Is There Anything Jewish About Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Behavior?

Judaism holds that sex should be kept for marriage, but outside of Orthodox Judaism, Jews on average have far more sex partners than non-Jews.

The outrageous of Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood Gay Mafia, Jeffrey Epstein, and other Jewish sexual predators are just the flip side of the Jewish trait of assertiveness. Jews make excellent attorneys, for example, because they can passionately argue a case. Jews tend to have chutzpah. This allows them to do things that non-Jews would often feel too inhibited to do. Sometimes this is good and sometimes this is bad.

I don’t think I could have ever written about the porn industry if I hadn’t converted to Judaism first. While Judaism is completely opposed to pornography, converting to the tribe gave me chutzpah to do anything and this has been good and bad.

America would never have had the nuclear bomb when it did if not for Jewish scientists (and this saved at least a million gentile lives that would have been spent invading Japan). On the other hand, all the scientists who gave America’s nuclear secrets to Stalin were Jewish.

Different groups have different gifts.

Name me a living German. It’s hard to do (other than Angela Merkel). Prior to WWII, Germany was the most culturally influential country in the world. After WWII, it had little cultural influence. Why? Because it lost its Jews.

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