The Tribe

* Liberal Jews are drinking their own supply, going extinct.

* Ariel Sharon was Israel’s Nixon without the paranoia.

* Israeli men are more alphas than nebbishy, while American Jewish men are often more nebbishy than alpha. Nebs often have higher IQs than alphas.

* The Eternal Jew of mythology is more nebbishy than alpha. He holds the King’s loans but he’s no threat to the throne.

* Bibi, Rabin, Avigdor Lieberman, Meir Kahane (Israeli leaders on right) are alphas. Shimon Peres and Laborites are nebbishes.

* Many USA Jews in power such as Harvey Weinstein, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Abe Foxman, Richard Cohen, are more nebbishy than alphas.

* I’m organizing a WASP charm school for ex-Hasidim.

* Jewish feminism equals Jewish women who feel inferior to shiksas and are angry that Jewish men can do better than them.

* When inter-dating started by Jewish men, Jewish women reacted by pushing feminism (reducing male sex choices, increasing female choice).

* Jewish feminism is anger about not being wanted by Jewish men (who often prefer non-Jewish women as black men often prefer white women).

* Most obnoxious “Me too!” Harvey Weinstein posts are by fat ugly women who are proud that when they were younger, hotter and tighter, somebody wanted them. Hot women don’t need to tweet “Me too!”

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