Where Does Judaism Differ From Christianity?

Dennis Prager writes:

Ethical monotheism means two things:

1. There is one God from whom emanates one morality for all humanity.
2. God’s primary demand of people is that they act decently toward one another.

If all people subscribed to this simple belief – which does not entail leaving or joining any specific religion, or giving up any national identity – the world would experience far less evil. Let me explain the components of ethical monotheism…

Christians and Ethical Monotheism

While the challenge to making ethics primary in Judaism is largely one of Jews rather than of Judaism, the challenge to Christianity is more rooted in the religion itself. Within Christianity, the doctrine developed that correct faith, not correct works, is God’s primary concern.

Paul articulated this view in the New Testament: If good deeds could lead to salvation, he reasoned, “Christ would have died in vain” (Galatians 2:21). For that reason, he continued, “We conclude that a man is put right with God only through faith, and not by doing what the law commands” (Romans 3:28).

True, Catholicism holds that faith alone is not sufficient, that some works, too, are necessary for salvation. But between faith in Christ and goodness in behavior, the Church has, until recently, nearly always taught that faith is more important. Thus the Church held for nearly two millennia that even the kindest non Christians were all doomed: “Outside of the Church there is no salvation.” In a major move toward ethical monotheism, the twentieth century Catholic Church has reinterpreted this statement, and now teaches that while salvation will come through Jesus, it is not necessary for an individual to assert belief in Jesus by name in order to be saved; only God judges who is saved, and Catholics cannot declare who they are.

Historically, the thrust of Church teachings has not been that cruelty or unethical behavior is the greatest sin. As historian Norman Cohn wrote:

The sins to which the Devil of Christian tradition has tempted human beings are varied indeed: apostasy, idolatry, heresy, fornication, gluttony, vanity, using cosmetics, dressing luxuriously, going to the theater, gambling, avarice, quarreling, spiritual sloth have all, at times, figured in the list…. I have looked in vain for a single instance . . . of the Devil tempting a human being to cruelty.1

Some statements attributed to Jesus can lead a Christian to abandon the fight against evil: “Resist not evil” is the prime example. Others include: “Pray for those who persecute you,” “Love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44), and Jesus’ prayer on the cross beseeching God to forgive his murderers. Christians can interpret each of these verses in a way that does not detract from a Christian’s duty to fight evil. For example, the verses can be explained as applying only to an individual—i.e., the ideal individual Christian will not resist evil done to him, will love those who hurt her, etc., but this shouldn’t be taken to mean that believers won’t resist evil done to others. Such interpretations are certainly welcome. But it is difficult to imagine that the ideal Christian will lead a life of nonresistance to evil directed to self, and then strongly resist evil when it is done to others.

These verses of Jesus may explain why as prominent and personally fine a Christian as the Reverend Billy Graham, the most widely listened to Protestant in the world, failed to call evil by its name when he visited the Soviet Union in 1982. Indeed, true to Martin Luther’s teachings, Graham called on Soviet Christians to obey the Soviet authorities, and did not publicly side with perse cuted Christians. Rather than refer to the Soviet Union as an enemy of Christianity, the Reverend Graham only referred to “the common enemy” of nuclear war. At the time of the visit, George Will wrote:

Graham’s delicacy [about the Soviet Union] is less interesting than his “common enemy” formulation…. His language suggests a moral symmetry between his country and the soviet Union.

The Washington Post reports that when Graham spoke in two churches, both “were heavily guarded, with police sealing off all roads leading to them. Hundreds of KGB security agents . . . were in the congregation.” Graham told one congregation that God “gives you the power to be a better worker, a more loyal citizen because in Romans 13 we are told to obey the authorities.” How is that for a message from America;

Graham is America’s most famous Christian. Solzhenitsyn is Russia’s The contrast is instructive.2

Another area of Christian theology that undermines ethical monotheism is the belief that God saves human beings irrespective of how they act toward one another, just as long as they have the right faith. Millions of Protestants hold that believers in Jesus, no matter how many cruel acts they may perform, attain salvation, while nonbelievers in Jesus, no matter how much good they do and how much they may love God, are doomed to eternal damnation.

In spite of these teachings, two points need to be emphasized.

First, it is Christianity, more than any other religion, including Judaism, that has carried the message of the Jewish prophets, the clearest voices of ethical monotheism, to the world.

Second, Christianity, though not theologically pure in its ethical monotheism, can and does lead millions of people to more ethical lives. People do not live by theology alone. Theological teachings aside, the kindness and selflessness often associated with religious Christians and with charitable Christian institutions are rarely paralleled anywhere in the secular world—and infrequently in the religious world, either.

I yearn for the day when Christians will emphasize ethical monotheism as the most important part of their commitment to Christianity. I know from years of work and friendship with Christians of all persuasions that ethical monotheism is a value that many of them can easily and passionately affirm.

Muslims and Ethical Monotheism
During some of the Western world’s darkest periods, Islam was a religious light in the monotheistic world. The seeds of ethical monotheism are deeply rooted in Islam. For whatever reason, however, the soil for their nourishment has, over the last several hundred years, been depleted of necessary nutrients. Islam could be a world force for ethical monotheism, but in its present state, the outlook is problematic.

The Quran has numerous verses that emphasize belief in the one universal God who judges people according to their behavior. Like all religions, however, Islam contains xenophobic elements and doctrines that are incompatible with ethical monotheism. Unlike some other religions today, however, within Islam, xenophobia and hostility to ethical monotheism too often seem to prevail. For example, though the Quran states explicitly that in matters of faith there shall be no coercion, almost everywhere Islam dominates there is considerable religious coercion, whether by the state or by the community.

An example of such state sponsored coercion is Saudi Arabia, where religious police monitor what Muslims drink and reduce women to childlike status by forbidding them, for example, to drive cars. Saudi Arabia also severely restricts the religious freedom of other faiths.

The Sudan, too, is ruled by devout Muslims, and it is one of the most cruel states in the world, especially to its large black non Muslim minority.

Muslims need what most Christians and Jews have experienced – separation of church and state; interaction with other faiths and with modernity; and reform. Islam needs to compete with secularism, not outlaw it, and to allow competing ideologies within Islam. In religion, as in politics, when there is no competition, there is corruption and intolerance.

There are some Muslim voices crying for reform and for ethical monotheism, such as that of Dr. Fathi Osman, the former Princeton historian of Islam and editor of Arabia. When their influence increases, Islam will be a world force for ethical monotheism.

From the live Youtube chat:

Louis Diaz​wow that book actually admitted a Jew invented communism. I had no clue about the connection between Jews and communism until a few years ago,which is weird since ive been a life long anticommunist.

Malik Obama​cool it with the anti-semitism, Luke is a good egg

Louis Diaz​seems like the info is guarded

Louis Diaz​then theres Engels too

Yurtex​I blame Karl Marx on Germans 😉

Louis Diaz​well it wasn’t just Marx, the movement was heavily Jewish even outside Europe and past ww2 as well

AtmanIdentity​I was raised in a Christian family and was taught from an early age that the Jews are gods chosen, while my own race and culture is insignificant

Malik Obama​wasn’t Marx a Talmudic scholar? I read that somewhere but I don’t know of it’s true or propaganda. I do know that he was very anti-Semitic

Louis Diaz​I know his father was a Talmudic scholar

Louis Diaz​oh ok

AtmanIdentity​My awakening started when I tried to find where the white race fits into the Bible.

Malik Obama​he might have converted to avoid persecution

TexasorBusted​Isaac Cohen and Mike Enoch is interesting..Isaac sounds like he buys race realism and he’s a “left” neocon..But he thinks that means whites have to rule the world because they practice fair justice

Louis Diaz​ive chatted here before. I was the guy from the 75% black city in Michigan that refuses to use the bus without a pistol handy

Louis Diaz​I was just using my initials at that chat

Malik Obama​lol

Louis Diaz​its legal ive got a licence

Thomas Bergman​Christianity wasn’t for you or other Europeans. What religion do you think would provide good spiritual foundation for us?

TexasorBusted​Isaac is still digesting race realism…He seems to believe in lifting all peoples…And only white/European empire allows that to happen..He was just asking questions to Enoch…He wasn’t adding much

AtmanIdentity​I think pre-christian paganism and or the Vedic traditions are most compatible with the white race, using perinealism to bring some sort of cohesion

Ulex Gord​hinduism is too silly

Louis Diaz​ive rejected atheism recently, but i still have no religion. I guess I could call myself a metaphysical spiritualist maybe?

AtmanIdentity​Sorry – its Perennialism. Perennial wisdom is a perspective in modern spirituality that views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single truth.

Razorlord​doesn’t damnation come from the romans? as in ‘dam’ing debtors to exile as slaves in the mines

Malik Obama​pre-Christianity paganism seems to be very friendly towards Islam, that’s the impression I get from watching Varg’s videos

Ulex Gord​Perrenialism = Liberalism the religion

iippo​@Luke Ford About last night when you talked about North Europeans spreading out evolutionary someone took a picture of a bus stop in Finland that demonstrates your theory perfectly. I sent it to you

TexasorBusted​Isaac though asking eugenics to Enoch was a curveball vs just kicking people out of The West..Enoch was all about eugenics for welfare recipients/criminals..That was the only “new” thing brought up…

iippo​Via YouTube message

Malik Obama​the honour is all mine



AtmanIdentity​Why would a white mans religion have to be compatible with Islam. Two different cultures.

Malik Obama​6 million messages

Malik Obama​that’s Kevin MacDonald’s theory about the north Europeans

Louis Diaz​I’m poor and working class, but I receive no public benefits at all and have no criminal record so I’m good with that eugenics plan

TexasorBusted​I am cool with that

Louis Diaz​exactly

Malik Obama​eugenics is a dirty wood nowadays because of the nazis which is quite ironic since Jews have practiced eugenics for the longest time

Akira_san​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message

Louis Diaz​@Malik Obama true. It had great promise. Imagine the future we could’ve had

TexasorBusted​Eugenics was opening spoken and debated about pre-WWII…

Malik Obama​is this a bill burr bit?

iippo​In Finland it’s considered rude if you even look at someone when you walk past them. I think people respect others spaces because of this evolutionary tendency to spread out due to environment.

Razorlord​luke is 100% alt right now lol

TexasorBusted​I am willing to accept 10% unemployable adult (25-55) population…America is WAY out of whack on this ratio…

Malik Obama​if you think that a society should have an average of 97 iq than maybe we shouldn’t start sterilizing at 95, right? maybe a little lower than that

AtmanIdentity​Every wreck I’ve been involved a minority. A Mexican totaled my Taurus and a black lady totaled my Silverado.

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AtmanIdentity​Are you talking about fluoride?

Malik Obama​we got a Alex joneser here

Malik Obama​and they’re turning the freaking frogs gay

iippo​Sweden used to have an average IQ of 101, but recent tests say it’s around 95 now. How will that work out?

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TexasorBusted​Isn’t 85 IQ the bare minimum required to work?…Any lower…You become a net drain on any simple task…

William Peterson​@iippo Remove the “refugees” and 101 IQ will instantly be restored.


AtmanIdentity​What is the IQ for mental retardation? Isn’t it around 70?

Malik Obama​@Luke what about that “the goyim are not people and you can do harm to them” thing that alt-righters say is in the Talmud. is that true?

Jack Angelo​Hello, Mr Ford. What is your opinion on Kabbalah? Do you study or practice it?

Louis Diaz​those antigoyim statements are just Jews looking out for themselves. Fair enough. Whites should do the same.

TexasorBusted​What’s funny is race and IQ has red pilled me on the “work hard, you can succeed” crap…It made me see that the white working class needs the safety net and something like unions…They need help…

TexasorBusted​I agree

Privada Machina​Hola

AtmanIdentity​He there


iippo​I’m Finnish btw & there are only 25 million Finno-Ugric peoples in the world, but we haven’t been kicked out of 109 nations 😉

Privada Machina​Hey brother

Privada Machina​lol

Privada Machina​Occupied?


iippo​We fought The Allies & The Axis

Malik Obama​wait. I thought the opposite was true, I thought that one of the reasons why there was friction between Jesus and the Israelites was because Jesus said that everyone could be saved by God while the…

Malik Obama​…Jews thought that only the chosen would be saved

iippo​There is someone else you might have heard about. Larry Thorne.

iippo​Not hard about*


TexasorBusted​Faith without works is dead…Even Christianity says good works are a thing but faith is what saves you…

AtmanIdentity​So if the Jewish messiah hasn’t come, how are Jews saved? Is it by doing good deeds.

Malik Obama​my mind is being blown

Razorlord​is ‘grace’ a thing in judaism?

Thomas Bergman​Luke is a good educator

iippo​We occupied parts of Finland that Stalin stole, but we lost them again after the war.

Privada Machina​Nietzsche- If at first man needed a god now he is thrilled with a universal, godless disorder with a world of chance, where the fearful, the ambiguous and the seductive are part of his very existence.

Malik Obama​why were tge 10 tribes kickes out if judea?

Malik Obama​what happened to them?

Malik Obama​the* kicked* sorry, i’m writing on a tablet

Western Man​Judaism is a tribe with a codified metaphysics for themselves alone. Christianity is a mutated offspring that posits moral universalism for egalitarian human members.

Raewulf Magnus​H O L O H O A X

Hans Sachs​Foundation myth

Western Man​Genetics play a huge role. Northern Europeans have a primal urge for justice which has been siphoned into a moral universalism i.e ‘humanism’ that is itself an offshoot of Christianity

iippo​Northern European morality is beyond annoying. I was standing in a taxi line during new years eve that was 100% European & I made this black joke to this guy who was almost passed out, but he still

iippo​managed to pull the what if there is a good black guy from his mind

Arieh ben avraham​Northern Europeans at first were converted to Arian Christianity which was non-trinitarian.

Raewulf Magnus​archive(dot)is/da2yj JEWS VIEW ALL EUROPEAN GOYS AS CHRISTIANS

Privada Machina​Dostoevsky once said, [paraphrasing] “Man only invented God so that he could live without killing himself. And this is the history of mankind from its origins up to the present day.”

MrIHave Tourettes​listening to some peter gabriel

Dan Simmons​What Netflix show was Luke talking about earlier? Anyone remember

Privada Machina​Sartre in these words: “We are condemned to be free.” Man takes absolute freedom for himself, but he can only feel this freedom as a condemnation. Metaphysical anguish is its counterpart.

Thomas Bergman​It was annoying when a Jewish friend of mine kept calling me Christian

Dan Simmons​Yes thanx👍🏻

Privada Machina​I already started downloading it. Looks great thanks for the rec Luke

Western Man​Luke do u believe that Marxism is heavily influenced by the the Old Testament sentiment of ‘freedom from work’ i.e that work is something to be freed from. Contrast with Germanic work will set u free

iippo​@Luke Ford This Russia hysteria like that show only comes from countries that don’t border Russia.

Thomas Bergman​Arbeit macht frei

Hans Sachs​Judaism is the perfect operating system for a marginalized and hated foreign group, they thrive on opposition and hatred. The more they are hated the more the nepotism has to grow to protect their

Hans Sachs​their in group. Christianity on the other hand is something humble and powerfully good that literally conquered the word (later subverted by jewish globalism)

Arieh ben avraham​This Russo-fobia is a Neocon Operation.

AtmanIdentity​The inquisition was humble and good

Louis Diaz​the NeoCons need to hang itmnup already

Western Man​As E. Michael Jones said “Work? Jews don’t work! You give a Jew a shovel and he’ll try to sell it to you”

Arieh ben avraham​The Chafetz Chaim Hated Russian Communist Leaders

iippo​@Luke Ford You were talking about Simo Häyhä, but there was this Finnish soldier called Larry Thorne that fought in the Finnish Army, Waffen SS & died in Vietnam. There are docs about him.

Privada Machina​When Germany put up the sign; ‘Arbeit macht frei’ (Work sets you free), I think Jews thought that was the death sentence. Perhaps that’s wheer the whole holocaust comes from. They really do hate work.

Louis Diaz​E. Michael Jones’s rejection of race is disturbing. His antisemitism being fueled solely by religion makes him look crazy


Privada Machina​They hate working for no money

Western Man​Tough work counting all those shekels

Louis Diaz​over 500 Russians with a sniper rifle and another 200 with a submachine gun

Privada Machina​was a joke tbvh

AtmanIdentity​30 an hour? Where do I sign up

Louis Diaz​” the white death”

Raewulf Magnus​Why were jews denied entry to the US under the Immigration act of 1924?

Louis Diaz​I imagine they saw Jews as a forieghn religious group

Privada Machina​How many Jews are in this chat?

Louis Diaz​…so it was racially motivated then

Privada Machina​Maybe we can find a something that lets us know. Perhaps a yellow star 😛

KennyL​What do you think about Jews from the middle east?

Privada Machina​oh cool

Privada Machina​I didnt mind that Rabbi the other day

iippo​My ancestors came to Finland from Germany & I was told that they were ”merchants” I should do 23andme.

Arieh ben avraham​I don’t think Jesus meant all Jews since the apostles were all jews.

TexasorBusted​Isaac said that when Enoch claims that Jews hate themselves and want to be white…Isaac said that really spoke to him like Enoch was in his mind…Is this a common view from American Jews?

Malik Obama​what’s your interpretation on the synagogue of satan?

Privada Machina​Nothing will change my mind that the pyramids aren’t the story of the Tower of Babel

Louis Diaz​what about Sephardic?

iippo​There was a great article about this Mizrahi debate I’ll send it via msg. Look at it when you have time.

Privada Machina​What about the Mizrahi Jews? I heard that they aren’t very liked.

Thomas Bergman​Like the ADL?

Western Man​I do believe E. Jones is right on the Jewish ‘revolutionary spirit’ wherein they reject the logos. ‘Logos’ never translated perfectly from Greek. Closest I believe is ‘harmony’, ‘order’ or ‘the good’

Privada Machina​Like the Ethopian Jews

Privada Machina​That is true

Jeremy Harris-Ball​Do Jews really view all non-Jews as “animals in human form”?

Privada Machina​What group supports the Lukid party?

KennyL​But Persian Jews in LA are extremely successful. I haven’t met a poor Persian jew

Privada Machina​Isarel has a storm on the horizon. I cant tell you how many Blacks in America thinbk that they’re the real Jews.

iippo​@Luke Ford There was a great article about this Mizrahi debate. I sent it via msg. Look at it when you have time.

Thomas Bergman​We Wuz Hebrews

TexasorBusted​Isn’t it time for Luke Ford’s “Alt Right Brain Force”?

Malik Obama​doesnt goyim mean caddle?


mrgomelonsolaris​I believe some countries want to import sub 100 IQ people to make them work in the bottom-tier jobs and keep the good jobs for the natives. (France? Germany?, Mexican farm labor in USA)

Privada Machina​They arent thinking very long term

Privada Machina​We are heading for automation that the world has never seen before

Malik Obama​what about the natives that were working those botyom tier jobs?

iippo​Good luck with that. Sweden employed 550 migrants out of 200,000 migrants.

Dan Simmons​Did you study the Trivium Quadrivium and or the Kabbalah?

TexasorBusted​Is it true that when Germans brought in Muslims as migrant workers…They really thought they would go back to Turkey?…Sorry but hanging with whites is WAY better than living in a shithole…

Louis Diaz​concealed carry permits help fight the nigger tax

Western Man​Jesus Christ Luke will you stop with the catholic bashing. The more moral communities I’ve lived in were Catholic rather than Protestant


Privada Machina​I think I read that in Boston, they figured out worth by race and Blacks, when all was said and done; +8 dollars

Hans Sachs​Agree

Western Man​Ireland Austria France Poland Belgium

Western Man​^


KennyL​Argentina before it became a shithole

Malik Obama​Greg Johnson once said that he sees religious judaism as a fase jews history. you do see them getting more secular/atheistic with time. what do you think about that?

Privada Machina​Styx interviewed Mike Enoch btw if you missed it today

Privada Machina​was pretty good

TexasorBusted​Catholics practiced “duel morality” while Protestants were more willing to trust the stranger

Western Man​Anglo countries ran the world because of their rule of the seas initially. Britain never had a land army as powerful as france

Western Man​Don’t forget Germany is half Catholic

Malik Obama​i did miss it, thanks for the heads up

Thomas Bergman​That was the most fucked up miniseries I ever saw

Richard Morgan​Luke, the low levels of corruption come from hyper individualism which eventually breaks a society down. We need to all learn to be more corporatist!

Privada Machina​Buyt you really should listen to Enoch talking to that Cohen on ‘between two lampshades’. Very intellectual discussion. Highly recommended.

Thomas Bergman​Everyone involved was despicable

Deadpan Drip​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message

Privada Machina​It’s not behind the pay wall either.

gamescentrel​england starved ireland in 1845 before that british government where more trusted by normal irish people

Maximilian​In Germany the predominantly catholic regions are more successful.Bavaria is the powerhouse.

Privada Machina​Have you ever had your IQ tested Luke? Or anyone in this room?

Deadpan Drip​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message

Thomas Bergman​Priesthood of all believers

Louis Diaz​Spain had a massive navy at the time too

Malik Obama​portugal ruled the world for quite a while and they were catholic

Western Man​Cohen brings nothing

Privada Machina​He bends over a lot I agree

Deadpan Drip​Message deleted by Luke Ford.View deleted message

Western Man​Enoch brought good points on the holocaust

Privada Machina​I thought Cohen would come in swingging a lot more for sure. He called himself the Alt-Right killer, and then limped in with Enoch. But I still enjoyed it.

Thomas Bergman​Does dual morality require lying? That might be a hard barrier to entry for Northern Europeans.

Richard Morgan​Luke, you seem to have the same disheveled and neurotic attitude that is stereotypically typical of Ashkenazi Jewry. Would you agree with this assessment?

Raewulf Magnus​Why did Isabella consent to the Inquisition and expulsion of Jews in the year 1478? Did Judaism have anything to do with the destruction of their national religion/prosperity?
Deadpan Drip was hidden by Luke Ford.

gamescentrel​portugal rekted ottomans

Malik Obama​luke stop answeing the troll. come on!

resurrectionjose​I came, I saw, I haven’t quite conquered yet.

iippo​Apparently Kraut has come back.

Privada Machina​Mark on your calender’s the Friday debate between Sargon and Anglin on Baked Alaska’s channel.

resurrectionjose​Greetings to all and Mr. Luke Ford. I just got bad news earlier, and trying to keep my marbles intact.

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Western Man​Luke do you know that the surname ‘Ford’ is also an Irish surname as well as an Anglo one. Are you a crypto potato Aryan?

iippo​@Western Man He’s racially Anglo.

Western Man​I know, it’s a joke

Malik Obama​sargon is going to debate anglin after all?

Raewulf Magnus​Can you tell us about Pilpul? Is it Ashkenazi intelligence or a manipulative rhetoric-based cunning?

Maximilian​It’s kind of difficult to have Protestants in Spain or anywhere in the 15th century

Privada Machina​Well the booking is still on

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