Can You Cheat On Your Girlfriend?

On his radio show Friday, Dennis Prager talked about David Letterman admitting to having had sex with several of his female workers.

In March, Letterman married his girlfriend of two decades.

"If you’re not married, the rules are different," says Prager. "Some commentators have criticized him for not apologizing to his wife. She was not his wife [when Letterman was having these affairs]. She was his girlfriend. That they had love for each other, I don’t deny. There is a commitment in marriage that society has expectations regarding.

"I’m not interested in if he is faithful. If he announces it, I have to have an interest on behalf of society. Some conservatives think that an infidelity in a non-marital relationships is the same as infidelity in a marriage. It isn’t. If I had to bet my mortgage, I’d be that in the last six months, he’s been faithful. It’s fascinating to me that nobody has talked about this."

"The movement towards living together is not a healthy one."

"What really was announced we: While I was not married and living with my girlfriend, I had affairs with women who worked on my show. To which I yawn. Sorry fellow conservatives. Do you stand for fighting non-marital sex or do you fight for marriage?"

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