The JQ in the GOP

David Cole is not able to point out where Paul Nehlen is wrong so he just calls him “obsessed”.

Whenever I encounter that word flung as an accusation, I suspect the accuser has no factual or logical basis to attack someone, so they go for a cheap psychological put down.

People have called me obsessed for decades. I think I’m diligent about topics that interest me. Who’s to decide between obsession and diligence?

I’ve been following Nehlen with interests the past few weeks. I don’t see any anti-Jewish animus from him. I simply see a guy who notices patterns and calls a spade a spade. He hasn’t done anything to reduce my admiration and my friends on the Jewish Alt Right feel similarly.

David Cole writes: “Nehlen is obsessed with Jews. Everyone who criticizes him gets attacked for being a Jew or a lackey of Jews. Just a few days ago, Nehlen tweeted out an “enemies list” to prove that “the Jews” are out to get him (he included the email addresses and, in some cases, phone numbers of the people on the list). He’s also tweeted photos of Jews with the Star of David stamped above their foreheads.”

I didn’t find any useful insights in this Cole column. YMMV.

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