Behind Meir Kin’s Divorce

Lori Hoffman emails:

Your Mar 5, 2009 page discusses something you apparently posted about Meir Kin not wanting to give his wife a get.  I can’t find your original post but I see Morris’s reply and want to add my voice to it.

I know Meir tangentially and his first wife, I used to see Meir at single’s events.  My husband knows Meir very well as they were both living in Monsey.  As for Lonna I know her and had occasion to interact with her many times when I lived in Monsey several years ago.  She was a real estate agent and very close with my ex-husband.  My opinion of her was not at all positive even before I knew many details and before the divorce from Meir. 

Shortly after I left Monsey I returned for a visit and ran into her on the street.  She said to me that she was getting a divorce and then proudly announced she was an agunah stating ‘he won’t give me the get because he wants half my business’.  I was really astounded at how she seemed to be boasting about it, she seemed to want me to automatically assume he was in the wrong and out to destroy her and she wanted her 15 minutes of fame.  I looked her in the face and told her to give him half the business since it would mean her freedom since that is what she apparently wanted.  I didn’t buy into the story even then as I knew her to be very ruthless and Meir to be a very gentle person from what I could see.

Mr Kin was working as a physician’s assistant in a hospital in NY.  Lonna protested in front of that hospital causing Meir to lose his job.  My husband was very friendly with Meir as I noted previously, and knew that he was not the evil person that Lonna made him out to be.

Small world that it is my husband’s ex-wife is Lonna’s closest girlfriend.  As they say you can tell a person by the company they keep, my husband’s ex is an extremely vicious person who has interfered in our lives from the moment she heard of my existence.  As soon as we married she took us to court demanding more money and Lonna was sitting by her side holding her hand. 

After that first day in court Lonna chased my husband into the parking lot to wish him ‘mazal tov’ on our marriage.  She then went and tracked down my ex-husband and brought him into the fray as well.  I feel as if I am back in junior high with 2 nasty teenage queen bee girls who can’t stand that someone took their boyfriend away…….

My husband’s ex-wife has three ex-husbands now so between her and Lonna they have worked together to destroy 5 men’s lives along with their families.   I have been looking for a way to get Meir’s address as I would like to write to him, if you have that I would appreciate.

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