TabletMag: HOW JEWS SHOULD DEAL WITH GENTILES – According to this week’s ‘Daf Yomi’ Talmud study, as little as possible

Adam Kirsch writes:

The nominal subject of Tractate Avoda Zara is idol worship, one of the worst sins in Judaism. But as Daf Yomi readers complete our third week of studying this tractate, it is becoming clear that the real concerns of the rabbis are much broader than idolatry. In effect, they are aiming to regulate all of Jews’ relationships with non-Jews. Nowhere, perhaps, is the gulf between the Talmudic worldview and the experience of modern American Jews more evident than here. American Jews live in a world that, while certainly not free of anti-Semitism, is marked by a historically unprecedented openness and trust between Jews and non-Jews. After all, this is a country where President Barack Obama, a Christian, hosted an annual Passover Seder in the White House…

Such stories tend to suggest that the safest course for Jews was to avoid gentiles altogether, and Tractate Avoda Zara clearly uses idol worship as an excuse to separate the Jews from the pagan world that surrounded them. It is not just heresy the rabbis want to stamp out—indeed, actual idol worship seems to be the least of their worries—but excessive intimacy of any kind. We saw earlier that Jews could not do business with gentiles near their festival days, nor sell them items that might be used in pagan rituals. The mishna in Avoda Zara 14b goes further: a Jew should not sell gentiles large livestock because they will be used to violate the Shabbat prohibition on labor.

More troublingly, Jews should not leave small animals alone with gentiles, or entrust their sheep to gentile shepherds, because they are likely to use them to commit bestiality—a law that speaks volumes about the rabbis’ estimation of pagan morals. In addition, a Jew should not entrust his child to a gentile teacher “to teach him to read books or to teach him a craft.” It is not entirely clear whether this prohibition, too, stems from sexual fears, or whether it has more to do with the chance that the teacher will lead the child into apostasy. Broadly speaking, “one may not seclude oneself with gentiles,” since the assumption is that they will try to do a Jew harm.

Other prohibitions are meant to discourage social intercourse with gentiles. Jews may not go to places of amusement, such as circuses, theaters, and stadiums, for two reasons: not only are pagan sacrifices performed there, but they are what the Bible calls “the seat of the scornful,” homes of levity and frivolity. Any time spent there is time lost to Torah study. Moreover, Jews should not praise gentiles, especially women; according to Rav, “it is prohibited for a person to say: How beautiful is this gentile woman!”

From the live Youtube chat:

resurrectionjose​@Privada Machina — No. I’m a Christian and within the Lutheran tradition.

Privada Machina​Interesting thanks

Privada Machina​Ok thought so

Yehoishophot Oliver​clarify that all rabbinic rulings are based on precedents and earlier sources

resurrectionjose​@Privada Machina — Had you guessing there for awhile, eh? 😃

Privada Machina​Martin Luther was pretty hardcore. I just read his book last week

Yehoishophot Oliver​not just arbitrary judgment calls

Privada Machina​lol indeed

b b​Our brain is made up of Positive, Neutral, Negative energy and that makes us also God and Perfect too but the Bible that is made by the government wants to control us by stopping us from using both

resurrectionjose​ I can’t stand Jews. True or false? 😉

b b​sides and all parts of our brain

Privada Machina​I actually figured that was why Jews talked shit about Jesus. It sound slike it’s back and forth

Privada Machina​Jesus was the son of a Roamn soldier, Panthera

Privada Machina​think thats one

b b​When you believe that God is the only one capable of anything what happens is you put a negative and impossible mindset in your brain that stops and slows down your brain on a quantum level from

b b​expanding and having out of the box thinking as that is related to Perfect thinking and being Perfect

Privada Machina​@resurrectionjose not sure

resurrectionjose​@Privada Machina — Last week I smacked down some dipstick here on You Tube who thought Lutherans worldwide during the 500th anniversary of the Reformation were full of shit.

NyandUsaPolitics​this guy is a theologist, hardcore theologist, more than religious

Yehoishophot Oliver​Jesus was a false prophet, pretty simple

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I like that analogy of “gang warfare” and will probably use it from here on end. 😃

Yehoishophot Oliver​rabbis only have as much authority as the ppl grant them

Privada Machina​Oh I’m not Christian myself, but I have studied a lot of theology before. Both Jews and Christians I’m familair with

resurrectionjose​@Yehoishopot Oliver — Jesus was God’s messiah (re: God resurrecting him from the dead is proof of that). Nice try though.

b b​Read all my earlier comments and try to debate my thesis and research

Ulex Gord​Do you believe your messiah will only come when christianity is destroyed?

Yehoishophot Oliver​rabbis don’t issue many rulings today that they would have in previous era because they know ppl wouldn’t listen

Yehoishophot Oliver​especially due to enlightenment

Yehoishophot Oliver​weakening all religious authority

NyandUsaPolitics​I’m a Catholic the most religious group in the world

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Hey, you might see a bit of the Jets vs. Sharks in this ‘Live Chat’ today. 😉

Privada Machina​Ok so the Rabbi is here now, can you ask them my questions I had yesterday. I’m sincerely wanting to know how that stuff is justified. What deep answers could be found in sleeping with a 3 year old.

Yehoishophot Oliver​amida prayer has many prayers for moshiach

Yehoishophot Oliver​3 times daily

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Don’t lump us all that mix. A number of us in the Christian camp aren’t exactly thinking the Jews are sitting around waiting for their messiah.

NyandUsaPolitics​hail Jesus hail trump hail our people hail jews

resurrectionjose​”…all *in* that mix.”

Man Faces World​The Sulchan Aruch in many litvak communities has been replaced with the Mishnah Berura

NyandUsaPolitics​go to school with a nun as a teacher and see how it is

Ulex Gord​do you believe the goyim will be slaves of the jews one day

resurrectionjose​@NyandUsaPolitics — I like that. I usually “shit-post” within Alt-Right live streams with ‘Hail Trump … Hail Our People … Hail Victory!’ :::raises mug with German beer:::

NyandUsaPolitics​u go to church Wednesday and Sunday some go every day, they pray more than muslims

Privada Machina​The Pharisees look to be pretty excited about this 3rd temple. Why are they getting prepared even when the place isn’t in Jewish control. I looked into that a few weeks ago.

Yehoishophot Oliver​it is discussing technical legal perspective of definition of a virgin

Yehoishophot Oliver​exactly

Privada Machina​Listening

Man Faces World​Ulex that isnt what the Talmud says

Yehoishophot Oliver​right, great example

Ulex Gord​oh its not? lol

Yehoishophot Oliver​virginity is a legal concept in Judaism

J. Smith​Luke, the Talmud has some exaggerated jewish genocides – one of them mentions 40 billions jews died.

NyandUsaPolitics​Jews can’t compete with Chinese if whites lose their power, because they are not pathologically altruistic, and gain power through brutal economic trade policies

Yehoishophot Oliver​mishnah brurah only covers orach chayim and not other 3 portions

Alternative Shakespeare​Luke, on the topic of Messiah’s post-Jesus. I understand that there have been a number of Rabbi’s in Eastern Europe who some Jews have considered or thought “Messiahs.”

Alternative Shakespeare​Do you have an opinion on some of those cases? I believe in the case of Chabad?

Yehoishophot Oliver​anyway, MB is a commentary on SA

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Gene Simmons of KISS sure does. ;0

Ulex Gord​does it say this in the talmud?

Privada Machina​Why do Jews use that head thing strapped to their forehead. I personally think Jews are tapping into the Kundalini. Same concept imo

Alternative Shakespeare​Menachem Mendel Schneerson, is an example.

Ulex Gord​we’re talking talmud

Privada Machina​Why is there no attacks on Trump during Sabbath lol

resurrectionjose​@Privada Machina — :::LOL::: I’m surprised I never thought of that one! 😃

Privada Machina​😉

truebeliever​What about Sanhedrin 55b-55a about sex with a child under 8 or 9 not being pederasty etc?

Yehoishophot Oliver​listen, Torah says that yes, gentiles will serve Jews in the messianic era but that is on account of the recogntion of the spiritual greatness of Jews

Yehoishophot Oliver​just as it would be an honor for any average person to serve a prince

Privada Machina​I saw that Jews are practicing sacrificing for the thris temple even

resurrectionjose​@Privada Machina — Short of asking you how old you are … check out a song called “Kundalini Express” by a band called Love and Rockets.

Privada Machina​I haven’t heard that yet, I’ll check it out

Ahmad David Rifkin​Hi there

Zed Dez​Christians (Evangelicals do so) believe that they are to be living sacrifices who pray constantly in the Spirit. Ephesians 6:18, Romans 12:1

Ulex Gord​Why are so many jews sexual predators

resurrectionjose​@Yehoishophot Oliver — You Jews have a two-fold problem with that thesis: 1) Gentiles would sooner kill themselves before serving Jews, and 2) You better kill us off first before you do it you!

Ulex Gord​why did you kill so many children and drain their blood?

Ahmad David Rifkin​You are a tzadik

resurrectionjose​”…before *we* do it you!”

resurrectionjose​Correction again: “…before *we* do it *to* you!”

Patrick Jensen​I have a fantasy about how I would religiously consecrate new land fields, Is there any such examples in the Talmudic law ?

Ulex Gord​sacrificing children

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I’m getting a bit closer to why you converted over to Orthodox Judaism, but for what it’s worth I don’t blame you whatsoever in splitting the Seventh-Day Adventist scene, so to speak.

Ulex Gord​””””””””””virgins”””””””””””

Yehoishophot Oliver​RJ obviously we believe that when the messiah comes ppl’s views will change on the JQ

Ulex Gord​jacking off into potted plants is my passion aswell

Yehoishophot Oliver​as all will acknowledge his holiness

Ulex Gord​i can understand why they like to do this

sho shana​I’ve met a couple unholy ones sadly

Privada Machina​Sephardic Jews are thought of as 2nd rate by the Khzars correct?

Ahmad David Rifkin​Cause the kids were taken by nomadic bandits but they wouldn’t kidnap a child if she is married to secure their children they marry them at early age in olden times

Privada Machina​Are Orthodox mostly Sephardic?

Ulex Gord​anders brevik was very passionate too

resurrectionjose​@Yehoishophot Oliver — In regards to the ‘JQ’ which you brought up very briefly, elaborate a bit more on that.

NyandUsaPolitics​are either Amish and omish Jews? one of them is Christians but is one of those traditional groups who reject all modern technology Jews?And why do Jews embrace financial engineering and the modern

Privada Machina​Here’s the problem for non religious ppl. Between Jews, Christians, and Muslims they’re going to get us all killed with their egotistical belief that they are all the Cog favorites

Privada Machina​Gods

NyandUsaPolitics​sector and financial markets more than. other religions? do Jews just like the modern sector in economics more for power or what? there

sho shana​I admire the Amish

Yehoishophot Oliver​I looked up talmud sanhedrin 55a–it’s not saying pederasty is permitted; it is discussing when one is liable for the death penalty for sexual sins

Yehoishophot Oliver​from which age

J. Smith​What were Jews doing before 1881 that they did not care about speaking their own language?

NyandUsaPolitics​Islam and Christianity has better rules against usury,

Patrick Jensen​Are mathematics considered goyisch, like sport is in a lot of hasidic communities.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Interesting on what you just said about Sephardic Jews. I made a comment within the ‘Live Chat’ on that ROOSH/VENTI debate, and called out Roosh as looked like a stinkin’ Sephardic Jew.

Ulex Gord​does it not say in the talmud that in the end of days muslims will mix with Europeans?

Zed Dez​Off Topic: Thought you’d be interested in this: The Cold Thermogenesis Protocol jackkruse (com) /the-evolution-of-the-leptin-rx/

Travis Hund​Christianity is Middle Eastern lol. Norse paganism would be more acclimated to white nationalism

Ahmad David Rifkin​Christians often pimp their daughters and bugger bois cause the flesh of swine makes them nasty

Ulex Gord​oh god we have a pagan here

Trivium​Luke do you know who Brother Nathanael, on YouTube is? If you do know who he is, What do you think of him? He is the Opposite of you…He was Jewish and became Orthodox Christian.

Privada Machina​I sense a little tension between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. Perhaps this is a sore spot to be exploited

Yehoishophot Oliver​”there is no suffering without sin”

Travis Hund​Polytheism makes more sense than monotheism anyways.

sho shana​Ahmad David Rifkin.

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund Christianity stopped being Middle Eastern 1700 years ago.

iippo​@Luke Ford My country has 1 Rabbi that came from Israel & he spends his time promoting mass immigration & migrant acceptance. Do you want him?

resurrectionjose​@Travis Hund — Perhaps so, but I’m not fully convinced that pagan gods (and goddesses) are worth spit (cf. Psalm 82).

J. Smith​Yehoishophot Oliver: shalom Rabbi. what do you think of the Neturei Karta and relatedly, of their exposure of zionists and their complicity in ww2?

Zed Dez​@Yehoishophot Oliver Suffering being essential for?

sho shana​Christians pimp their daughters please

Yehoishophot Oliver​LOL JS there arent enough characters in texts to answer

Travis Hund​@Zed Dez that’s like saying Africans stopped being African once they were in America

resurrectionjose​ Needs to break away for a moment or two to take care of some dipstick traditionalist Roman Catholic. Be right back.

Yehoishophot Oliver​nut there are many valid critiques of zionism

NyandUsaPolitics​they banned Christians from usury in Europe so permitted only Jews to do it at one point, how do the evolve to having most influence in January to controlling the federal reserve

Privada Machina​All suffering is sin? What do you mean/

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund These are ideas, not DNA.

Yehoishophot Oliver​and I am antizionist myself

Yehoishophot Oliver​suffering purifies man from sin

Travis Hund​It so funny when fellow white nationalist try to endorse Chrisitanity (a Middle Eastern ideology) and disavow Pagansim (a European ideology)

Privada Machina​Oh I see, yes I agree

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund We DNA’d the heck out of Christianity and made it ours.

Yehoishophot Oliver​that’s what the censor wrote to prevent pogroms and blood libels

Travis Hund​Ideas are formed through the mind, each minds is different based on DNA, Chrisanity is Middle Eastern.

NyandUsaPolitics​Travis whites are from the middle East before they were in Europe 1000s of years ago and all over the world a million years ago

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund There’s not enough of it in existance to really know it. Only Larpers are left. If I though otherwise I would give it more consideration considering I’m a Celt.

Yehoishophot Oliver​dietary laws are to prevent one from marrying off one’s daughter to one’s non-Jewish buddies

Yehoishophot Oliver​son or vice versa

J. Smith​Yehoishophot Oliver: Rabbi, thank you. What do you think of the writings of Solzhenitsyn, namely 200 years together and/orthe gulag archipelago? do you consider him fair in portraying the jews?

Travis Hund​The West fell when Rome fell you fools, when Nordic Paganism was taken over by Middle Eastern ideologies of Judaism, Chrisitanity and Islam. (Which is all the same Abrahamic Religion)

NyandUsaPolitics​Iraq and Egypt was Christians and it was white in the bc times, north africa was white before and during rome

Privada Machina​Some blood libels are likely true. I think perhaps the Khazars you let convert around 965 are causing you guys stress.

Travis Hund​Judaism, Chrisitanity and Islam are one Abrahamic Middle Eastern religion.

iippo​But they can put up a giant menorah on the white house lawn.

Yehoishophot Oliver​JS I heard about his books but haven’t read them

Yehoishophot Oliver​but secular communists went off the deep end and became quite brutal

NyandUsaPolitics​Benjamin nettenyaho says merry Christmas to americans always

Yehoishophot Oliver​they were brutal to religious Jews

Travis Hund​Why are you all even wasting your time with Judaism, Chrisitanity and Islam (The Abrahamic Middle Eastern Religion) when there’s a beautiful Nordic Pagan history and culture?

Yehoishophot Oliver​so certainly to nonJews

Privada Machina​@J. Smith Have you read ‘200 Years Together’? I have and it’s very balanced imo. Any Jew that thinks they are guilt free isn’;t worth the troubl etalking to

Trivium​@ Privada Machina I think that is true about the Khazars.

J. Smith​Yehoishophot Oliver: I recommend you do read 200 years together. He documents the religious jews fighting against the powerful communist jews and the goyim getting caught in the middle. Informative

Yehoishophot Oliver​sages were not intending to insult but they were genuinely afraid of molestation and rape

Yehoishophot Oliver​ty I intend to

J. Smith​Privada Machina: I am still working my way through it.

Privada Machina​Yeah hey, it seems obvious that these Ashenazis are troiuble

Yehoishophot Oliver​I am very interested in JQ issue

Privada Machina​Nice @J. Smith Its a heavy read for sure, but worth it

Travis Hund​Judaism, Chrisitanity and Islam are all a disgusting Middle Eastern ideological degenerate religion. You’ll never be fully red pilled until you realize what happened to Eurpean Pagans

NyandUsaPolitics​blonde Jews are all mixed blood with whites right?

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund Buddy I’m more that aware of what those religions have done to us, but there’s no one worse than the Brits, and what they’ve done to my people.

Privada Machina​@Travis Hund Have you looked into Aryanism/Hitlersim?

NyandUsaPolitics​Ben Shapiro looks like a white Italian I doubt he’s full blood

Travis Hund​Catholicism is the only thing even close to European spirituality. BECAUSE it is essentially pagan in tradition and practice and culture

iippo​@Luke Ford My country has 1 Rabbi that came from Israel & he spends his time promoting mass immigration & migrant acceptance. Do you want him?

Privada Machina​A great book I’d recommend is ‘The Lightning and the Sun’

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund I’m Irish.

J. Smith​Yehoishophot Oliver: the JQ is as interesting as it is nuanced. I am WN but it’s not lost on me that orthodox jews have been tortured by communist jews for denoucing zionism and even the holocaust.

Privada Machina​Orthodox Jews should support WN’s. Honestly, we’re likely your best bet

Travis Hund​The West fell when Pagan Rome fell to Chrisitanity.

J. Smith​Yehoishophot Oliver and Luke: did you read the recent Forward article on the concepts of white nationalism spreading into the orthodox community? thoughts?

J. Smith​Privada Machina +1 I would support an alliance with antizionist orthodox jews, because they obviously already work in our direction without asking anything from us.

Zed Dez​@J. Smith Luke covered the article yesterday.

Privada Machina​So Jews think that their Messiah is coming still? How do Jews square the circle when the Messiah has been announced for numerous ppl. Like for example Sabbatai Zevi

Privada Machina​in 1666 of all dates

Trivium​I wonder if Brother Nathanel would say the same about Luke/you…:D

J. Smith​Zed: thanks, I’ll have to go back and watch it, then.

Travis Hund​Europe is not Christian.

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund You have a point there. The Brits might not have been so gung ho to destroy us if it weren’t for the religious group financing them.

Trivium​Some to think about. ;D

Travis Hund​Europe is pagan.

Privada Machina​There has to be a satanic connection.

Trivium​Something sry

Ahmad David Rifkin​The Crusaders were the best merger and synthesis between Nordic Paganism and Christendom

Privada Machina​@J. Smith Yeah me too

iippo​@Luke Ford What are your thought on Samaritanism?


Zed Dez​Do Jews use the term “Satanic” and what is meant by it if they do?

Travis Hund​As Euopean pagans became more secular they became open to Chrisitanity as a moral system but not as a spiritual system. This is key to understand the European mind

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund Were does your perception arise? I have found the opposite, at least over here in NA.

resurrectionjose​@Privada Machina — You *might* be interested in tracking this book which was written by a rabbi back in the late 70’s. “The Resurrection of Jesus: A Jewish Perspective” by Pinchas Lapide

Yehoishophot Oliver​JS I wrote a response on Nehorai’s stupid article

Travis Hund​Oh yes I mean the opposite

Privada Machina​Nice thanks, I’ll check it out

Yehoishophot Oliver​WN isn’t spreading; it’s just naturally very similar to Judaism, far closer than marxist baloney

Jonathan Dumas​Father Nathaniel is a jew, you are a goy 😃

Yehoishophot Oliver​Jews rarely refer to satan

Privada Machina​WN isn’t spreading? You dont get out much

Yehoishophot Oliver​it is a christian construct

Ahmad David Rifkin​WN is a reaction to an action

Privada Machina​It’s spreading liek wild fire across the west rigth now

Ahmad David Rifkin​Not more nor less

Travis Hund​paganism is more of philosophy but truly I believe it’s in Europeans best interest to move away from Christianity. We’ve evolved passed this linear world view

resurrectionjose​@Privada Machina — I’m not sure if that book would be given the “imprimatur” by other Jews today, but he actually believes in Jesus’ resurrection but spells out at the end why Jesus isn’t the Messiah

J. Smith​Travis Hund: as a western european I feel instinctively that polytheism is true rather than monotheism – look into the christians destroying the arguments against xtianity by porphiry, celsus, julian.

Privada Machina​Interesting, somethiing I’ll get into for sure

Ahmad David Rifkin​Imam Vladimir Lenin

Zed Dez​I also thought Jews did not believe in Hell, but refer to Jesus burning in excrement in Hell.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Just recently I subbed to his channel after putting it off for 2 years!

Trivium​I do not know why Jews and Whites are not natural allies. Jews need to stop making Caucasians the out group…But that most likely will never happen.

J. Smith​Travis Hund: I agree with what you say about Europeans needing to move away from monotheism and embracing again our pagan roots. It is our DNA.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I’m referring to Brother Nathaniel who didn’t impress me way in the beginning over 2 years ago.


Zed Dez​@Travis Hund What reading would you recommend? Hopefully you don’t promote larping activities, or do you?

Ahmad David Rifkin​The same Christians who were persecuting the Jews prior in the pogroms

Zed Dez​@J. Smith Do you believe DNA evolves?

Ahmad David Rifkin​The Red Army rained them down like the Holy Ghost

J. Smith​Tomislav Sunić – great reference, thanks, Luke.

Privada Machina​Jews don’t believe in God/Satan or Heaven/Hell. God is all things…if I’m not mistaken. That’s the great schism between Christians and Jews imo. Thoughts Luke?

Zed Dez​Are resources scarce? xD

Travis Hund​Read ‘God Against God’s’ by Jonathan Kirsch

Yehoishophot Oliver​we do believe in hell but it is far less of a focus

Zed Dez​Who are the wicked?

Privada Machina​Really. I didnt know that. I watched Jews discuss it beofre and they didnt mention any Hell

Trivium​@ Zed Dez Yes DNA does evolve.

Travis Hund​@Zed Dez ‘God Against the God’s’ Jonahthan Kirsch.

Yehoishophot Oliver​also discussion of Hell is different since enlightenment

resurrectionjose​@Travis Hund — “You’ll never be fully red pilled until you realize what happened to Eur[o]pean Pagans.” Good. Then cite sources from reputable historians for me, and stop harping on the same shit.

Zed Dez​@Trivium I believe there’s a feedback loop from DNA expression/culture then back again to the DNA. Thus my point about Christianity and Europeans making it theirs.

Privada Machina​’Judaism’s Strange Gods’ by Michael Hoffman is really informative

Travis Hund​As a pagan, I see polytheism more as a philosophy, while as a lot of monotheist take everything on faith and take it much more religious.

resurrectionjose​@Travis Hund — As if you characters weren’t slaughtering the shit out of one another! Once again, cite here (or hit me up with a private message) and cite a bucket-load of sources from historians.

Zed Dez​Jonathan Kirsch, he’s a prolific person is he not? Just did a search. Thanks kindly for the reco.

Travis Hund​Truly, organized religion is the issue, monotheism though creates an ultimatum. That’s my issue.

Zed Dez​@Privada Machina read that, thanks

Privada Machina​What is so special about the 6 million number? Jews have mentioned 6 million dozens of times.

Trivium​@Zed Dez I never thought about DNA being a loop before….you may be right.

Privada Machina​No problem bro @Zed Dez

Zed Dez​@Trivium Yes, its a theoretical device at the moment.

resurrectionjose​@Travis Hund — You characters are virtually no different than dumb-ass Native Americans who love playing that horse crap, and yet they were slaughtering one another before ‘Whitey’ came on the scene.

iippo​Cole has been back peddling ever since JDL threatened him.

J. Smith​Yehoishophot Oliver: to echo Privada’s question: What is so special about the 6 million number? Jews have mentioned 6 million dozens of times (throughout history)

Privada Machina​Back peddling? He getting threatened.

Travis Hund​@Zed Dez If you want a really good and short but sweet book that’s cheap read ‘Pagan Ideas of Immortality’ by Tarl Warwick aka The YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666. That’s a really good one

Privada Machina​Oh sorry I read that wrong bro

Ahmad David Rifkin​Old Fiend Trump

resurrectionjose​The same goes out to any other Neo-pagans within this ‘Live Chat’: Please hit me up with a PM and cite me plenty of sources from reputable scholars of Euro history regarding Pagan/Christian warfare.

Zed Dez​@Travis Hund I’ll look into it. I know styx’s work. But I went all esoteric/occult before that lad was even born. I’m a late GenXr.

Travis Hund​@resurrectionjose Go listen to Survive the Jive, he’s excellent

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