Reconnecting With The Ex

Helpful emails: "Has anyone ever successfully reconnected with an ex? I have never. It’s a dead end. Trust me."

Khunrum emails: I’ve had them come around again not ready to "put out" but looking for another free dinner. I ran into an X once who told me I was really missed. I was puffing out my chest like a rooster until she went on to explain her new boyfriend was a slacker who didn’t have any money to spend on her.

Let me say gentlemen that Luke should not be taking any crap from these Jewish broads. He paid his dues. He learned his lines. The Rebbe stuck a needle in his putz and gave him a certificate of authenticity (was it framed)? Luke is now as Kosher as a Hebrew National Frank. Gulp down some Cialis and go to it buddy. And don’t forget to keep us informed.

HELPFUL EMAILS: Far be it from me to judge our "Moral Leader" TM, but it occurs to me that Luke’s indulgences in female flesh might actually skew his divine compass.  Yet his sexual frustration may also cloud his virtuous judgement.  What is the solution to his dilemma?   Click and see …Click here: YouTube – Fleshlight videos – demo movies

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