What Is Holocaust Denial?

Part One

* What makes Alt Right podcasts so compelling? Because they often have command of facts and logic and they’re fearless. The establishment can sit back and call these shows racist and bigoted but have you noticed that no establishment intellectual can take on a Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor of Mike Enoch or Kevin MacDonald on the field of facts and logic?

* What is Holocaust denial?

* Shutter Island (2010) is Martin Scorsese’s film about Jewish tribal addiction, aka Jewish resetting to its default position that Jews are always right and gentiles wrong whenever there is a conflict of interest. Organized Jewry calls this conflict of interest anti-Semitism.

Scorsese has spent his career working in Hollywood and he knows Jewish blind spots. This movie is his perspective on the Jewish addiction to hitting reset whenever uncomfortable perspectives come up that show Jews are not innocent (no group is innocent, but because Jews are particularly smart, hard-working, organized and passionate, they are often more influential than most groups in things such as finance, politics, and media).

The movie is set in the 1950s and almost everyone is white. The clue that this movie is really about the Jews is the German doctor.

The protagonist played by Leonardo DiCaprio is a stand-in for Jews. He thinks he’s going to the island to do his culture of critique of the goyim, but the whites want him to accept responsibility for his actions and to act white aka responsible. They don’t want to go nazi on him, but when he keeps misbehaving, they finally go nazi.

That’s like white nationalists such as Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Richard Spencer, Gregory Hood, etc. They don’t want to go nazi on the Jews, but if they have to to survive, to protect their people, they will, just as Jews will fight for the preservation of the Jewish state against all enemies.

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