The Jews Refused

Comment: It’s always amazing to me that Jews who are otherwise intelligent seriously spout–as if they believe it themselves, not just pushing it as propaganda–a completely cartoon version of Jewish history and “oppression”.

European national peoples are all a melange of whatever tribes existed in the area, plus the contributions of various invaders, who were Christianized–converted en masse–at various times over the last couple thousand years. The unique and salient feature of the Jews, is that they are a people who *refused* to integrate with their neighbors–socially, culturally, genetically–and hence were able to maintain themselves as a separate tribe down to the present day.

Jews acting like their ancestors were all little MLKs giving “I have a dream” speech and just wishing that every man should be judged “by the content of his character” and wanting to get together with the gentiles break bread and sing kumbaya … absolutely the most laughable pablum propaganda ever.

The Europeans were the integrationists–live there, speak the language, celebrate the local traditions, go to the local church, marry one of your neighbors … and you were, or would in a generation or two become, one of the local people–English, Bavarian, Frisan, Alsatian, what have you. The Jews were the reverse, the hyper-tribalist non-integrationists who rejected assimilation with their neighbors. (Actually with very specific religious commandments against social association with the goyim.)

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