What Is Holocaust Denial?

* What makes Alt Right podcasts so compelling? Because they often have command of facts and logic and they’re fearless. The establishment can sit back and call these shows racist and bigoted but have you noticed that no establishment intellectual can take on a Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor of Mike Enoch or Kevin MacDonald on the field of facts and logic?

* What is Holocaust denial?

* Shutter Island (2010) is Martin Scorsese’s film about Jewish tribal addiction, aka Jewish resetting to its default position that Jews are always right and gentiles wrong whenever there is a conflict of interest. Organized Jewry calls this conflict of interest anti-Semitism.

Scorsese has spent his career working in Hollywood and he knows Jewish blind spots. This movie is his perspective on the Jewish addiction to hitting reset whenever uncomfortable perspectives come up that show Jews are not innocent (no group is innocent, but because Jews are particularly smart, hard-working, organized and passionate, they are often more influential than most groups in things such as finance, politics, and media).

The movie is set in the 1950s and almost everyone is white. The clue that this movie is really about the Jews is the German doctor.

The protagonist played by Leonardo DiCaprio is a stand-in for Jews. He thinks he’s going to the island to do his culture of critique of the goyim, but the whites want him to accept responsibility for his actions and to act white aka responsible. They don’t want to go nazi on him, but when he keeps misbehaving, they finally go nazi.

That’s like white nationalists such as Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Richard Spencer, Gregory Hood, etc. They don’t want to go nazi on the Jews, but if they have to to survive, to protect their people, they will, just as Jews will fight for the preservation of the Jewish state against all enemies.

Youtube chat:

Degenerate Scumbag​Consensus can be manufactured.

Josephine Booth Coffin​I thought Pressac’s work is the best.

Degenerate Scumbag​Especially when any dissent from the consensus is death to people’s careers.

The Impaler​Freud was a Fraud

voltron512​Luke and chat…check out the YouTube documentary Europa:The Last Battle…..10 part series. Seems legit, still doing some fact checking but if its true….then wow

Killer Cross​Read the Torah and Koran people. Your life may depend on it.

voltron512​Luke, Thoughts on Bishop Richard Williamson please

Degenerate Scumbag​How can a “scholarly consensus” be valid if there are huge penalties for any research that questions it?

Degenerate Scumbag​And what you say about what witnesses saw can be accounted for by a different explanation.

Killer Cross​Those were Germans doctored to look like Jews, the Americans lied to the guards and killed them.

Degenerate Scumbag​Luke, I think you need to better understand what the revisionist claim.

J. Smith​Luke, are you aware that according to Fritjof Meier and the latest mainstream holocaust research, the number of Auschwitz victims is now around 500,000 and the gas chamber locations were shacks?

James Edward​Yes. Full white Luke 👍🏻

J. Smith​Why don’t you bring Gilad Atzmon, or Gerard Menuhin, or any other holocaust-denying Jews to bring forth some facts you may not be aware of right now?

Degenerate Scumbag​Gerard Menuhin would be great, I’m reading his book at the moment.

Dante Cano​what was it like in power before the Nazis took over and was it like the left know

J. Smith​Yes, Luke, please consider bringing Gerard Menuhin onto your show, it would be outstanding.

Yehoishophot Oliver​so no survivors every told you their stories?

James Edward​It’s important we know the truth

Degenerate Scumbag​It’s not just the number that died. The key point is what caused their deaths and whether it was a deliberate attempt at genocide.

James Edward​We are the ones being guilted for the 6 million

J. Smith​Degenerate Scumbag: Precisely the point I was going to make

James Edward​Good point scumbag

Yehoishophot Oliver​my uncle’s main hobby is doing interviews of survivors

Yehoishophot Oliver​Melbourne is a very large survivor community

J. Smith​There was not a deliberate attempt at genocide, and Gerard Menuhin will argue that much.

Josephine Booth Coffin​I had a relative die in Mauthausen.

Degenerate Scumbag​Josephine Booth Coffin Do you know what the cause of death was? Most were from starvation and typhus.

voltron512​Luke, are you familiar with the Richard Spencer vs Sargon debate on the Andy Warski channel?

J. Smith​Luke, should Whites grow the Red Terror narrative as our version of the jewish holocaust, for purposes of PR in the memetic war?

James Edward​Good point J Smith

Degenerate Scumbag​The revisionist position is that they were not death camps. They were work camps, and the mass deaths occurred in the last few months of the war as Allied advances and bombing cut supply lines

J. Smith​150,000 Jews fought on the Nazis side. There was no attempt to genocide Jews. The Einstzgruppen was tasked with eliminating communists. Even 50 U.S. Code § 842 legislates that commies have no rights.

Degenerate Scumbag​Leading to starvation and typhus epidemics.

Josephine Booth Coffin​Schutzhaeftlinge. I forget what the illness was listed in the death letter but it was stomach related as I recall.

Dante Cano​what was the population of Jews in Germany before the Nazis take over

voltron512​You would be excellant on that show…they would definitely have you on

Dante Cano​I don’t know the history of Germany but what was the majority of religion in Germany before the Nazis took over

Josephine Booth Coffin​”Schutzhaeftlinge” was his designation or “Protective Custody”.

J. Smith​I appreciate the answer, Luke. Remember the 20 million Russian farmers.

James Edward​I agree. No Jews no communism

Stephen Cowley​The main points are summarized in video presentations

voltron512​Europa: The Last Battle changed my whole world view, if true or even partly….it literally made me sick

James Edward​J. Smith is killing it tonight. Good work

Degenerate Scumbag​Luke, most newsreel footage of bodies being bulldozed into mass graves comes from Belsen. This was acknowleged NOT to be a death camp.

Degenerate Scumbag​The deaths at Belsen came from starvation and typhus. More died AFTER it was liberated than before.

James Edward​Scumbag is making great points.

Dante Cano​how did Hitler use the Jews as a propganda in is rise to power

J. Smith​Luke, what about the argument that some Jews since 1830(60?) started a fundraising campaign for Zionism first by blaming Russia for imperiling 6 million Jews and the whole messianic angle?

J. Smith​Neturei Karta documents this, for example.

Yehoishophot Oliver​Jews were very patriotic in Germany b4 nazis and would have joined nazis had they allowed them to

James Edward​Luke do you think that having sex with cousin makes your children retarded? I feel that this a big lie so that people mix while that elites like Rothschilds  keep their blood lines clean.

rollo clevich​Even Freud commonly used the term “Aryan” for European Gentiles

Yehoishophot Oliver​grunt–marrying young was normal in those times

James Edward​J Smith you need to get on the stream to debate Luke.

Yehoishophot Oliver​no it was a different time for all

Yehoishophot Oliver​ppl matured earlierodd you do not see that

Dante Cano​has the internet helped with awareness

Yehoishophot Oliver​of course it is today but everyone matured earlier

Yehoishophot Oliver​maturity varies in different times

rollo clevich​in Table Talk Hitler calls the Jews a “reservoir of bolshevism”

Trey Greason​It’s so hard to get a clear picture of German society back then! How do I know what a good source is to trust what it was like in Weimar?

Degenerate Scumbag​Jews make themselves the “other”

James Edward​(((The other)))

Yehoishophot Oliver​I understood german Jews were genuinely very patriotic

Yehoishophot Oliver​they meant it sincerely as do secular Jews today believe in leftist ideas

Dante Cano​what do you think about the media out look on isreal I think it’s bin really when isreal has made big wins has a country

Youtube chat:

Degenerate Scumbag​Holocaust Denier checking in.

Greg Girardin​if there were metrics on being disruptive in school you’d see similar phenomena.

Degenerate Scumbag​We prefer the term “revisionist” of course. “Denier” is classic framing of the language to de-legitimise the viewpoint.

Degenerate Scumbag​It’s interesting to compare the race realism issue with the holocaust issue. As you say, discussion of race differences has been excluded from the acceptable discourse in mainstream media.

Degenerate Scumbag​The same is true for Holocaust Revisionism.

4trahasis​both are a matter of freedom of thought and expression

Degenerate Scumbag​I would argue that there never was a proper examination of the evidence. It was presented as a fact that cannot be disputed, and any dissent made unacceptable.

4trahasis​I heard we had a memorial for Jewish victims of the Holocaust, before we had one for the fallen soldiers of WWII

4trahasis​indeed Degenerate, even some things (“Jewish fat” soap, shrunken heads, electrocution floors, blood fountain), accepted as fact then (without evidence), are now known to be fabrications.

Degenerate Scumbag​Luke is making a pretty good case for the motive to falsify the claim if it wasn’t true.

Greg Girardin​The only genocide you can’t deny is The Holocaust, not the Holodomor, not the Rwandan genocide, not the Armenian genocide, etc. It’s a bit of a psy-op to manipulate goys.

Degenerate Scumbag​4trahasis, yes. I’ve show people transcripts of the Nuremberg trials that mention the soap. Then I show them statements from Yad Vashem who now disown these claims.

4trahasis​in fact the ones who want to imprison deniers, cover up the Holodomor, and deny that the Bolshevik leadership was primarily Jewish. don’t mention Jewish influence goyim.

Degenerate Scumbag​If lies like that were told at Nuremberg, what credence can we give any of it? It all needs to be critically re-examined.

4trahasis​yes, they were accepted into the international court of law, but never verified

4trahasis​I don’t get why Jewish deaths in Germany need to be memorialized in all these places that had nothing to do with their deaths.

Degenerate Scumbag​Luke, how familiar are you with the revisionist position? Ie, what we think did and didn’t happen?

4trahasis​there were concentration camps, but footage of bodies bulldozed into pits, is hardly proof of their gassing - and especially not of their cremation. Anne Frank died of Typhus, not gas.

Degenerate Scumbag​The bulldozer footage came from Belsen – acknowledged not to be a death camp. Deaths were from starvation and typhus. More died after liberation than under German control.

4trahasis​Monika Schaefer was imprisoned only a week ago for her Holocaust revisionism. Horst Mahler has been. The same with Ursula Haverbeck, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, and others.

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​What’s up, when did this start?

4trahasis​Luke, are you familiar with the revisionist literature or films?

4trahasis​Shadilay Pepe – almost 40 minutes ago

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​^ Danke. I’m gonna watch later since I’m late. later dudes

Degenerate Scumbag​I can provide you with some interesting links from Jewish revisionists.


Degenerate Scumbag​Paul Eisen wrote some great essays. Gerard Menuhin (Yehudi’s son) wrote a 400 page book.

4trahasis​collective traumatic identity

Kirsten Karling​To what degree do you think pornography both demoralizes Whites and prevents them from reproducing themselves?

Yehoishophot Oliver​can you talk about the push of left to coopt holocaust survivors to oppose racism

4trahasis​let us have our own Shuls, Yeshivas, etc.

4trahasis​the Temple was divided into courtyards, and the foreigner gentiles were on the outer rings and could not enter the Jewish exclusive ones.

Ian Buchan​Parts of the Holocaust (eg soap, lampshades) have already been revised. I don’t know the evidence for the Holocaust having the death toll, deliberation and zyklon gassing claimed, but what is

Ian Buchan​certainly true is the absence of context given vis the relation between Jews, Germans and Europeans generally.

Maximilian​The social stigma of the JQ is extr. interesting described in the introduction of CoC C.Lindbergh’s wife begs him to stop talking about it bc she can’t cope with being excluded from society anymore.

Degenerate Scumbag​Hitler spelled out his issues with Jews quite clearly in Mein Kampf. You may disagree with his conclusions, but the way it is characterised as an irrational hatred is simply not accurate.

4trahasis​and being against Lashon HaRa amongst Jews, shouldn’t mean applying censorship to gentiles when they question your narrative.

Degenerate Scumbag​Germany was in a terrible state, and Jews had a vastly disproportionate role in causing the problems. Just as in Western Countries today.

Trey Greason​Luke to what extent do you think Google and Youtube are controlled by Jewish interests?

Grunteater​the holocaust is a lie

Yehoishophot Oliver​racism is an invention of modern secular Jews, apparently

Grunteater​And Jews are convinced of this mad delusion. No Jews died.

Ian Buchan​Appreciate Luke’s commitment to the truth and his explanation of the Torah

Grunteater​no im just kidding

Grunteater​holocaust is real, top rabbis in the world including Rabbi Avigdor Miller says 6 million kill count accurate

Grunteater​as a dedicated Torah Jew I have also reluctantly become anti semetic and resentful of religous Jew

Grunteater​Im angry at Jews because I cant get married and Im having acting ups, and have been caughtgiving flirtatious looks at married Jewish women

Grunteater​getting angry in shul, crying

Yehoishophot Oliver​you may want to mention that Jewish promotion of holocaust is not necessarily a conscious desire to corrupt but just a reaction to their tremendous trauma

Yehoishophot Oliver​like ptsd

Grunteater​Virtually all ashkenazi Jews have secondaryPTSD

Grunteater​from growing up with holocaust stories from their parents and grandparents

4trahasis​the original sin only exists today amongst Europeans, and it is called white guilt

Grunteater​But we have the belief in tzelem elokim

Degenerate Scumbag​”Racism=prejudice+power” was invented by Jewish academics in the 1970s. This is the basis of all the anti-whiteness going around today.

Degenerate Scumbag​Racism against whites is legitimised by the idea that we have power.

4trahasis​why do some Jews (e.g. Rabbi Shneur Zalman) take the tzelem elokim and divine soul to be a thing pretty much exclusive to jews, and why do some jews call goyim “beasts”? #notalljews

Grunteater​Just giving an alternative view, it SEEMS to con tradict Luke but THERE IS a way to make them both work together:

Grunteater​truetorahjews org / ravschwab

4trahasis​hey Degenerate, you got more details on the 70’s and prejudice+power Jewish link?

Grunteater​”.We are Jews who hate racism because we all have been the foremost victims of racism. We hate racism because all men were created in G-d’s image, be they white, black, or yellow.

Grunteater​However, we are G-d’s firstborn son.

Grunteater​We are indeed a kingdom of priests and a holy people, chosen to serve Him and carry on His commandments, chosen to suffer if need be for the glory of G-d and the redemption of all mankind.

Grunteater​Eretz Yisroel was given us as an everlasting possession, but it was never promised by a guarantee from G-d of unconditional permanent existence for the Jewish people in Eretz Yisroel.”

Degenerate Scumbag​Originated with Patricia Bidol, popularised by Judith Katz, both Jews.

Grunteater​quotations can be found on truetorahjews org

Grunteater​WHat I posted in the link contradicts all that from a Torah perspective

Grunteater​Goyim DO have special souls but Jews are just more special

Grunteater​Do not listen to our haters

Grunteater​I have nebgative feelings towards everyone because I cant socialize and get married and am a loser and dont have a future really except living a boring restricted lifestyle not having sex or fun

Yehoishophot Oliver​may want to talk about how secular Jews turn holocaust into a virtual religion

Grunteater​I plan on going to school in the coming september

Grunteater​to study pharm tech

Yehoishophot Oliver​non Jews are created in image of Creator, Talmud says

4trahasis​whites can’t talk about a Jewish Question, but Jewish academics have long not only known the White Question, but had a White Answer, and surprise, it might oppose white interests just a little.

Grunteater​Far Der Yiddeshe Liebenkampf!

Grunteater​Thats actually explicit in the Mishnah in Avot

Grunteater​It says beloved is Adom (Man) because he is created in the Image (Tzelem, whatever that means)

Grunteater​THen it says Yisrael is beloved, and that we are extra beloved, so yes Judaism is racist in that sense

4trahasis​is tzel or tzelem used in regards to the sides of the Temple? i recall some sort of correlation there.

4trahasis​and you get another crown on Shabbat

Grunteater​I recently read in a mainstream orthodox magaizne, glorifying Jewish women who murdered their children so they wouldnt be converted during the crusades\\

4trahasis​sorry, soul

Grunteater​thank you for your question on tzelem, I will give an interpretation I heard from a mainstream orthodox source

Ian Buchan​The hacker Weev has commented that the biggest amount of repression he has faced has been during and after pointing out the way that Jews have trouble brought on them by elite Jews

Grunteater​Tzelem comes from the word tzel, tzel means shadow, which only reflects its conjurer

Grunteater​we “shadow” Hashem (G-), meaning we have the ability to use our bakhirah khafshit (free will) to imitate him, the verse says “V’halakhta b’derkhav” to go in His Ways, to “shadow” him, to imitate him

Grunteater​And that is shared by jews and goyim, but we only gain the tzelem Elokim by affirmoing the uniquness opf the Torah, of the Jewish people a nd the Jewish expereince

4trahasis​have not seen yet

Grunteater​If a Jew or goy doesnt beliee in the Rabbinical Torah, sorry, you dont have a tzelem elokim

Ian Buchan​Saw it

Grunteater​There is a prohibition to cause pain to animals, you should know as a disclaimer, but if you dont accept our Sages, the ultra-orthodox, we believe you have a lower soul

Grunteater​Im exposing Judaism, full disclosure

Grunteater​Luke used to do a show with an orthodox Rabbi, that ran for 2 years. It was a great show, and I highly reccomend it, this Rabbi is a follower of Rabbi Avigdor Miller and has promoted his book

4trahasis​I have studied Torah for years, as a goy, with respect towards the Sheva Mitzvot Bnei Noach. Some of what you say I know, others is new. Torah is m’Sinai, sure, but must a goy believe “all the otiot”?

Grunteater​His book is called Rejoice O Youth, and in this book Rabbi Miller glorifies Jews who slaughtered their children so they wouodnbt be forcibally converted to christianity\

4trahasis​are you talking about Rabbs, or Prager?


Grunteater​110 percent

Grunteater​I talking about Rabbi Rabbs

Grunteater​With me you are going to get the truth of what ultra orthodox Jews really believe

Grunteater​I have all the sources

Grunteater​This show is more engaging than any Torah lecture Ive watched or attended

4trahasis​if Hitler’s vision hadn’t turned violent, how bad would it have been?

Grunteater​It woyld have been amazing

4trahasis​can there be a “peaceful ethnic cleansing”?

Grunteater​If it werent for the mass scularixation of Jews, the holocaust WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED

Grunteater​The holocaust was the CONSEQUENCE for our rebellion against the Torah Sages

4trahasis​ah you sound like Rabbi Ben Porat

4trahasis​or Michael Laitman

Grunteater​G-d does not punish! He gives CONSEQUENCES


4trahasis​middah k’neged middah

Grunteater​Torah is a reality, but violating Torah you are violating a concept of reality, and it has reverberations!

Grunteater​The Jews stopped believing in Gehinom (Hell) so G0d brought Gehinom on Earth so they can have an idea of what Gehinom is, because they refused to believe so He gave them the expereince

Grunteater​That I got from a statement written by Rabbi Avigdor Milller

4trahasis​absolutely. i see daat Hashem to be knowledge of True Reality and so the way to be in this world.

Grunteater​Read “A Divine Madness” by Rabbi Avigdor Miller

Grunteater​Jewish prospective of what the holpocaust happened


4trahasis​i recall somebody recommending that in the chat

Degenerate Scumbag​I recommend anyone interested to read “My Life as a Holocaust Denier” by Jew Paul Eisen. You’ll have to Google it because I can’t post links here.

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