Josh Alan Friedman Interview

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I’ve known Josh for about 17 years. His website.

From the Observer last January:

Josh Alan Friedman: The White Guitarist Who’s ‘Blacker Than You’

Josh Alan Friedman is the most multi-talented musician you’ve probably never heard of. Why? He sings the blues, that’s why.
Honing his talent for storytelling as a journalist, Friedman made his name writing non-fiction books, a novel, and even a musical that never made it to stage. Covering the Times Square beat for a decade gave him a unique perspective on New York City, and growing up as a white kid in at New York’s last segregated public school gave him a unique perspective on basically everything else, as evidenced by the diverse influences on his new album, Sixty Goddammit.
Boasting a rippin’ cover of the theme from Blaxploitation classic Shaft as well as provocative original blues numbers (“I’m Blacker Than You,” for one), Friedman never shies away from pushing buttons, which should make his February 3 appearance at The Cutting Room one of the week’s most interesting concerts.
More than happy to talk about his new record when we spoke over the phone recently, Friedman revealed his thoughts on the state of the music industry in 2017, why the blues are at an all-time low, and why much of music today has become worthless.

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