Steve Sailer: ‘How Much Black Lives Matter Terrorism Has There Been Since Ferguson?’

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I applaud your effort here but it won’t amount to much. The (((media))) pushed the narrative that innocent blacks were being systematically hunted down in the streets en masse by white police forces. Blacks and MSNBC watching whites actually believe there is a massive Wounded Knee massacre going on in the country every day. These people are too uninformed, and the meme is just too convenient. They will cling to this myth forever, like other racial victim myths of the past.

Any amount of bad behavior on the part of these Neo Wounded Knee victims will be justified as legitimate resistance. Facts don’t matter, and civil war is coming.

* The Black Lives Matter Mob(BLMM) can be pacified very easily. It is the corporate propaganda apparatus, or the corporate media, that pushes the anti-White propaganda that riles up the BLMM to no end. Are the BLMM puppets terrorists? Yes they are. Has the Black Lives Matter Mob set out to terrorize Whites? Yes they have. But the real evil is done by the corporate media which creates an atmosphere of anti-White propaganda.

The corporate media is the evil which must be destroyed to allow truth to prosper in regards to the Black Lives Matter Mob and other things. I do not recall that there are too many Blacks among the few who control the anti-White propaganda in the United States. Oprah? OK.
Blacks do not control Comcast or NBC, for example. Who does control NBC? Who are the Roberts family?

Who controls CBS? Who are the Redstones?

White Core Americans must not allow anti-White elements in the corporate media to continue to push anti-White propaganda. It is time to begin dislodging from power the corporate media megaphone which creates the atmosphere in which the Black Lives Matter Mob thrives. The owners of the corporate media are a bigger threat to White Core Americans than the low IQ boobs in the Black Lives Matter Mob.

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