Despite Swollen Knee, Brave Blogger Still Declares Himself 100%

I injured my right knee racing across Pico Blvd in 2002 after a first date with a girl at Milk n Honey. We were driving separately to that great theater on Sunset Blvd, the Arclight.

Ever since then, my knee hasn’t felt right and it gives me trouble when it gets too much of a workout and when it gets not enough of a workout.

I strained it doing yoyos in Alexander Technique this past week but don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I’m still 100% for blogging.

I just need a little feminine attention.

Bloggers blog. It’s blogging season. I’ll be on the field.

I did this interview with JTA:

Q. How’s the knee?
A. I’ll be fine. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Q. How much pain are you in?
A. Not much.

Q. Will it hobble you at all?
A. No. It will be 100 percent.

Q. Is it a basketball-type deal where you rolled it?
A. It just takes a couple of days. I suspect it wll be back to normal at the end of the day today or tomorrow.

Q. Will you be careful with it in practice today?
A. We’ll see when I get there, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I was dropping back earlier and it felt good. I can do everything.

Q. Would you even call it a sprain?
A. I don’t know.

Q. You aren’t worried about it?
A. No, it’s fine. I wouldn’t suspect that it will have any bearing whatsoever on anything really.

My left shoulder has felt compacted the past few months. Dunno what’s up with that. But I’m fine, really.

Oh, and some of my toes hurt. Where the nail meets the flesh, it’s a bit tender.

The bottoms of my feet too are tender. I still have lingering plantar fascitis. But I’m totally ready to blog at the top of my game.

Bring the popcorn!

So, yes, I am among the Orthodox Jewish bloggers working today, getting ready to declare G-d King. I have giggling schoolgirls outside my gate cooing at me but my concentration is solely upon holy matters.

I sustained some bruises while doing yoga at the hovel last night. It can become a full contact sport. One can’t be too careful when the kundalini starts rising. But I’m fine. I just need some feminine attention and I’ll be my old self in no time.

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