explain further.

Bjorn O​RW, Israel and Japan are etho-states in a way…

High Energy​@RW {Ef|Gf|Ef ↮Gf} is the model you should have in your head.

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@Charles Thompson Yeah man. it’s an instinct. I cant help but to want to be around whites.

High Energy​Testing link

aViableNinja​@helen greywood Any movement will die in egos & the mortality of those put on pedestals. The ‘real’ movement is white people unburdening themselves of white guilt & rediscovering their identity.

High Energy​brb

Charles Thompson​Ill labor on the fields if its for my people…but in the modern USA I don’t even belong. Ill do nothing to help anyone

RW​look at US vs Japan , Innovation in Japan is dying while Americans keep creating successful companies

gjjd​@Casey R. Pratt Dennis just stole my rejoinder to your comment from my mouth! The real criticism is of Richard Spencer, who just sits around drinking whiskey and ignores the task of keeping standards

Danny Rose​@aViableNinja Well said

Bill z​@RW when we balkanize the US you can have multiculturalistan its fine

Danny Rose​But the new york times aren’t an alien race

helen greywood​@aViableNinja Yes,well said

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@RW I have not seen any reports about innovation lacking in Japan. if anything, I hear that they are at the forefront of automating their society

Danny Rose​Exactly Luke

Bill z​@RW ethonstate China is using eugenics to find the IQ gene and then will create a master race

Bjorn O​Crime rates in Japan are super low

RW​oh in the 90’s it was easy to name Japanese companies not anymore

Travis Hund​Sunday fun day. YouTube is poppin’. Hard Bastard is live analyzing Tariq’s debate with Jarrod Taylor.

RW​US keeps leading in innovation and there is a clear advantage on immigration

Cory Burton​right

Charles Thompson​the usa led the world in innovation back when it was 90% white…same with the UK and france and germany

Danny Rose​@Casey R. Pratt NYT could not do an effective piece on you guys…

RW​but some people want to live with their kind no matter what

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@RW It’s still easy. Toshiba, JVC, pioneer, Honda, Toyota, Acura, Denon, etc, etc, etc

Charles Thompson​i don’t buy your ‘innovation’ argument…but i still don’t care

Bill z​Eli Mosely is a young man, young men brag its a symptom of being immature

helen greywood​So will the Chinese be kidnapping Sargon in their search for the IQ gene anytime soon?

Untethered Tube​Never go full Mosley

RW​I don’t think im white I my family come from southern Spain, they are not really white white but I have no problem with people wanting to live with their kind

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@RW I think most people do.

Danny Rose​Unless heavily edited…people would notice.

Bjorn O​Are you Morish RW???

RW​I don’t know lol maybe

Bjorn O​Ok

gjjd​The point is that RS needs to not get immature people in podcasts

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@RW Prove to me that American innovation is coming from immigrants. And I’m not talking about convenience stores and landscapers…

RW​I look more spanish than moroccan but anyway race never interested me

Cory Burton​even holding these positions, or just asking these questions is taboo

gjjd​I have been criticizing RS since Hailgate for his crappy leadership

RW​where do you guys want the ethno state?

Charles Thompson​on top of your house, rw

helen greywood​@RW It might do some day

Bill z​The Ethnostate will be formed from the balkanization of the USA

RW​where would be the ideal place

Greg Girardin​I think the lesson has been learned. The AR is on the MSM’s radar.

gjjd​@RW I want America’s east coast for white Americans

Bjorn O​RW do you know genetically how much the Spaniards have been affected by the Mors?

Western Man​Eli was put in charge of identity Europa just before Christmas. Then he was quickly removed in favour of Patrick Casey. Maybe Damigo figured him out months ago and demoted him

helen greywood​@Charles Thompson lol

RW​in the south quite a lot

Danny Rose​Yes, but the overton window is widening. and in five years…

gjjd​East coast plus deep south minus lower Florida

Bjorn O​Maybe it is more in some parts of Spain, like Andalusia

RW​well, like 50 50 id say

Cory Burton​lol

Danny Rose​Trump supporters are racist and Nazis…think about it

Greg Girardin​@Cory Burton is probably right. You’re possibly not that far off the SPLC’s radar.

Charles Thompson​white people will leave the earth and colonize the galaxy

Western Man​I get ya Casey. I feel like I’m pushing the boundaries trying to get my boss to watch some tucker Carlson

Bjorn O​Wow… 50 / 50?

Casey R. Pratt​exactly western ma

Charles Thompson​galactic lebensraum

Cory Burton​@Greg Girardin We’ve gotta infiltrate the SPLC. Take their secretaries out to dinner.

RW​anyway I was thinking Iceland is a white ethno state but I don’t think Europeans will buy into it

Bill z​The fact is still that Eli Mosely served which is more than most can say

M Graves​They can always cut up your statements but as long as the full script is out there then people will find the truth if they want to know.

Greg Girardin​haha..

Cory Burton​lol

Untethered Tube​@Cory Burton seduce an SJW for justice

Cory Burton​Pound the iniquity out

Untethered Tube​I served. It was nothing

Charles Thompson​@rw all of you civnats can fight each other over the earth…we will take the rest of the universe

Western Man​Spencer is hiding his Coke habit behind ironically endorsing cocaine as the ‘alt right drug’

Danny Rose​The ideas from this movement should be delivered from sober voices. Exactly Luke.

Sovrin​I don’t think drugs are that big, but they definitely need to lay off the booze. I’ve always found it extremely unprofessional.

Charles Thompson​@rw in a few thousand years we will come back and anal probe some of you

Danny Rose​What is more sobering than these ideas…

Ignacy Dobrzyński​Spencer is definitely a coke-head. Always sniffling.

Cory Burton​yeah, it’s called intellectual curiosity

Bjorn O​Ignacy, really?? A coke head…

Bjorn O​I had no idea

Trivium​When is comes to Mosley. It is about the Normies, not the New York Times.

Untethered Tube​@Danny Rose They sober me up

Bill z​Cocaine is fun,

jIGGER nEW​the alt right is already factioning off and will continue, many already disavow guys like Spencer etc because of their public actions

Charles Thompson​he did say “cocaine will be the official drug of the alt right”

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@Bjorn O I have been watching him for a year, and he has never stopped making sniffling and snorting noises. It’s annoying.

helen greywood​@Ignacy Dobrzyński Oh God yes, I wondered about that…you’d think he would know that makes it obvious

Bjorn O​Got it

Danny Rose​@Casey R. Pratt what would it take for your convictions to surpass your paranoia, which I share?

Charles Thompson​disavow spencer? who disavowed spencer?

Ignacy Dobrzyński​I eman, I dunno for sure…but it really seems lime it

Ignacy Dobrzyński​*like

Cory Burton​Jacob Rees Mogg said publicly recently we need to relax the standards in politics for young people who posted damning things on social media.

Bjorn O​I think it is

RW​I was thinking that people will still live among their own kind, why the need of an ethno state

J Pal​alt right will end up like the old 60s neonazi movements

Bill z​Cocaine is super overated its fun on New Years

jIGGER nEW​@Charles Thompson Nick Fuentes isn’t alt right

Charles Thompson​@Ignacy Dobrzyński I think you are correct. I heard him say “cocaine is the official drug of the alt right”

Bill z​I hate pot, but it does have some benefits for MS and alhzheimers etc

Bjorn O​The Ernst Jungian approach to drugs is quit interesting.

blogbalderorg​Don’t turn alt Right into a new preacher class

Greg Girardin​Weed is certainly the least dangerous drug in my observation. But being stoned all the time changes people’s worldview it seems. Again, not sure where I stand on it.

Charles Thompson​whatever values you have, they must win…or they are useless values

Bjorn O​Jung was a right wing psychonaut

RW​but the data is , most people will stay in their own counties , immigrants are still rare

TexasorBusted​Still going?…This is the longest Luke Ford livestream ever…

helen greywood​Rastas in London walk around with their eyeballs hanging out on weed

Thomas Bergman​Marijuana has probably given me more benefits than harms, but I don’t necessarily want it distributed everywhere

Untethered Tube​It’s the crucible

TB​[message retracted]

Bill z​@RW please explain Mexican immigration to the US

Rafael​I’ve found that dude weed lmao movies like harold and kumar are made by the usual suspects

gjjd​RW Does our argument rely on what “most people” are doing?

RW​is like the ones who migrate are also risk takers and entrepreneurs

Cory Burton​Sarg’n can fake it

Ignacy Dobrzyński​Most people do not benefit from weed. Do not assume your experience is the same for everyone

RW​Mexicanos are now staying in Mexico

Cory Burton​lol

Danny Rose​haha

Bill z​@Ignacy I agree I hate pot

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@RW bullshit

Danny Rose​to struggle is me

Cory Burton​Yeah, they did

gjjd​RW maybe Mexicans are staying, but what about Africans, Salvadorians, …

Charles Thompson​some people have a bizarre love of weed. Weed is irrelevant. Weed could vanish from earth tomorrow and very little would change

RW​they are escaping war man

J Pal​weed is for niggers bros

blogbalderorg​don’t restrict my speech and don’t prescribe me diatary rules! And don’t push Christian bullshit on me.

helen greywood​I think Sargon is actually quite a dangerous guy…cant wait to hear his plan though

gjjd​RW no they are generally not

Bill z​@RW please post address so I can eliminate you from the gene pool

Danny Rose​good summary, Casey

TB​[message retracted]

gjjd​RW it doesn’t matter to me that they are escaping war. They can escape to the nearest peaceful country, and only temporarily, not permanently

Rufus V​alt right jewish group? what?

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@Bill z lol, seriously. RW cannot back up any of the retarded things he says

Cory Burton​Vee, lol

Charles Thompson​people who smoke too much weed just get boring

Danny Rose​Kick Vee, for god’s sake

Casey R. Pratt​I don’t understand why we don’t have more viewers here — this is the best live chat.

Sargon is Irrelevant​Kick Vee

Rafael​Vee is a degenerate with a vore fetish

Rafael​KICK VEE of course

Bill z​I’m not serious but this guy is exactly the cancer that needs to be cut out of soceity. I would just taze him bro

Cory Burton​@Casey R. Pratt there’s a lot of potential for this channel.

TexasorBusted​Kick Vee….The new King of the Liberalists™…

helen greywood​You are wasting your time if you smoke weed a lot,unless you need it for pain

Ignacy Dobrzyński​why the sudden fetish for Vee?

RW​nevermind I would stop my discussion rather ask questions now

RW​I’d rather ask questions now

TB​[message retracted]

Cory Burton​Warski is making bank and JF is a crypto jew at heart. they’re gonna try to push it to its end.

RW​Eastern Europeans are pure white? like Bulgarians ?

Bill z​@RW what makes you think we owe you anything in regards to an anser

Charles Thompson​i think vee is committed to proving the alt right wrong instead of trying to listen

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@helen greywood Weed turns me into an idiot. I zone out and my memory goes to shit. haven’t done it in a decade

TB​[message retracted]

RW​just friendly questions

Bjorn O​I would love to have Luke Ford walking side by side with people here in Malmö… In a Kippah walk.

Thomas Bergman​I use it to cure insomnia and get through acute family stress

Charles Thompson​the hilarious thing is that on all the important stuff…vee and sargon etc agree with the alt right

Cory Burton​JF would chase cash and whores to the back of a gas chamber.

Charles Thompson​they just don’t like how the alt right ‘behaves’

RW​The ethno state is quite an interesting idea regardless

gjjd​@RW some Eastern Europeans are part non-white, but whiteness is actually not as central as you might think. But it’s complicated

TexasorBusted​I think “The Morality of Logistics” will be the meme of the Anglin-Sargon debate…

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@RW Most Slavs are white. Slav is an etnicity anyway…not a race

TB​[message retracted]

Bill z​Albanians are not white

Cory Burton​@TB six of one…

MrIHave Tourettes​LOOL

Western Man​If YouTube clamps down we would be taking 10 steps back

Western Man​Lol Casey

Danny Rose​Time to hold the mirror up to society

Cory Burton​Bitchute?

Bill z​No GAB will Pick UP BIG TIME

Charles Thompson​slavs are great people…they are actually the physically strongest humans on earth

TB​[message retracted]

blogbalderorg​We are basically fighting extinction by mass migration as the worst of our problems. problems.

Rufus V​subscribed

helen greywood​GREAT CHAT LUKE…

RW​most people prefer the east coast for an ethno state ?

blogbalderorg​I don’t think it is time to start a new religious movement or go back to church dictates. Whites have lived in comparatively free societies without problems.

Greg Girardin​Alt-Media is catching up fast. Bloodsports will be uncensorable pretty soon.

Charles Thompson​RW the ethnostate will cover the globe

TB​[message retracted]

Charles Thompson​we will allow the dark people to have new Zealand, maybe

Western Man​In a way we have found a loophole. As long as you have hosts that bring on guests, it doesn’t matter whether that guest would have been allowed their own channel. It’s technically the hosts

Cory Burton​Two Lampshades is a great name

Trivium​The problem with youtube…We do not know the rules.

gjjd​@RW yes, east coast makes most sense, there are still many authentic, patriotic Americans there, and whites have the most history there

Bill z​@RW are traps gay?

Charles Thompson​@rw no i am not satisfied with the east coast. we created this state.

M Graves​I use startpage for search, works fine

Trivium​Alt-Tech will rule in the years to come.

Bjorn O​We would need an alternative “google” and “facebook” almost….

RW​I am always wondering where would the ethno state will be located?

Cory Burton​Googlesraum

Charles Thompson​@rw the white American ethnostate will be the entire US

Adam Scott​@ Luke ford : Eli Mosley pretending he had served in the military has put a permanent dent in the alt right

TB​[message retracted]

Bill z​@RW I’m going to drop the ethnostate on your fucking head

Western Man​@RW Thule of course

Bjorn O​RW, there is no beggining and no end to the ethno state… (JOKE)

blogbalderorg​I thing stiffened rules and religious dictates and other unpopular stuff has helped infiltrators like the Frankfurt School to gain a foothold.

RW​so what are you going to do with black latinos ? kick them out?

Rafael​Gaming agencies like Machinima have also been pozzed. I recently went on the channel and there were two beta jews with sjw talking points

Robert Siegfried​@Adam Scott Too be honest this is the first I ever even heard about it.

Charles Thompson​@rw no need to kick people out. We will tazer them to death

Rufus V​HR departments control corporate culture, HR departments are run mostly by women, since most psychology students are women, brainwash the students and you can change whole corporations

Bill z​all niggers and people related to niggerdom will be excommunicated

RW​some latinos are white tho would you accept them?

TB​[message retracted]

Bill z​Yes, white Latinos are in

Ignacy Dobrzyński​@RW Prevent them from breeding and let them die out

M Graves​It’s very hard for me to watch Colin’s vids, it’s too disturbing for me

aViableNinja​”Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing;” Robert Conquest’s second law of politics.

TB​[message retracted]

Adam Scott​Have you watched the hit piece he voluntarily participated in ? It was embarrassing

gjjd​@RW nonwhites and Jews will have a part of America to go to. People move all the time, really not that big a deal

Cory Burton​we’re just gonna have to rid ourselves of fear

Greg Girardin​Silicon Valley are only free speech absolutist when it comes to porn.

Charles Thompson​@rw we will allow minorities to exist, but we wont pander to them. They have to follow white rules, and never complain when we want a Beowulf movie to have an all white cast

gjjd​…and liberal whites can go to the globalist multiculti part of America in the future, as well

PD1SAM​bitchute is looking good

Bill z​Flagherty wears a hat and sells cups that say dindu nuffin that is enough for them

Cory Burton​@Greg Girardin no shit

PD1SAM​it is peer to peer and thus decreases costs

Western Man​Dennis the right stuff isn’t on YouTube. Other accounts post their public podcasts

Josephine Booth Coffin​Colin is on Minds? Didn’t realize that.

TB​[message retracted]

Rufus V​youtube is extremely expensive to run, if fact it’s not even profitable, that’s why it’s hard to compete with it

Ignacy Dobrzyński​Gustaf Johanson is the YouTube account affiliated with TRS

PD1SAM​@Luke Ford A good alternative is Bitchute. It is peer to peer so hosting is cheap and difficult to censor

TB​[message retracted]

PD1SAM​And therefore they might be able to run a profit

Bill z​Google loses money on YouTube

Western Man​Exactly. The channel putting it up now has been shoahed twice before. They’re views are negligible so they leave it up

TB​[message retracted]

Bill z​Gab is coming along

RW​Jared Taylor gives me the impression to be a very diplomatic guy, would human rights still apply in the ethno state?

Greg Girardin​Yeah, Gab is improving.

TB​[message retracted]

Western Man​I think the new shekel chat feature is a massive cash cow for YouTube. They may end up leaving the altright alone because of the revenue from our blood sports. They take 20% I believe, or close

TexasorBusted​I think everyone should spread the meme of “The Morality of Logistics” until the Liberalists™/liberalarians can justify that argument…

gjjd​We forget just how much effort and computing resources go into making a world-class tech site

Bjorn O​I have been watching this youtuber Gad Saad, I wonder if he is somewhat Alt-Light?

Bill z​@RW you will not have human rights only you specifically

gjjd​Thanks Luke, always a pleasure

Deadpan Baron​OY VEY

AtmanIdentity​The only place humans rights will ever exist will be in the white ethnostate.

Josephine Booth Coffin​It’s been good. All three of you.

M Graves​Thanks Luke. Good convo 😃

Deadpan Baron​SHUT IT DOWN

Rafael​Gad Saad is Mizrahi

Anonymous​LUKE – thank you. The power and the strength are OURS. Please consider Daily Stormer dot name/there-was-a-time-when-jews-admitted-they-had-a-problem-the-judenubel/

RW​wouldn’t be easier to make the government pass law for ethno areas instead of creating an ethno state ?


Western Man​Keep up the great work Luke . Best channel on the tubes

Ignacy Dobrzyński​It is not much money

helen greywood​@Bjorn O Look for him on Red Ice maybe

Ezra Ch:9​Did you watch Jared Taylor’s talk with Sargon?

gjjd​@RW apartheid is too unstable and conflict-ridden, might as well just balkanize

Cory Burton​gotta be a drop in the bucket for them

Greg Girardin​Gad is Jewish but probably could be considered Alt-Lite. He’s very anti-SJW.

Bill z​You Tube pays Indians .35 cents an hour to censor people

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