ESPN Chokes On Poz

Comment: ESPN is so pozzed that it’s quickly becoming unwatchable for average cracker-men. Sometimes I’ll hit the gym at lunch time and pass by the TVs.

Today as a random sample:
ESPN: SportsCenter w/ Cari Champion (black, female)
ESPN 2: His & Hers w/ Michael Smith (black, male) and Jemele Hill (black female)

Topic of discussion:
-Kaepernick, Kaepernick and more Kaepernick
-NCAA removing various championship tournaments from North Carolina because those reactionary Neanderthals insist that only women use the women’s locker rooms.
-Adam Jones lamenting how MLB doesn’t encourage Kaepernick-like protests because “baseball is a white man’s sport”.

The “30 for 30″ documentaries started out kinda awesomely a few years ago, but now every other episode is LGBTQ or Grrrl Power themed.

As fate would have it, ESPN has lost 3.2 million subscribers over the past year.

Let it burn.

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