Charles C. Johnson Says He’s Not A Holocaust Denier


I am not, nor have I ever been a Holocaust denier. I am a strong supporter of both the state of Israel and the Jewish people. It’s awkward to have even to say this, but the #FakeNews is trying to smear me and hurt my friends and allies because I have worked tirelessly to expose the Russia collusion lie at great personal expense and to support candidates who want to release the memo.

I do this out of a sense of duty. I am a tax-paying, American patriot who was honored to attend the State of the Union of the greatest president of my lifetime.

Unlike other guests, I presented a valid social security number, passed a background check, and even assisted the Capitol Hill Police with an ongoing criminal investigation.

It isn’t a coincidence that the slur of Holocaust denial began right after I met with Julian Assange in London with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

I am admittedly an odd duck — this is a source of both great strength and weakness — and I have always been that way, but I have always supported Israel and the Jewish people. My friends know this because my actions speak louder than words.

When I was in high school, I worked for Alan Dershowitz, with whom I met Holocaust survivors. I donated at the time to Jewish organizations like StandWithUs — which backed me — and edited books written by Dershowitz about the Holocaust.

When I was a college student, I helped expose a professor who was extorting a Holocaust survivor. The student journalist who exposed it won an award.

Another professor I exposed was in favor of the Jew-hating terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas. For that, I won not one but two awards at the Wall Street Journal, including the Eric Breindel award.

After college, I defended yet another professor who was attacked simply because he was an Israeli Jew by a Palestinian student activist. I have fought against the racist BDS movement for a decade.

Even when I was poor, I supported charities dedicated to Israel, Jewish faith and Holocaust education, a commitment I have reaffirmed today. I did so time and again at great personal risk when I was younger.

My mentor Alfred Balitzer, who is an advisor to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and served Ronald Reagan, is giving me a list of charities to donate to that reflect that commitment. I supported the Wiesenthal Center at the time and served the American Freedom Alliance.

What is Holocaust denial?

Where does the six million figure come from?

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