Alt Right Torah – Yom Kippur Edition

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are those rare times for me when I consistently feel that the spiritual world is more real than the physical world. Watch live.

I grew up a Protestant, a branch of Christianity with few rituals. I then converted to Orthodox Judaism, a religion filled with rituals. It was not an easy change, and Orthodox Judaism is not an easy path, but my ritual-filled life is far more exciting. I like that the days, weeks, months and years have a rhythm. There was nothing I experienced in Christianity that compared to Yom Kippur.

My first experience of Yom Kippur in a synagogue was a Kol Nidre service in Orlando in the fall of 1993. It was unbearable. It went on and on for about two hours of ritualized prayer. Ever since then, I’ve made sure I was equipped for long high holiday prayer services by bringing interesting books on Judaism to read.

To experience God, it helps to put yourself in a place where you are more likely to feel God. For example, on Yom Kippur, a Jew could go to a ballgame or to a bar or to a movie and he’s going to be less likely to experience God in those places than if he goes to shul. On the other hand, he may be more likely to experience God at a 12-step meeting than at a shul.

You’re going to more likely feel God’s presence at Yosemite than walking down a trashy street like Melrose Blvd.

* The Israel Lobby book a decade later.

* Ex-CIA Philip Giraldi: ‘America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars – Shouldn’t they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?’

* The OJ Simpson trial.

* From the Youtube chatroom:

Western Man​Would be great to see Andrew Joyce again

Western Man​Regardless of prevailing negative sentiments towards Netanyahu, when push comes to shove the vast majority of American Jews will back the mother country and aggressively pursue its interests

gjjd​surely Casey’s wife must have a computer?

Pepe Sells but Who’s Buying?​gotta roll out of the house, later my stupid fellow goys

Western Man​Hasn’t there been a consistently high levels of consanguinity within Jewish communities through history. Demonstrates erotic excitement derived from the in-group. Einstein being the latest example

Western Man​Blacks will never have gratitude. They need to be repatriated

Western Man​Kapernick is a mulatto which is why he is an intellectual step ahead of his peers

gjjd​I hate the fact that everyone around the world sees Obama’s presidency and concludes that this land is not longer white people’s, it is now up for grabs

Western Man​Obama was brought into the presidency by his Jewish handlers. They knew well he would be hostile to whites

gjjd​It is obviously not the case that “the rest of you are just visiting”

Western Man​4 of the founding fathers were born in Ireland. The Irish were a part of the founding stock before the later famine immigration

gjjd​Too bad the immigrant Irish were still crap though

gjjd​”Make America Great Again” means “make America a place white people love again”

gjjd​”make America a place whites feel comfortable in”

Western Man​It’s been over exaggerated. They were a mess when they arrived but within a few generations were among the higher earning ethnic groups. And dominated Democratic Party

Aeschylus Jones​Were they Orange Irish or Green Irish?

Western Man​Mostly Protestant

Aeschylus Jones​More people should be watching these talks with Luke…some of the most informed and in depth discussions on the internet

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