Your Moral Leader Has Had The Flu Since Rosh Hashanah

It must be a punishment for my sins. I’ve got an appointment tonight at 7 to see a doctor.

Rodger Jacobs: I’ve had the same virus for weeks; it goes away and then it comes back. Rinse, lather, repeat. The annoying aspect is that it never goes to a full-blown flu but makes you feel like you’re on the verge of a bad flu. I’ve had respiratory congestion off and on, low grade fevers, lethargy. It sucks.

I’ve had it for three weeks. I recall a CDC statement a few weeks ago saying that aside from H1-N1 there are three other flu viruses floating around this season; this must be one of them. Oh, another symptom: appetite loss.

Khunrum emails: "She’s cute. Luke, I’d get in contact with this young lady. You can discuss your malady and perhaps hang out, you know, be fatigued together. Perhaps she’d offer you a snort off her oxygen tank."

PS. So I go to Kaiser Thursday evening. The receptionist looks at my driver’s license and then at me and then says, "Boy, you sure have changed."

The picture on my driver’s license is of a cleancut All-American bloke. The person before her is a shaggy-haired Orthodox Jew.

"That’s because he’s become Orthodox," says the other black receptionist.

"Now I’ve got the homeless look," I say.

"I wouldn’t say that," says the first lady. "You look good both ways."

That cheered me up.

I went to see the doctor. He checks me over. He can’t find anything wrong. I tell him I’ve been too sick to go to therapy for the past month. He suggests that is a mistake, perhaps my physical ailments are the result of depression.

He orders some blood tests.

I tell him about my sore right knee, how it swells up when I do too many yoyos at Alexander Technique. I think there’s something torn in there. I want to get an x-ray.

Dr: "We could do that, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t think you need the radiation."

He gave me an Aase bandage to wrap around my knee.

He noted that I had sinus congestion, possibly allergies, and prescribed over-the-counter nasal moisturizing spray.

I showed him my two ingrown toe-nails on my big toes. He recommended I cut the nail straight, not curved, and soak my feet in warm water every night for two weeks and massage the skin away from the nail.

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