Narrative Clash

Goy: I was thinking about conversion to Judaism from a Catholic/Christian perspective & asked my Catholic buddy what the catechism would say about that — he said, basically, it’s impossible after baptism, because baptism can’t be reversed. But then I said, “But, from the Jewish perspective, that’s not true, right?” And he & I both realized that what’s going on here is something like a contest of “narrative perspective.” Reality really is shaped by which perspective you take. But then… how can these two irreconcilable views be reconciled *except within a framework of liberalism*?

And so… was Sargon correct?

And the scientific method seems like a kind of liberalism to me… at least, when it’s done correctly. I’m thinking of starting a book on Narrative Perspective & Epistemological Uncertainty… or something like that. I feel myself kinda bored with the certainty of the alt-right, and wanting to float up a level and see that as one narrative among many. But I don’t wanna just be a classical liberal either, cuz that’s embarrassing… it seems like we might have wars over narrative perspective in the next hundred years.

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