The Crisis For Conservatism

The crisis for conservatism, whether in Australia or Canada or America, is that it does not conserve anything. It is cucking (creating a sound currency for other races to enjoy when they take over your country). Conservatism should first be about conserving your people and protecting them from competing groups. Conservatism in the West will only work if it makes its first priority creating safe spaces for white people.

Australia First like America First must first mean putting the interests of the founding stock first. A Japanese politics that did not make its first priority the interests of Japanese would be incoherent, just like the following article.

Paul Kelly’s long analysis in The Australian ignores race and the interests of white people:

The fragmentation in Australian politics that sees the fracturing of the voting base of the Turnbull-led Coalition parties highlights a phenomenon evident around many Western democracies including Australia — the crisis of conservatism.

This varies from nation to ­nation but is most convulsive in the US, where Donald Trump has energised the conservative base yet shattered its unity, leading to the question: what does conservatism stand for in the world of 2017?

This question and its competing answers lie at the heart of the contemporary upheavals in the West. Is true conservatism dying in an age of disruption and globalisation where habits of life, work and family are radically shifting?

Will Trumpism save conservatism through populism or herald its intellectual collapse?

The crisis of conservatism is just part of a bigger story in the West: the weakening of the political centre. The tearing apart of the centre is a universal trend, seen in the Brexit vote (against both the Tory and Labour parties), the victory of Trump (against first the Republican and then the Democratic establishment), the rise of the European populists (often at the expense of mainstream parties) and in Australia, albeit to a much lesser extent, the decline of the primary vote for the main parties (the last Newspoll shows the Coalition on 35 per cent and Labor on 36 per cent, not far from a ­split nearly three equal ways).

Around the globe, conservative and progressive/labour parties are in the gun. Their meaning and support base are under extreme pressures. But in Australia, greater damage is being done to the ­Coalition as the governing party during a time of popular grievance with the existing order.

In Australia, like in America and Canada, whites are not allowed to say publicly that they have group interests (akin to the group interests of other groups such as blacks, Jews, Mexicans, etc).

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