A 40 plus woman, Jane*, was complaining to me the other day about a Hollywood executive.

They’d had dinner. It had been set-up by a family friend. Jane said the topic was this lofty social activism issue. She thought the man, about 70 years old, wanted to pick her brain.

Midway through the meal, the man remarks that he’s on a blind date.

"This guy was 30 years older than me," she says. "Yuck! He was not attractive. I couldn’t wait to get away. Pathetic. Who are these guys who think they can go out with the young stuff? I had no idea it was a date. I thought we were discussing…."

Yeah, well, few men are going to buy dinner for a woman simply to pick her brain about some lofty issue if there’s no chance of getting her in to bed. Sure, this drive may be pathetic, but what about the illusions of women who think their ideas are so lofty that men will have dinner with them solely to engage in intellectual talk?

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