Does The Iran Deal Show That The Israel Lobby Is Not All Powerful?

Ten years after their book The Israel Lobby, professors John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt reflect on WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago.

Stephen Walt: “AIPAC went all out against the deal, spending as much as $30 million to defeat it. The Israeli government was dead set against the deal and the Obama administration got it through. That illustrates something that we said in the book — the Israel Lobby is not all powerful. It doesn’t control every aspect of U.S. Middle East policy. When big strategic interests are on the line, especially when issues of war and peace are on the line, U.S. presidents can stand up to [the Israel Lobby]. AIPAC is not all powerful.”

John: “When we wrote about the Lobby, the Lobby didn’t have big disagreements… You are beginning to see a big divide opening up within the Lobby and within the American Jewish community. This will only get worse with time.”

“You can’t put meaningful pressure on Israel if you are an American president. What’s interesting about Donald Trump is that he realizes that and he’s given up. Why is Prime Minister Netanyahu such good friends with Donald Trump? Their attitude to the two-state solution. Donald Trump doesn’t give a hoot one way or another if you have a two-state solution or not.”

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