Porn Star August Ames Commits Suicide After Bullying By SJWs

Comments at Steve Sailer:

Briefly, to get out ahead of this since I have been following it:
–Porn stars tell themselves they are safe because of testing (for venereal disease).
–Porn stars are largely leftists who support LGBT causes and see themselves as championing individual freedom, especially the freedom of women to choose their partners.
–They have this idee fixe that mandating testing will guarantee lying and cheating; the control here is that a person who does not volunteer for voluntary testing can always be rejected through female sexual sovereignty.
–There have already been several scandals where irate industry rejects and troublemakers have “outed” people with their real names and medical records. This is very unpleasant and illegal, but it has also established beyond doubt that voluntary testing (and discovering infection after the fact) is a joke.
–A large number of porn stars commit suicide, often overdosing on painkillers.
–”August Ames” (original name Mercedes Grabowski) was assigned to “do a scene” with a primarily gay guy who does not condescend to meet the voluntary testing protocol.
–The gay venereal disease situation is like the black venereal disease situation, and for the same reasons. Thus there is a certain undeclared boundary, of porn stars who categorically reject blacks and bisexuals, and from that it proceeds that the Left wants that boundary broken down.
–Ames warned [whoever replaced her for this scene] on twitter about the guy who’s too good to get tested or wear a condom.
–She was immediately targeted by the gay mafia, to include a “journalist” who framed her statements as rank homophobia and “offered” her the chance to explain herself, like a cop might. This is important because governments are looking at official registration of real journalists, and because it represented a threat of further publicity.
–One gay guy flat out told her to apologize or commit suicide (“swallow cyanide”). His tone was not unique.
–He later explained his actions in incomprehensible Leftspeak: “I used her platform to address an issue.”
–Ames hung herself after two days of comments like this.
–She had some support: at least one fellow female star explained to a third party that the man Ames was avoiding was known to not meet the protocols.
–There is a general situation where gay men are allowed to do whatever they want, most recently illustrated by California making it legal to not inform sexual partners of HIV-infected status.
–This might seem sordid or unimportant, but the suicide of August Ames actually ties together the whole brainlessness and destructiveness of the left and their ad hoc, reinvent the wheel, permissive morality.
–Somewhat OT illustration of the same larger issue: somewhere there is a (pg-rated) “gotcha” interview of (fully clothed) Alexis Texas at a convention. She’s part Puerto Rican and famously does not do blacks. And the interviewer is confronting her about as aggressively as is legal about it. Her voice shakes as she mumbles about how who she sleeps with is her choice.

* Yes, no one could surpass the Kennedies for using and destroying women. The entire clan, multi-generational, starting with Joe Sr. — drunks, scumbags, lechers, rapists, slayers of mistresses, etc. JFK Jr. was told he didn’t have the piloting skills to fly his new plane in the dark and bad weather, but, hey, what did they know? So he brought along his wife and her sister. Why squander your own life when you can wipe out a couple of chicks on the way?

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