Chaim Amalek: Remember, goyim: white supremacism is dead. Long live White Zionism!

All people deserve their own ethno-state! Jews! Gentiles! Every people. We all prefer to spend time around people like ourselves and to develop our national destiny without interference by outsiders.

Friend: “Stupid goy – ethnostates are for Yids.”



Gothamist: “UWS Parents: We’re Being ‘Punished’ In The Name of Diversity”

Chaim Amalek writes: Nebech, these are my people, my neighbors! These people have paid vast amounts of money to live here. $2M gets you a two bedroom apartment in a nondescript building here. Or you could rent same for $5k/month. Shouldn’t that be enough to shield their children from the wrong kinds of diversity?

Ha…I know one of the protestors, sort of. Friend of a friend. Met her at a Hannukah party on the UWS years ago. Husband is a millionaire investment banker. Do you really want to drive these people out of New York City’s public school system? Who would gain by that?

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