Germany Abolishes Itself

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* There are no “Europeans” in Europe. There are Germans, French, English, Italians, Hungarians, Irish, Scots, Welsh, Dutch and the like.

There are only Europeans in the United Sates, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and wherever else European Christians have explored, settled and colonized.

There are people in the United States who have English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Hungarian ancestors. They are part of the European Christian ancestral core of the United States. They are White Core Americans.

* Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of Germany, opposed this view, and he did it more openly, the longer he lived. In an interview with the German magazine Focus, he said in 2005: “We have to stop immigration from strange cultures.” (6th of June, 2005).
“He who wants to increase the number of Muslims in Germany, risks to endanger our inner peace.” (In his autobiography Außer Dienst (=Out of Office), p. 236, 2008

Schmidt defended the most important (and best) German critic of Merkel’s immigration policy, ex-Banker and ex-politician turned writer Thilo Tarrazin. Sarrazin holds, that Merkel’s open borders politics make for the biggest mistake in German history – since 1945, ok.

The one point, Schmidt did not agree with Sarrazin, was the HBD-aspect in Sarrazin’s books. Sarrazin is well read, and knows the literature – not only that of Murray/Herrnstein, but that of German psychologist and IQ expert Heiner Rindermann as well (who, as it turns out, thinks, that Steve Sailer is a great science-journalist).

* “Instead, we now celebrate the anti-logic of leapfrogging loyalties.

The Western liberal is noteworthy for feeling loyalty toward his inner circle, then leapfrogging over a whole bunch of folks who are kind of like him but whom he more or less despises, in order to embrace The Other.”

This is NOT a recent phenomenon. It was not birthed with Modern Socialism, and neither is it a unique sense of guilt for 2 World Wars gone wild. The English in the 18th century, for example, saw the Celts they ruled as inherently inferior savages, at the same time they were beginning the process of creating the Numinous Negro that the British Empire would spread globally. The Anglo-Saxon Puritans had hoped to exterminate all Catholics and Celts, culturally if not necessarily physically, while simultaneously cooing over Jews and granting them special status.

And it is not merely a WASP problem. It is a Germanic thing. The Continental Germans have always seen Slavs as sub-human or at least as fit only to be serfs. The Nazis used the same term for Slavs (untermenschen) that they used for Jews, and Germans of various specific ‘political’ stances had used it for Slavs for centuries, long before the Nazis used it for Jews as well. The Germanies produced various writers who romanticized peoples like Turks and other Mohammedans even as they invariably assumed the Slavs to be hopelessly inferior and all Romance speakers to be EVIL of the type that thought only of harming poor innocent Germans.

What Sailer describes is inherent in Germanic culture (for those who may not know, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Frisians were Germanic tribes – WASP culture is Germanic, as surely as Yiddish is German).

* Logic of Imperialism: Nationalism is good when it can be used against the rival empire, real or imagined. Nationalism is bad when it resists one’s own empire or is supported by the rival empire.

So, during WWI, the British Imperialists supported Arab nationalism against the Turks. But once the British gained power over the Muslim world, they no longer liked Arab nationalism. Nasser was one of the most hated man.

We see the schizo mindset of the US in Poland and Ukraine. During the Cold War, Polish nationalism was given moral support against the Soviet empire. And even after the Cold War, US fully supported Polish nationalist animus against Russia. However, at the same time, the US tried to weaken Polish resistance to US globalist-imperialism with homo agenda and open borders. Schizo.

Same with Ukraine. US even aided neo-nazis to topple Russia-friendly regime. Ukrainian nationalism, even the most far-right kind, has been a gold mine against Russia. At the same time, US pushes homo agenda on Ukraine to break its resistance to globalist hegemony.

“We encourage your nationalism against the other empire while at the same time weakening its resistance to our empire.”

* Leapfrogging amplifies self-righteous virtue-vanity while decreasing burden of responsibility.

If you focus on your own kids, you gotta feed them, clothe them, educate them. You can’t make grand moral claims about humanity, but you got a real burden and obligation.

But if you neglect your kids and say you love all the children of the world, you can overlook the responsibility to your kids while promoting yourself as someone who CARES so much. Pro-Bono.

So, when elites say they care about all of humanity, they can dodge and neglect real responsibilities to own nations while thumping their chests about humanity.

Globalism ‘ennobles’ by giving license to unload one’s personal/national burden.

“Why aren’t you taking care of your kids?”

“I’m too busy singing songs about the children of the world.”

Do less but claim more.

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