Trump’s Sinister Anti-Semitic Motivations For Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Unz’s own Israel Shamir, hints at an opposite ‘anti-Semitic’ interpretation of this Trump move … as a very clever anti-Israeli & anti-Jewish-lobby wrecking ball, using Israel’s own over-reaching desires to ruin it, as a couple of commenters above also suggest.

On this view, Trump’s gambit with Israel is to pretend to give them what they want, Jerusalem as the capital, annexing more of the West Bank etc … Jewish over-reach will provoke such a huuge reaction, that the world community will more quickly move to declare racial-law Israel an apartheid state, and isolate it as a pariah, so that even in the USA Jewish influence will implode, to Trump’s secret pleasure.

This argument is that Trump, precisely because he has always had to adapt to a Jewish mentality, having spent his entire career amidst it, from his earliest days with Meyer Lansky’s friend Roy Cohn, is quite weary of Jewish power and wishes to bring Jewish influence to heel.

A related idea is that Trump is shaking the table in order to let the mid-east dominoes fall into conflict, Israel with its neighbours & the various Muslim factions & communities against each other, ultimately buttressing his anti-immigration, ring-fence-the-Anglo-culture positioning, as the world watches mid-East nations fire up deadly major conflict out of what increasingly seems to be their inner nature.

The theory is that Trump is lighting up the mid-East on purpose, as the best tool he has to demolish both Jewish influence, and the Islamist-fellow-traveler fake progressives in the West.

* I don’t think it’s possible to fight both the American Jewish left (fanatically pro-massive-non-White-immigration) and the Jewish right (fanatically pro-Israel) at the same time. Somehow a wedge issue must be found. Netanyahu has shown a surprising willingness to support ethnic nationalism in Eastern Europe (Visegrad Group).

He recently opined that reform Judasism would disappear in the US within two generations due to liberal Jewish race-mixing and assimilation.

If the Jewish right is really writing off the Jewish left in this way, then they will have to find new allies in the West. These almost certainly will not be gentile leftists, who despise all ethno-national states including certainly Israel. The reasonable thing to do would be to ally with Western nationalists who are willing to accept a Jewish state, as pretty much all of us do. It looks to me like this is where things are headed long term, and I’m cautiously optimistic about this development.

If the deal is that we accept Jerusalem and the Israeli wall, and we get our own wall, that’s OK with me.

* Clearly the symbolism matters more than the practicality. Jerusalem is obviously Israel’s capital – its parliament, prime minister, supreme court, and president are all located there. The US puts its embassies in capital cities for every other country. We don’t say, ‘yeah, Berlin is your capital but the skiing is way better outside of Munich so we’re putting the embassy there.’

Not having the embassy in Jerusalem has been simply a sop to the Arab lobby and to their threats. They oppose everything that Israel wants on principle. There is the fiction that Jerusalem was supposed to be a UN administered corpus separatorum, but that went out the window when Israel accepted, but the Arabs rejected, the UN partition plan in 1948 and the Arabs invaded. Good on Trump for ending those shenanigans.

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